March 6, 2021


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Married At Sixteen Episode 14

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(Love filled with Bitterness)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

✍️ Episode Fourteen✍️


Why is he so surprised? Did I make it obvious the day he pull me out of the pool.

“Never mind” I said and he didn’t say a word and we continue to watch the TV.


I yawned as the movie finally came to an end. It really not my time of movie but princess like it so I left it for her to watch.

I check the time an realize it already five O’clock in the evening.
“Princess”I called but she was already fast asleep.

What?! She pick a movie and refused to allow me change it and have been forcing myself to watch it for a while now and she is asleep the whole time.

I frown as I stood up and position her well on the couch so she can sleep comfortably. I was about to go grab a duvet in the room to cover her body but she held my hand stopping me.

“Bryan”she muttered in her sleep and I was taken aback immediately she mention my name.
“Don’t go”She said and I squat before her patting her hand.

“I’m not leaving okay?”I kiss the hand I’m holding.
“Promise you won’t leave”She squeeze my hand tightly.
“I promise”I sit on the floor and rest my head on the couch watching her sleep peacefully and definitely not letting her hand go.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

“What going on here?”I heard a voice as I yawned open my eye slowly.
“Who is she?”a female voice was now audible and I wipe my face with my eye and realize Jabson and his girlfriend are around.

“Where is the noise coming from”Martha ask as she stretch and rise up realizing our hands are locked together so I let go immediately.

“She is Bryan_”
“Best friend”Martha Interrupted immediately.
“I didn’t know you have a beautiful friend and you still go around f**king girls”Daniella, Jabson girlfriend joked and I scoff.

“Not funny”I stand up from the floor as I sit on the couch and fold my leg in.
“I’m Daniella”She stretch out her hand to Martha who took it.

“Oh she attend our school now”Jabson explained.
“Really? Guess I have a best friend now”
“Are you trying to steal her away from me”I play along and Martha really laugh at my words.

“Wow”Daniella sighted a picture we did before our wedding day.
Shit!!! Thank God the wedding pictures were only pasted in our room but most of the one in the living room are just pictures before our wedding.

“You guys look good together and will definitely make a great couples”she giggled and I can see Jabson smirk at me.

“Do you live here?”Daniella asks Martha.
“Yeah but just for while”She replied and I raise my brows tentatively.
“I’m so jealous of you two”She smiled at us before walking back to Jabson who wrap his hand round her waist.

“You should go dress up it getting late”Jabson said.
“That true”I quickly left them and Martha follow up.

“You better tell me the truth because I’m not falling for this”I heard Daniella say to Jabson making me chuckle.

She is definitely not going to let him breathe until he spill out the truth which will be very difficult for him.

I open my room door and Martha did at the same time already dressed up in a floral flat dress and her handbag.

“Not looking bad”I complimented.
“Same as you”She smiled and we walk downstairs only to find Jabson and Daniella arguing over something.

“What going on here”I exchange glance with Martha who just shrug.
“You got married?”She yelled throwing the pillow at me but I Dodge.

“Seriously Jabson?”I gave him a deadly glare.
“I’m very sorry Dad and won’t just let me tell anyone”I said trying to apologise.

There is something special because she is also my best friend and just like Martha didn’t get a chance to invite her friends I didn’t too.

“I’m so happy for you”She pull me into a hug and I was surprised she pull away and hug Martha and frown immediately she pull away from her.

“Why are you lying to me in the first place?”She cross her hand round her chest.
“Hmm…I want to be kept a secret but somehow Jabson found out”Martha cover up for me.

Her actions won’t stop surprising me.
“I will forgive you since it martha”She said and Martha smiled.

“Can we leave now?”Jabson asks.
“Sure”We all head to the car and Martha and I took my car while Jabson and his girlfriend came with the car they brought here.

I don’t know what they plan but I know we aren’t staying out over night because we have to go to school Tomorrow.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

To be continued…
Sorry the episode is short…A better one is coming up.

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