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Mr Popular PA Episode 45

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💝Mr popular PA💝
(She is fearless – He is rude)🤦
©Authress Ifeoluwa

🐼 Episode forty-five 🐼

🦄 Nathaniel 🦄

Three days after…..

I entered one of my car and the driver took me to Melissa house I was going to pick her so we can go to our family mansion to meet my mum…

I know how nervous she is after all she is going to meet my mum and I understand her because I am also nervous about this whole thing….

I just can’t refuse her because I really want her to be mine I don’t want us to get separated because I’m refusing to reconcile with my mum…

She was so happy when I told her I would finally visit my mum and I don’t want to make her feel bad again…

She taught me how to value relationships and I want to keep my relationship with her if it means reconciling with my money minded mom….

I just hope everything turns out to be fine when we visit her I hope she would not create any problem for me or for Melissa…

The driver drove into her compound and I knocked on the door seconds later her granny let me in and I sat down on their comfy couch….

Trust me their house might look old but it is comfy and the designs in the house looks unique and modern I’m sure Melissa is the one keeping the house clean…

“My child how are you doing”her grandma said

“Fine ma’am good morning”I replied

“Morning my child”she said

“Ma’am Melissa”I said looking around

“She is still asleep she told me you are taking her to your mom yesterday and she kept searching for clothes to wear…

She spend almost two hours doing that and she fell asleep if you enter her room you would see how tattered it is”she said

“Woah I never knew she would still be asleep by now can I check up on her”I asked

“Of course you can but don’t mind how messy her room is okay”she said

“No ma’am I understand it is messy because of me”I replied and she pointed at a door

“That her room I want to dry clothes outside”she said leaving my front..

I entered the room which was indeed messy clothes was scattered everywhere most especially her bed…

She was also folding her self under a blanket sleeping peacefully….

I adjusted some clothes on her bed pulling off my shoes before laying beside her I brought my face to her face staring at her sleeping face….

She looks so beautiful seriously her bright face and soft skin…

I rubbed her cheeks slowly moving my hand to her tempting lips rubbing her lips also and she parted her lips exhaling heavily…

She made her hand to my clothes rubbing my chest and also smiling…..

“Nathaniel it feels as if you are with me I can perceive you right now”she said

“That because I’m here”I said

“I miss you”she said

“If you open your eyes you won’t miss me again Mel”I whispered to her ear and she opened her eyes

“Nathaniel”she called immediately she opened her eyes fully and I helped her sit up after I sat down on her bed…

“Mel”I said and she yawned rubbing her eyes…

“You are really here”she said and I nodded rubbing her cheeks

“Nathaniel”she called again hugging me tightly

“Awnn”I said patting her back

“I miss you so much”she said

“For real”I teased

“Of course for real”she said hugging me tightly

“Don’t choke me please”I said and she released me

“Hey how are you”I said raising one of my brows up

“Doing fine but not that fine without you”she said

“Don’t say that you know you look so beautiful Mel”I said

“Good morning”she said

“My morning would be good if you give me a morning kiss”I said

“I don’t think I can give you one because my grandma is home”she said biting her lower lips rubbing her palm

“She is outside drying clothes”I replied

“Oh”she exclaimed

“So can I get one”I said

“Maybe”she replied her cheeks turning red

I grabbed her chin up and she continue biting her lips wrapping her arms around my neck…

I smiled and I could hear the sound of her swallowing something I don’t know she closed her eyes and I rubbed her cheeks…

I placed my lips on hers and she returned the kiss freely opening her mouth allowing me to explore her inner mouth with my tongue…

She held my neck firmly with one of her hand moving her second hand to my hair breathing heavily as the kiss became intense…

I moved my hand underneath her top and she shivered as soon as my hand came in contact of her body…

She was freeing herself from the kiss but I pulled her lips back continuing the kiss…

I moved my hand that was underneath her top to her belly button rubbing it and she shivered moaning silently….

I moved my hand upwards to her b##st cupping one of her erected br##st in my hand and she forced her lips from mine breathing heavily…

I rubbed her ni##ples and she stared at me with a pitiful eyes telling me not to go on with whatever is in my mind…

I smiled at me and I could see her eyes heating up in tears…

“Hey I’m not doing anything seriously just this I promise”I said and she held my clothes tightly sniffing and she let out a small moan after I pressed her ni##ples slightly…

I released my hand from her br##st and a tear fell from her eyes…

“I never intend to make you feel bad I’m really sorry for what I did but I was really tempted okay…”I said and she wiped her face

“I was shocked and also I wasn’t ready for anything more than that now”she said

“I’m sorry I promise nothing would happen more than this okay until our wedding night but touching is allowed right”I asked and she gave me a stare

“You mean like what you did now hell no touching is not allowed till our wedding night also”she said

“You’ve gat to be kidding me Mel I want to touch you”I said

“No Nathaniel it really weird the feeling is like…..”she said

“You know I want to touch you Mel you are just so tempting that I always wish to touch every part of your body”I said

“Every part don’t be silly now my heart beat increases the moment you touched my br##st don’t do that again okay”she said

“I would do it when ever I want because I own you”I said

“You don’t own me until you claim me before you own me Nathaniel”she said

“How many times did you want me to claim you Mel”I said

“Not until you”she paused showing me her ring finger

“Oh woah I think I understand what you mean Mel if I do it I can touch you freely right”I asked

“Freely because my body and soul belongs to you then but you have to visit your mum too”she said

“That why I’m here to pick you up so we can leave”I said

“I should take my bath then”she said and I nodded

“I would be waiting for you in the sitting room with Grandma”I said coming down from the bed putting on my shoes back

“Ok sir”she replied coming down from the bed

“Your room”I said looking around

“That true I still don’t know what to wear”she said

“Anything is fine okay you look beautiful in whatever clothes you wear”I said

“If you say so sir”she replied and I blinked at her leaving the room…

🌼 Melissa 🌼

I went into the bathroom after Nathaniel left the room and quickly took my bath I touch my lips remembering the kiss I had with Nathaniel…

I also remembered how he touched my br##st and how I didn’t even stop him from doing it because I kinda liked being touched by him…

But I can’t give him all the free access yet so he won’t start hating me for being too cheap no I can’t…..

I went back to my room after taking my bath glancing at the floor and the bed how tattered it is if I begin to clean up now it would be late and Nathaniel and I have to leave…

I picked up a green short sleeve jumpsuit and I put it on wearing a silver bracelet, earrings and a crystal necklace

I put on a silver heels carrying a transparent glass white bag before heading to the sitting room to meet granny….

As soon as Nathaniel saw me he couldn’t take his eyes off me and Granny smiled

“Why are you staring at my granddaughter like that”she said

“Your granddaughter is looking amazing granny”he replied

“You guys are not going to go anywhere if you keep staring at each other”she said and Nathaniel stood up…

“We should leave now”he said

“Take care”she said and I hold I hand.

“I need a tiny little favour from you granny”I said

“Help you clean your room right”she said

“Yes”I said and she dragged my ear

“Okay no problem”she said and I winced holding my ear when she dropped it…

I exited the apartment with Nathaniel and the driver took us away….

After thirty minutes of driving he finally stopped in front of a very big mansion..

He exhaled heavily looking at me and also rubbing his forehead…

“I don’t even know if she would be at home”he said

“It Sunday Nathaniel no one goes out no matter how workaholic the person may be”I replied

“You don’t know my mom everyday is business day for her”he said

“Don’t tell me you didn’t make any call to the people living here before coming”I said

“No I didn’t”he replied and I hit my forehead slightly

“Let just try our luck”I said and we both alighted entering the building…

“Good day sir and welcome ma’am”maids greeted bowing down for Nathaniel and I…

Just then Nathaniel’s mum begin to come down the glass stairs on call…

As soon as she sighted us she dropped the call and I looked at Nathaniel’s face which has a mixed expression of anger and love…

He rubbed his forehead again dipping his hand in his pocket and his mom came down quickly hugging Nathaniel…

He looked at me and I signalled him to hug her back but he did not hug her back she released herself holding his chin….

“My son it good to finally have you back home”she said kissing his cheeks

“I’m not back home okay I just have to tell you somethings that have been longing to tell you”he said coldly

He dragged my hand making me sit down in the most comfy couch I have ever sat down on..

“Who is she”she asked looking at me sitting down so as Nathaniel and I gulped down nervously

“I’m Melissa ma’am”I replied

“I wasn’t talking to you anyway who are you to my son”she said

“His”he cut in looking at me

“My girlfriend”he said

“Where are you from and who are your parent what name did they have in the society”she said

“My parents are late ma’am I stay with my grandma”I replied

“So I guess your grandma would have a big name also you would be filthy rich too for my son to have you as his girlfriend”she said

“No ma’am I’m from a middle class family my family don’t have such a popular name like you guys in the country not to talk of the society…..

Your son is a nice man he has been taking care of me after we met even though I once offended him he even helped my granny medical bills when she was ill….

He took us to Canada to even get her treated you are so lucky to have a son like Nathaniel”I replied

“I think I know you from somewhere”she said staring at me

“Are you not the insane lady that lied to the media that my dear son sent goons to beat you up how are you guys now dating”she said and my heart skipped a beat….

“Mum she is not insane okay”Nathaniel said and she shunned him with her hand

“You are a shameless lady you know how poor are you guys so because you guys have no money that is why you lied to people about my son…

So you turned yourself to a liability to my son he even helped your granny took her to Canada to treat her how amazing…

I wonder what you did to my son for making him call you his girlfriend even after what you did to him he still called you his girlfriend…”she said and tears filled my eyes

“Mom please can you stop it I came here for something else not for you to insult Melissa or throw bad words to her”he said

“Nathaniel are you insane after what this girl did to you still you are calling her your girlfriend something you shouldn’t have done to a pauper like her”she said and tears fell from my eyes

“Enough now mom”he roared standing up to his mum…



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