February 26, 2021


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Married At Sixteen Episode 15

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(Love filled with Bitterness)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

✍️ Episode Fifteen ✍️

❣️ MARTHA ❣️

The first class which was history Finally came to an end and I was really happy at least Bryan wasn’t eating any girl face and thanks to God Jabson has been doing a great job making him stay away from things that will make me jealous.

“I’m starving”Daniella yawned, She is sitting beside me and Amy. We kinda roll well and she won’t stop telling me sweet things Bryan actually have that he never showed to me anyway.

“Let go before the cafeteria get filled up”I pack my stuff and we all head out of the class even though I notice Bryan eye follow me as I walk out of the class talking and giggling with Any and Daniella.

“Martha”I heard my name and of course I know that voice. Ummm…what his name again?.
“Don’t tell me you talk with John”Daniella whispered to me as John approach us.

“Just a little introduction nothing special”I shrug.
“Omg!!!”Amy pinch me and hit her rubbing my affected hand.
“Hi girls”he greeted even though his eye were focused on mine.

“Hey”I greeted showing my white set of teeth.
“Are you guys going to the cafeteria?”he asks the girls.
“Sure”Amy replied fast, Wait I thought she liked Bryan?.

“Can I join you guys”
“Sure”I shrug or why should I mind him joining us.
“Wait! Why is John of a guys here alone without his gang?”Daniella raise her brows.

“Gang?”I asks in surprise, sincerely Bryan talk about him been a bad boy but I didn’t know he own a bunch of hoodlums.

“Yeah don’t you know?”She asks.
“The cafeteria is getting filled up”John Interrupted her.
“Yeah sure”We headed and Daniella kept giving John a weird look but he just ignore it.

Surprisingly, My heart suddenly skipped after sniffing that familiar cologne. Bryan walk pass us with Jabson but he didn’t even say hi instead he walk away.

Did I do something wrong again?.
“It kinda funny someone is pretending not to recognize me”John said as he enterwined our hands taking me by surprise and Bryan stop.

What is he doing? Is John trying to use me against Bryan then it never going to work.
“Let go”Jabson kept tapping Bryan and he refused to move and we are getting closer.

“John can you not get on my nerves or you won’t get a chance”Daniella warned.
“What chance?”I asks.
Bryan resume walking and I didn’t even get to see his face.

“Cowards”he muttered and I release my hand from him.
“If you are going to keep fighting with my friends then we can never be friends”I walk away with Amy and Daniella finish up the business before joining us.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

“Am sorry Bryan I didn’t know_”I tried to explain as we walk into the house.
He has been giving me a silent treatment I hate the most.
“I told you to stay away from him”he finally say as he threw his bag on the couch.

“He just wanted to have lunch with and make friends with us that all”I replied.
“He tried to be your friend and went ahead to hold your hands?”he walk to the kitchen to grab himself a glass of water and I follow him immediately.

“How do you expect me to know”
“He is a coward so stay away from him”
“Fine I will but on what condition”I replied.
“A condition? when I’m trying to save you from a bad guy like him”He shut at me.

“You tell me the reason why you guys detect each other so much”I replied ignoring his remarks.

“Princess don’t you understand even if you are going to_”he trapped me with the kitchen counter and didn’t break eye contact with me.

“Wh….at are you doi…ng?”I stuttered.
“Even if you can’t be mine then you can never be with him”he whispered closing our gap making it more intense between us and I’m feeling comfortable.

“You sound selfish right now do you know?”I sounded so weak because he was so close to me.

“I act selfish only when it comes to you”his breath sway my face and my eye went down his lips.

Gosh What is he doing? Why can’t I resist him for once. He said we aren’t couples anymore what the hell is he doing?.

He started leaning or should I said I’m the one that is actually leaning in. Our lips were almost touching before someone cough making us jump apart.

What the hell?
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
I’m sorry the episodes is short I’m feeling too good it took more hours to type this please bare with me.

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