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Melted Hearts Season 2 Episode 23

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Season 2_Episode 23 β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

” Am worried about her,,,don’t you think I should take a glass of water to her ?? She may want it ” One of the maids said
” Yeah you are right,,a warm one ” Another one said
The maid nodded and went to get warm water before heading upstairs,, she knocked on the door but got no reply. She knocked again ,no answer. She decided to leave,,maybe she’s asleep. She was about leaving but something told her to enter,,she pulled the door and enter.

” She’s not in?? Where is she??” She sighed and dropped the glass ,,she was about leaving the room when she saw her lying on the floor
” Oh my god!! Mam !!!” She screamed and ran to her
” Mam!!! Open your eyes!!” She shouted shaking Preet
” No,,I can’t carry her alone ” She said and rushed out of the room
She went downstairs,,
” What’s wrong?? Why are you running?? ” the maids asked

” She’s unconscious!!! ” she shouted and they all gasped
” Who?? Mam Preet?? “
” Yes!! We need to take her to the hospital ” She shouted
” someone should call the guards!!! “
They all rushed upstairs and entered the room,,,

” Let’s put her on the bed first ” One of them suggested
They all nodded and carried her,they laid her down softly
” Get me water and towel ” The oldest among them said
Two maids rushed into the bathroom immediately and came back with a bowl of water and towel.
She took it from them and dip the towel into the cold water,she put it on her head and she flinch because the water is really cold

” She just moved her hand!! ” one of them screamed
” Don’t shout “
” What’s happening?? What’s wrong with her ??” Molly came into the room
” Molly dear,she will be fine ,you don’t have to worry about her “
She moved closer to her and hold her hand,,,
Preet opened her eyes ,,
” Mam ,,are you okay?? How do you feel??”
” What happened??? ” She asked
” I saw you lying unconsciously on the floor so i went to call others. Are you okay now ??”

” I feel weak,,really weak ” She replied and hold Molly tightly
” Do you want to go to the hospital?? ” A guard came in
” No,,,I hate hospitals. Just call Ronnie,” She replied and dozed off
” Have you called him ??” The maids asked the guard ( Andrew ) ,,he’s the one who’s always with Preet.
” Do you think he can come over?? It’s late already ” he replied
” He’s going to get mad if you don’t call him ” Anna ,,the youngest of the maids said

Andrew sighed and excused himself to call Ronnie ,,he picked at first ring.

πŸ“ž Andrew?? Is everything okay??
πŸ“ž Sir,,mam,,,
πŸ“ž Preet ?? What happened to her ??
πŸ“ž She’s sick,,, really sick and she want me to call you
πŸ“ž I will be there in a minute
πŸ“ž Okay sir

” What’s wrong??” Ryan asked as Ronnie got up from his side,they both decided to stay in the same room earlier
” Preet,,,I need to see her right away. I heard she’s sick ” He replied
” What?? Am coming with you “
” No,,,you should rest,,” Ronnie replied
” but,,,,”
” I will be fine,, the guards are there ” He said
” Okay,,call when you get home ” Ryan said
” Okay,,,” Ronnie said and walked out of the room

He look so worried ,,what is wrong with her??

” Sir,,,”
” We are leaving ” He told the guards
They nodded and got into the car immediately
Soon they were home,,he rushed out of the car and went upstairs,, the maids were in there,, they stood up immediately they saw him
” You’re welcome sir ” They all chorused before walking out of the room

One of the maids carried Molly who was already sleeping to her room,,,Ronnie climbed on the bed and took her hand,,, he kissed it.
Preet opened her eyes even though she forced herself to do that
” You’re here ” She said and he nodded
” What’s wrong?? Are you hurt somewhere?? ” he asked
” I don’t know,,,, I just feel sick that’s all. Don’t worry,,I will be fine. Just stay with me,,please “
” Am not going anywhere,,,,, okay ??” Ronnie replied and pulled her to himself,

He pecked her lips when she dozed off,,,he wrapped his arms around her.

Elena finally put on a comfortable shoe after spending time in dressing up,she breath out as she stared at herself in the mirror,,
” I guess am cute ” She smiled
Her door suddenly opened and Jennie came in
” Where are you off to ??” She asked
” Am going to see Preet ” Elena said and she became confused
” Preet?? Who’s Preet ??” Jennie asked
” How many Preets do we have??” Elena asked and scoffed

” Can you just make this clear?? “
” Well Jennie,,Preet is not dead and she’s in Ronnie’s house right now. Just that her face is now different from the one you know ” Elena replied
” Am coming with you ” Jennie said and walked out of the room
In a minute she was back all dressed
” You really mean business,, okay ,,let’s go “

They both walked out of the room, Ava and Mia traveled two days ago so it’s kinda boring for them. They went out of the house and entered the car while the driver drove out immediately,,

” You’re welcome mam ” The maids greeted them
” Thanks,, where is Preet ?? Is she home?? ” Elena asked
” Yeah,,she’s asleep “
” Why??”
” She’s Sick “
” Oh my God,, lead the way ” Elena said immediately

They all went upstairs and the maids show them the room,,
Preet was lying on the bed ,,Elena immediately rushed to her
” Bess,,,it’s Elena ” She said and Preet opened her eyes
” Elena ??” She called
” Yes,,it’s me ” Elena smiled and took her hand in hers
” How are you feeling?? Better?? ” she asked
” Yeah,,am fine. I just wanna rest ” she replied and was shocked when she saw Jennie

” What is she doing here ??” She asked Elena
” She insisted in following when I told her am coming to see you ” Elena said
” Hey Preet,,how have you being?? “Jennie asked with a smile
” Am fine thanks ” She replied shortly
” Ronnie is not home ??” Elena asked
” I guess he left,,, ” Preet replied
” They are really busy these days,,I hardly speak with Ryan ” Elena sighed

Just then the door opened and they all faced back to see the person opening the door,,
” Oh my God Bess!! I heard you’re sick,,are you okay now??” Akeelah asked running toward Preet
” You don’t have to worry about me,,am fine ” Preet smiled
She hugged her and pecked her forehead
Elena was shocked,,who the hell is she ?? She thought

” Hi” Akeelah said to them and smiled and Jennie
” Wow,,I finally meet you ” She said to Jennie bringing out her hand for a shake
” Thank you ” Jennie smiled and shaked her
” Bess,,who is she?? And why is she Calling you that?? ” Elena asked
” Well,she’s also my friend. Akeelah, meet Elena,,my best friend ” Preet said
” Nice meeting you,,am Akeelah ” Akeelah said stretching her hand for a shake

” Same here” Elena replied and ignored her hand
” Do you need anything?? ” Elena asked Preet
” No ,am fine ” Preet replied and smiled
” Well,I got you some Apples,,you love them ” Akeelah smiled bringing out the Apples
” She doesn’t like Apples,, she prefer Strawberries ” Elena said
” Now I love them,,,she taught me in America ” Preet said and Akeelah smiled
” Really??” Elena said
” yeah,,”

” You two should take some,,it’s enough for everyone ” Akeelah said to Elena and Jennie
” Thank you,,, excuse me ” Elena said and walked out of the room.



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