February 26, 2021


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The Confessor Season 2 Episode 25

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By Kimmy writes ✍️

Lina’s POV

I and Paige sat on her bed thinking of how to bring alaina home.

God!! No idea is coming.

” What should we do now ? ” I asked Paige who stood up from the bed pacing around.

” I don’t know ” she said and sighed.

Suddenly, we heard noises from outside.

We rushed to the window only to see alaina climbing down from her horse.

” Look who came by herself ” I said and looked at Paige who was wearing a look of disappointment on her face but then she suddenly replaced it with a smile.

” Let’s go ” I said and Paige nodded..


” You shouldn’t let her see you ” Paige said as we walked out of the house walking towards alaina.

” Okay ” I said and hid myself watching Paige and Alaina.

” Hey best welcome home ” Paige said and gave alaina a brief hug.

” Oh my God!! Paige I really miss you ” alaina said and pecked Paige on her cheeks.

” I missed you too ” Paige said.

” Uhm where’s everyone? Mom , dad and Aria? ” She asked .

” Uhm they are all inside and they’re doing perfectly fine.. why don’t we take a walk so you can tell me about your stay with wyatt” Paige said and Alaina nodded smiling.

” You guys should wait here for me, while I take a walk with my bestie ” alaina said to the armies surrounding her before walking away with Paige.

I followed them without anyone of them noticing and Paige was taking an entirely different route.

I thought we had a plan that we will take her to the empty building not too far from here then kill her..

Suddenly they stopped walking.

” Oh my God!! Alaina I’ll be right back ” Paige said and ran away leaving alaina all alone.

Alaina’s pov

” I wonder where Paige went to ” I said in my head looking around..

Suddenly , I heard footsteps from behind,, I turned around but no one was there.

” Paige is that you? ” I asked but no reply.

No one is here then where’s the sound coming from.,, Or maybe I’m the one hallucinating..I sighed and turned around..

Just then I felt a sharp object pierced into my skin.

” Arghhh ” I groaned and placed my hands on my neck.

Suddenly , my vision Became blurred..

I fell on the ground and lost conciousness.


I opened my eyes weakly and noticed I was in a different environment – a different house and I was tied to pole.

I closed my eyes and opened again as the memories of what happened before now came running into my head.

Just then I heard someone called my name from behind.

” Alaina ” the voice Called and I turned to look only to see a stranger staring at me with a devilish smile on her face.

” Who are you? ” I asked weakly.

” I’m Lina ” she said moving closer to me.

” Lina?? What do you want from me? ” I asked..

” Nothing much! I just want your life,, I want you dead ” she said and I stared at her confused.

” Dead?? What did I do wrong ” i asked.

” You wanna know what you did wrong?? Well you killed my sister Delilah and I’m going to kill you too ” she yelled and I felt cold shiver ran down my spine…..

” Well before you die,, you should know who help me in hatching my plans ” she said.

” Paige did,, your bestie did ” she said.

” You liar my friend would never betray me for anything ” I said struggling to free myself.

” Really? I see you trust her so much.. God!! You’re so blinded by the love you have for her. Haven’t you wondered why she left you all alone and ran away?.. awwn poor thing ” she said and I felt tears sliding down my cheeks.

” She betrayed me!! Paige betrayed me !!! ” I yelled with my eyes closed,, tears sliding down my cheeks.

Lina’s POV..

” She betrayed me!! Delilah betrayed me!! ” She yelled with her eyes closed, tears sliding down her cheeks..

I laughed and brought out the knife I was hiding in my clothes.

” Say hi to my dearest Delilah when you get to hell ” I said and raised up the knife to stab her when she yelled and heavy wind began to blow like it was about raining.

What’s happening??

I thought Paige said she no longer has her powers.

” Arghhh!!!! Paige you betrayed me ” she yelled and closed her eyes,, tears flowing freely.

Just then she opened her eyes which were already blood shot.

I felt a hand grip me on my neck and pushed me towards the wall roughly and pinned me to it. The knife fell of my hands immediately.

” Let me go ” I cried out as I felt blood oozing out of my nose..

I felt energy draining out of me.

The hand let go off me and I fell hardly on the ground..

” What are you ” I asked weakly and stood up from the ground staggering.

If she doesn’t have her confessor’s power ,, this only means one thing.

She’s more than a Confessor and………………….


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