March 3, 2021


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Mr Popular PA Episode 43

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💝Mr popular PA💝
(She is fearless – He is rude)🤦
©Authress Ifeoluwa

🐼 Episode forty-three 🐼

🌼 Melissa 🌼


I helped grandma to bed covering her with the blanket before going back to the sitting room to meet Nathaniel who was busy with his laptop….

I went to the kitchen to take a plate before going to dining table I took a knife using it to slice an apple and strawberries into the plate….

I took it to the sitting room back sitting beside Nathaniel taking the remote control…

“So what are you doing”I asked putting an apple in my mouth…

He didn’t reply me instead he picked a strawberry chewing it and concentrating back on his laptop…

“You can’t snub me right now Nathaniel you know how much I hate being snubbed”I said

“I know but I’m kinda busy for now”he said taking another apple from my plate

“Okay I should go to bed then”I said standing up but he pulled me back making me fall beside him again

“Please stay with me”he said

“I can’t stay with someone who doesn’t have my time”I grumbled

“Mel you know I always have your time I’m just checking my emails and social media messages”he said

“Messages from your s**ts right”I scoffed

“Don’t tell me you are jealous”he said

“Why won’t I be jealous”I said

“Awnn Mel it not from girls okay it business and I would be done after I pass some messages online I want to be live”he said

“Wait live”I said

“Yeah I want to tell my fans about my new music that I would be dropping tomorrow”he said

“Okay then”I replied

After some minutes he stood up to his room coming back with some studio mini lights…

“Going live in five”he said

“I won’t disturb you”I said

“That my girl”he said pecking my cheeks

He went to the dining room and I help him with his laptop he dropped the lights on the table and he sat down….

“Can I at least watch you”I asked

“You know…”he paused

“How much I distract you right I know don’t worry”I said turning to leave

“It not like that”he said

“Don’t worry I would watch you live on my phone”I said

“No watch me live in reality okay just don’t say a word”he said standing up and putting me on a chair before he sat down back

He turned the lights on dressing his hair…

🎥Hey peeps it me your favorite popstar and what did I have for you tonight well if it not music then it is absolutely nothing…

I would be dropping my new hit music titled “Affection” tomorrow night exactly 9pm so save your data for this amazing song by your favorite N•I I’m sure you don’t wanna miss this mind blowing jam..

And guess what my concert would also be coming soon in Australia so guys get ready because there is still one more surprise I have for you guys….

I won’t share it now but I would very soon some would watch it real while some would watch it on the news or read on papers but it would definitely reach out to you no matter where you are….

I just want you to download this music tomorrow night”Affection by N•I” you don’t want to miss out

Love and kisses from me 🎥 he said blowing kisses before closing the laptop….

I checked my phone to see how many likes in just 3 minutes he got 5 thousand likes already how nice….

“Now I have time for my angel”he said carrying me up in a bridal style back to the sitting room….

He sat on the couch and I sat on his laps he turned me to face him wrapping my hands in his neck….

“So now what did my angel want”he said

I smiled playing with his hair and he tickled me making me jump on his lap but he held my hand with one of his hand using the second one to tickle me….

“Nathaniel”I called in between my laugh hitting his chest slightly but he didn’t stop..

“Granny did you want her to come outside because of my noise”I said and he stopped dragging my cheeks

“That hurts”I said

“So angel your prince charming is in your front what did you want from him”he said

“I want my prince charming to rest and go to bed early because he really had a long day and I know tired he is right now and also we would be leaving tomorrow”I said

“Yes that true so tell me how would you cope on the plane”he said

“Oh gosh must me really take the plane”I said

“Yes Mel only if you want us to use the ship but that would take us like three days before we reach Australia”he said

“And who told you I wanted to go on water what if the ship sink”I said

“You know what you are full of negativity can you be positive at least once Mel”he said

“Not my fault okay Mr N•I if we stay on water we would have to sleep in the ship did you think I would be able to”I said

“The let go for air which is only some hours just as we did before nothing would happen”he said

“Can’t we go on land”I said

“Are you ready to spend your entire life on the road not like accident on the road doesn’t happen to”he said

“Yes let go on rail you can pay for first class”I said

“You know what just trek use your leg if that would make you happy and rest assured”he said putting me down from his laps standing up to leave

“Hey are you annoyed already”I said drawing his hand back

“You expect me not to leave come on Mel you are acting like a child even children don’t get scared when going for a trip especially when they are using plane…

They would be so happy but my grown up Melissa is scared and very soon she would tell me she is not a child whereas she is acting like one”he said

“Nathaniel”I called

🦄 Nathaniel 🦄

I don’t know what is wrong with Melissa the plane brought her here safely why is she still be scared of it..

“Mel accident happens in all of the ways of transportation you made mention what we have to do is pray for guidance and protection from God”I said rubbing her cheeks

“Okay”I said

“Beside your king is here I’m always going to be with you Mel I would even fight death because of you”I said and she hugged me in tears….

“Mel”I called patting her back

“Why are you saying such sentimental things lately Nathaniel you are scaring the hell out of me”she said tightening her grip on my neck crying also

“I was just trying to tell you how much you mean to me Mel I’m ready to fight the death if it comes to either of us…

Don’t be paranoid nothing is going to happen okay I just want you to know that even the death can’t separate us”I said

“Let not talk about death again please”she said

“Okay ma’am”I said and she freed herself from the hug and I wiped her tears with my thumb….

I stared into her teary eyes biting my lower lips and her cheeks turn red…

“I would go on with the plane idea but you would need to give me a sleeping medicine”she said

“No biggie at least give me my goodnight medicine”I said

“I never knew you take medicine at night”she said

“You know what I mean”I said putting my thumb on her lips

“Oh this I can’t”she said

“And why”I asked

“Because my darling grandma is in the room and if she finds out I’m out here it won’t take long before she meet us here”she said

“So be quick then”I said dragging her hand and she lean closer to my face

“Nathaniel”she called softly and I moved my face more closer to her face putting my lips on hers…

She made the first move smooching her lips on mine slowly and my eyes widened…

So she is dying to kiss me,,I held he chin with both of my hand taking over the motion of the kiss smooching her lips faster and she surrendered opening her mouth and I explored her mouth with my tongue…..

The feelings grew stronger after she made a slight moan any more of this would really drive me crazier than this making me do the unexpected….

I freed myself dragging her lower lips before releasing her lips finally and her cheeks heated up immediately her heart beat increasing….

She covered her face breathing heavily and I smiled…

“You are not used to it yet but you are doing a great job”I said and she stood up turning her back on me

“Goodnight”she said but I held her hand carrying her up in a bridal style

“What are you doing”she asked but I ignored it carrying her to the room her grandma was in

I dropped her gently beside her granny placing a kiss on her forehead

“Goodnight”I whispered and she scattered my hair a little

“Bye”she whispered also and I left the room…

I went to my room falling on the bed before touching my lips…

What have been dying to taste is what I get freely now a days…


Our luggage was packed by the servants taking it to the car which was ready to take us to the airport…

Melissa helped her grandma to sit on the wheelchair and we exited the apartment to the car…

The driver zoomed off dropping us at the airport which my private jet was ready to take us back to Australia….

I looked at Melissa who seemed to be extremely nervous already before going to her front…

“Don’t be scared”I said

“The drug”she asked

“Here”I said bringing out the sleeping tablet..

We entered the plane and immediately she took water gulping down some before using the medicine….

“Even I’m not scared”her grandma teased

“We are different”she replied sitting down and pressing the chair down laying on it…




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