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Secret superstar Chapter 3

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬

↠↠↠Chapter three⇦⇦⇦⇦

🕺🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Kyle’s pov🎙🎤

The drivers drove to parking lot. I stayed still,not ready to step out of the car yet. Coming back to US it’s all because of Anel,I missed my little angel.

I can’t believe it that my sister won’t be able to talk or ear what others says. She’s the only one I have and the only one that I can’t get mad at because she understands me more than anyone else. Why? Who ever that did this to her will pay. I promise such soul.

I stepped out of the car,Tim rushed towards me and hugged me.

“Thank you kyle, I thought you ain’t coming back.” He said still hugging me.

“Don’t be absurd Tim,I wasn’t your fault it’s mine instead that I broke the promise. I believed that my sister will be fine again.” I said as we disengaged from the hug.

“Oh my gosh! Our run away idol is back.” Owen said as he patted my shoulders.

“Idiot.” I mumbled.

“Hello buddy,welcome back.” Raymond hugged me.

“I hope you enjoyed your break without me? Scott said and pecked my cheek.

” hey…hey…Scott you ain’t his girlfriend, stop seducing him.”Tim uttered.

“Oh oh oh…you don’t mean it? Aish.” Scott let go of me.

“I’m glad you’re back kyle.” Tim mumbled. I rolled my eyes.

“Idiot,let’s just forget about everything.” I said as we all headed inside.

“Davis informed me that some of voice winner contestants had summited their records so we have to check them out and decided together.” Raymond said.

“Whatever I don’t care about the voice winner, I’m pretty sure we’re still gonna end up with Q-band.” I said.

“Yep I know that Darlene is the best,no one can compete with her.” Harry muttered.

“I gotta go guy, I wanna see Anel. I missed her like crazy.” I said and stood up heading toward the door.

“All right.” Tim said.

“Okay.” I said and walked out.

👄🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Author’s 🎭 pov🎤

Kendra had made up her mind to ask Odette to sing. She didn’t want lose the deal and the only way to win the deal is if she could get any of Odette’s records.

She made her way towards her door but Kennedy stopped her.

“What now Kennedy? Kendra glared at her.

Kennedy rest her back on the wall and looked at kendra with a calm,steady gaze.

“Nothing, but come to think of it kendra. I’m your real sister,once Odette get what she wanted,she’ll send us out of this out. You know what that means? We will be homeless. Come to me and let’s us work together so that we can end everything at once.” Kennedy said as she walked towards kendra and patted her shoulder.

“Believe kendra,this is our only chance. Let’s help mom and fight this battle together.” Kennedy said. Kendra stared at her and smiled.

“Bravo! Nice preach! Thumb up sister. But I’m sorry,Odette is my sister and I’m gonna stand by her and send you out together with our mother. She is my birth mother but a wicked mother to be precise. Kennedy, I don’t want to have anything to do with you. Stay away from us if you’re not ready to change.” Kendra half yelled.

“Really? Are you going to turn your mom down and help a stranger?

” if they’re talking about a stranger then it’s you. You’ve changed a lot,you’re not my sister anymore. This is not who you are Kennedy. Don’t let mom use you.” Kendra said and opened Odette door. She entered and barged the door at Kennedy face.

Odette heard everything they said even though she was sleeping but she can hear from far away.

“Odette.” Kendra called out,rubbing her right leg.

“Odette wake up.” Kendra whispered in her ear.

“What now kendra? She mumbled and sat up.

” I want something from you. Please help your silly sister,she have to wins the bait.” She clapped her and together and begged her.

“What do you want me to do for you? Odette asked.

” can I get one of your song record. Please I badly need one,I promise to return once am back from school tomorrow. Please Odette.” Kendra said.

“Kendra I can’t…

” please don’t do this to me Odette,if you don’t give now I may lose my post as a cheerleader to my friends.” Kendra said. She remembered their deal. If she was able to win the deal. Genevieve is gonna break up with her new boyfriend, mia has to cut her 8 inches hair length to 5 inches. Luara refused to be part of the deal because she believed that kendra is saying nothing but the truth. Though she haven’t met Odette before but she knew kendra won’t lie to them.

“Please Odette.” Kendra said.

“Okay.” Odette stood and walked towards her drawer. She brought out a tape and handed it to kendra.

“Here you can have this.” She collected it and hugged her.

“Thank you sister. Now I have to show them what you’ve got. Kendra you’re not a loser.” She muttered to herself and walked out.

She kept it inside her backpack and walked out to get something from the kitchen. Kennedy tiptoe into her room and picked the tape. She quickly dipped it inside her pocket and walked out.

“Now this is my only chance to win the contest.” She mumbled and grinned.
Kayle drove to their mansion. He stepped out of the car and walked inside ignoring all the guards and maids greets.

He met his dad in the living room but he wanted to ignore him and check Anel’s room but Mr Winston stopped him.

“Are you still mad at me? He asked.

” of course not dad. Just that am in a hurry right now.” He lied.

“You’re here for Anel right? She went out with you Mom.” He said and gesticulated him to sit.

He sat on sofa and faced him.

“I’m glad you’re back son,we sorry for hiding the truth. We just don’t want you to be worried about your sister well being.” Winston said but Kayle didn’t say anything.


It happened when Kayle went for a concert in Thailand. Anel called him that she has something important to tell him that day. Kayle thoughts he’ll be able to make it that day since the flight duration is 17 hours 54 minutes so he asked her to go to DS mansion.

Unfortunately, they were something urgent that Kayle has to attended to that day,he tried to call Anel but she didn’t pick up the calls. He decided and called Tim to tell Anel that he won’t be able to make it that day that he should tell her to leave DS mansion immediately so once he’s back he’ll ask his driver to drove him to Winston mansion.

When Tim arrived at the mansion Anel was the one keeping her accompany since scott, Owen and Raymond had left for the concert with Kayle. It just him,Anel and Harry. He forget to tell her to leave the mansion.

In the night Anel walked inside Kayle’s room and slept on his bed. Suddenly she heard a fait voice singing,she was so curious that she walked out even thought she’s just 12 years old but she isn’t afraid of the dark. She sneaked out of the mansion using the back door. She walked inside the bush and looked for where the fait voice is coming from. There was a lady standing all alone in the Bush, singing beautifully. She stopped when she heard some footsteps. Anel pushed the leave that is blocking her from seeing the lady. She successfully pushed it aside and Odette came to her view. Anel saw how her hair shines so bright. The glimmer of Odette’s hair caused Anel to screamed out loud that she end up hit her head on a small rock. Blood started gushing out of her hair and she blanked out immediately. Odette ran towards her and used her hair to healed the wounded part.

She was about to walk away when she remembered that Abel saw her and she mights revealed her little secret. She casted a spell on her and walked away.

The next day,Anel was found in the Bush sleep peacefully. Guards helped her back to the mansion. Tim drove her to the hospital and informed Mr & Mrs Winston. because she didn’t moves or wakes up. But she’s still breathing. She she woke up,she didn’t remember anything that she saw in the bush,she also lost her voice and ear. She can’t speak and hears what others says.

When Kayle arrived, Mr Winston told Tim not to mentioned anything to him. They didn’t tell him what happened to Anel but they lied that she’s left for her boarding school.

They didn’t reveal the truth until 2 months that Tim later forced out because he couldn’t keep it in anymore. Kayle felt betrayed that his sister has been hospitalized for months and Tim never told him about it. His parent tried to explain everything thing but he refused to listen. All he wanted is his sister. He visited her in the hospital but the worst part is,she can’t speak and hears him. His heart was shattered his tempers he decided to go for a break.


Anel and her mom entered,they were surprised to see Kayle. Anel rushed to him and hugged him.

“I missed you little sister.” He mumbled and pecked her forehead.

“Kayle son.” His mom hugged him too.

📑I’m happy to see you kayle.” Anel wrote it on the Jolter she was holding.

“Same here Queenie. How are you doing?

📑 I’m fine,since you’re here now then am good. She grinned and grabbed his hand. They headed toward Kayle’s room.

💋🎙🎶Kennedy’s pov🗣💃

I quickly kept the tape inside my backpack and locked my door. Now that I’ve got what I wanted. No one will be able to spot be not even Odette. I’ll make sure they choose me.

I’m gonna summit the record tomorrow. Once they chooses me then I don’t care if my mom plans fail. I’ll be among the Q-band.

You guys seeing what am seeing? Hmm. Let’s sit and watch. The real story is about to Begin.💃💃 what gonna happen to kendra? And the tape?
Love y’all, muah 💋💋❤❤❤❤

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