March 6, 2021


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Secret superstar Chapter 2

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She’s the one,Odette!♩♪♬

↠↠↠Chapter two⇦⇦⇦⇦

🕺🗣🎶☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Tim’s pov🎙

I still can’t believe that kyle and I have to fight over the same issue. I knew it,it’s all my fault anyway. If I haven’t asked Anel to stay that night maybe she won’t have got herself into trouble.

Even if he forgive me,I won’t forgive myself. It wasn’t his parent fault that they hides the truth away from him. But they only did it to save me,being is best friend doesn’t mean anything to kyle. Once he got mad at someone, he might do unexpected.

One thing about him is that,he’s hot tempered. He rarely control his tempers. He knew what he can do so that’s the reason why he distanced himself from everyone. It’s four months that he had left United States for Iceland. I wonder what going on with him. I just want the real Kayle back,my best friend not the new grumpy friend.

“Hey Tim, any hope about Kayle? Raymond asked.

“Not yet,he haven’t decided when to come back.” I sighed.

“When are you going stop been guilty of what you didn’t do huh? It wasn’t your fault that she dumb and deaf. Am pretty sure someone is behind it.” Harry snapped.

“Really? If it wasn’t my fault then whose fault? He called me his friend but I betrayed him. He have every right to be mad at me. I should have told him from the beginning,I deeply regret what I did” I said.

“If you don’t ask her to stay believe me,she will. She badly wanted to see Kayle that day that the reason why she slept over. But am worried about what she saw in the bush.” Scott muttered and i gulped for air.

“We all have to talk to him and beg him to come back. I missed him like crazy,I hope he reunites with his parent too. Seriously they really hurts him by keeping away the truth about what happened to his sister.” Owen mumbled and inserted the earphone into his ear.

“Have you heard anything about voice winner? I asked.

“Not really,the contest still going on.” Harry responded.


“Davis said we should come to diamond stars studio tomorrow.” Raymond said. He stood and walked away.

“Such a crazy manager, seriously I don’t want this break to end.” Scott uttered.

“Me too…

👄🎶🗣☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Odette’s pov🎤

I removed all the pins that kendra used to holds my hair together. I put them inside a box and kept it inside my drawer.

I laid on the bed facing the Ceiling. Everyday,every seconds I think my power glows. I always feel different everyday. But there is something that I did not understand, what the connection between that woman and I. I really want to help her but she said I’m gonna lose my voice.

” Odette. ” Sharon entered without knocking.

“Sharon where are your manners? Huh? I glared at her as I felt that my eyes have changed to red. It normal change to red whenever am angry.

” calm down Odette,am here for a deal.” She said with a devilish smirk.

“I wonder why you’re still alive,how I wish I can end your life right now.” I said still facing the ceiling.

“Remember am still your stepmother.”

“Stepmother or maid,you brute! You killed my parent. You enchanted my dad because you want something from us. Trust me once I get what I want,I’m gonna end your life Sharon.” I yelled as I sat up. She folded her and tapped her right leg on the floor creating a awful sound.

“In your dream Odette,is either I end your life or I have you supernatural power.” She smirked.

“And you think it gonna happen? So lame! Good luck Sharon.” I laughed.

“I’m not here for that Odette,I want you to help Kennedy. She wants to contest for voice winner and you will be the one to sing. If you sing am gonna give you your pearl pin.” Sharon said and I bursted into delighted laughter.

“Are you serious? She nodded.

” yes.”

“Why don’t you shoot your shot and beg me to sing. I know you won’t give me that pin but once I get my pin back, Sharon you’re in trouble.” I grinned.

“I don’t care about what you’re gonna do.” Sharon seethed.

“You know your spell and power can’t work on me. Think big,thing big Sharon.” I smirked and stood up walking toward my big mirror.

“I wonder why you haven’t lose your power yet,after all the tricks but yet your power keep glowing.” She mumbled but I heard her.

“Are you curious? Why don’t you use another trick idiot.” I whispered in her ear.

“I swear I’m not gonna force you to sing,you will come to me and sing on your own.” She smirked and walked out.

“Trick? What trick is she talking about? I asked myself as I sat on the stool facing the mirror.

Sometimes I thought am a witch because only witch possess such power. Eyes change,hair glow,see through someone, put someone on a spell and do what others can. Isn’t that a definition of witch possess.

🗣👄🎭☜(⌒▽⌒)☞Sharon’s pov❤

I entered the dark room and removed the curtain. I sat on a stool and faced the mirror.

Suddenly Daisy appeared on the screen. She was furious because her eyes is now red.

” Sharon leave Odette alone. If anything happens to her,I swear I won’t forgive. ” she yelled as she tried to free herself. She tried to break the spell so she will be able to free herself from the strong chains.

“Calm down diasy,it’s 19 years that I’ve enchanted you but you’re still alive. How? Don’t tell me that you haven’t lose your power yet? Jeez! I still have a long way to go.” I said as I picked the box where I kept the Pearl pin. I brought the pin out and put it inside a cup. I picked a knife and cut my hand,I let my blood streamed into the cup. Then I put the pearl pin inside the cup. I poured a green portion inside the cup.

I picked Odette comb and removed a strand of her hair and dipped it inside the cup. I casted a spell on it and it started burn inside.

“Aha. Let go of me Sharon.” Daisy groaned as she tried to free from the spell.

I recited some spells until my hair turned to gray. Suddenly she stopped groaning. I glanced over the mirror. She didn’t move or groan anymore.

“Dead end.” I mumbled.

“You think you can get rid of me thus quickly? Hell no Sharon, even if you use Odette hair you won’t still get rid of me. Sharon leave my daughter alone and face me instead.” She yelled.

“How? You can’t live Diasy,who are you? I asked. This is getting out of hands.

” I know that is the question you’ve been dying to ask but am not gonna answer that question. ” she said.

“Wha…what? She shut the vision.

” don’t you dare leave Daisy. ” I yelled but she didn’t appear on the mirror.

“Jeez!.” I almost hit the mirror but I stopped half way when I remembered that it’s my only way to see Daisy.

“I’m have to do something. Diasy you can’t be alive.” I yelled as I stormed out.

This can’t be happening, how? I need to do something, I must get rid of that witch first then her daughter.

I entered my room and brought out the spell book from the drawer.

“Why can’t I get rid of her why? I walked to and fro in a leisurely pace.

I need Odette voice right now.


What’s gonna happen to Odette now? You’re going to know what happened to Anel,kayle’s sister. Good morning everyone💝💝❤

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