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Mr Popular PA Episode 42

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💝Mr popular PA💝
(She is fearless – He is rude)🤦
©Authress Ifeoluwa

🐼 Episode forty-two 🐼

🌼 Melissa 🌼


I yawned sitting up on the bed folding my legs and rubbing my eyes before tracing Nathaniel’s voice singing in front of the mirror as he combed his hair…

🎶 Da…Da…Da…Da…

Never say you are happy when you are sad..

Never say you are fine when you are not ok…

Never say you feel good when you feel bad..

Never say you are alone when I’m still alive…

Believe me, you are the one whom my heart finds…

Whom my mind reminds me of whom my destiny wants…🎶

“And whom I love the most”I cut in and he turned back facing me before dropping the comb and staring at me…

“Good morning”he said

“Morning”I replied

“This song is the new song I’m yet to publish how come you know the lyrics”he said and I smiled

“I listened to it once so I loved the chorus it made me memorize some part”I said

“Woah you really have a good memory I bet you always know all the lyrics of my song at your first hearing that shows how much you really loved me I mean my music”he smirked

“I guess I really love both you and your music”I said

“So you love me”he said sitting beside me on the bed

“Come on Nathaniel don’t come closer you took your bath already and I haven’t I might be stinking”I said feeling a little bit embarrassed…

He leaned cupping my cheeks before placing a kiss on my lips…

“No matter how many times you did not take your shower you would still always smell nice and also taste good”he said after disengaging from the kiss and my cheeks turned red

“Enough of you flirting with me this morning”I said pushing his chest slightly

“I’m not flirting with you just telling you the real fact Mel you don’t know how beautiful you look”he said

“Alright then thank you sir”I said

“You are welcome ma’am”he replied

“I should take my bath”I said coming down from the bed

“Be quick I would order for breakfast”he said and I nodded

I went to the bathroom and took my bath quickly after I was done I put on a white crazy high waist jeans and a black crop top with a jean jacket…

I headed down stairs and met him on the dining table eating his breakfast I pulled out a chair and sat on it…

I looked at the table and gasped seriously there is a lot to choose from I don’t even know what to have out of all this food….

“Having a difficult situation in picking breakfast”he said

“Why all this food this morning Nathaniel it too much”I said

“Today is our last day in Canada Mel”he said

“So!!!”I said

“You need to taste all the food before you leave back to Australia”he said

“That is why you brought all this food Nathaniel how did you expect me to finish all this”I said

“Just take one spoon of all the food trust me they are all good”he said opening the covered plate…

“Thank you”I said

There is no way I’m going to take a spoon of all the food in my front which is about ten in number I would just take salad and macaroni and cheese….

I dished the salad in one part of the plate and also the macaroni mixed with cheese in another part of the plate….

“That all”he asked

“Yeah”I replied putting a fork inside the food and I begin to eat…

“One of the driver would drop you off at the hospital to pick your granny and I would be with the producers to finalize my new music…

Everything can be settled once and for all if we do it separately and not together I’m I right”he said wiping his mouth with a tissue

“Yeah that right it would be faster”I replied

“We won’t tell granny about us now”he said

“I thought you were ready to tell the world how you feel about me”I said putting a fork of macaroni in my mouth munching it…

“Mel I’m really ready to do it but you asked me to wait right if not did you really think I don’t want to claim you from your granny so we can both stay together in the same house”he said

“Well I already told you want I needed if you want me to give you a reply as soon as possible and not to keep you waiting for long”I said

I just hope he doesn’t get annoyed because of his mother’s issue I brought up now…

“Mel this relationship shouldn’t be a deal you know that”he said

“This isn’t a deal Nathaniel it is what you must do as your girlfriend to be I want you to settle all the grudges you have with your mom that all”I said

“I won’t argue with you today Mel I already come up with my decision”he said

“And what is your decision”I asked

“I would head back to our family house when I get to Australia to visit my mom and set things right are you happy now”he said looking at me with a mixed expression on his face

“Of course I’m happy but you don’t look happy to me are you still doubting your choice to visit your mum”I asked dropping the fork

“No or maybe yes I don’t know what I would say nor did I know what I would do when I meet her”he said

“Don’t worry everything would be fine you just have to express your feelings just as you did to me”I said and he stood up from the chair

“I hope it is easy”he said and I also stood up moving to his front

“Have faith Nathaniel everything would be fine”I said hugging him and he pecked my forehead rubbing my arms

“I love you so much Mel”he said and I nodded hugging him the more

“Don’t worry Nathaniel everything would be back to normal”I said and we disengaged from the hug before he pecked my cheeks

“Are you ready”he said

“Yes I am”I replied

“Open up”he said after cutting a small piece of chicken for me and I opened my mouth

He also poured juice for me in a cup feeding me and I gulped down some quantity

He picked a tissue and use it to wipe my mouth

“Now you are ready”he said

He picked up his phone and I helped him dress his falling hair packing it up with a hair band…

“My prince charming you look I adorable”I teased grabbing my phone also and we exited the apartment going to the car park…

“Take the Ferrari and drop at the hospital to bring her granny back and drive slowly okay”he said to the driver who bowed opening the door for me….

“Please be careful”he said and I nodded

“Take care of yourself too Nathaniel”I said entering the car and the driver closed the door

I waved at him and the driver took off…

We got to the hospital and I went to my Granny’s ward she was on a wheel chair…

“Granny”I called running to her and giving her a hug….

“My child how are you doing where is Nathaniel”she said patting my back

“I’m fine granny and Nathaniel is in the apartment waiting for us”I replied kissing her forehead

“Didn’t I tell you nothing was going to happen to me Mel I’m safe now”she said and I smiled

“I have a strong grandma”I said drawing her cheeks a little

“Of course you do”she replied

“Hello doctor”I greeted

“Miss Melissa here are the reports of your grandma she is perfectly okay now no need to worry about anything again”he said

“Thanks doc”I replied

“Everything is done now you can go and my regards to Mr Nathaniel”he said

“Okay sir”I replied and he left my front

“Oh granny I missed you a lot”I said pushing her wheelchair out of the room

“I do too my dear you have to tell me everything that happened while I’m away”she said

I don’t think I can tell her everything about me and Nathaniel yet most especially the kiss or else she won’t spare me…

“Granny what did you expect to happen just business matter eat and sleep that all”I said

“I hope you guys did not fight because I know you Mel”she said

“Did you expect me to fight with him after all he did to me granny everything between us is cool now and we had lot of fun”I said

“Fun!!”she said looking at me

“I mean fun normal fun granny”I said

“Okay then”she replied

We got back outside the hospital and the driver opened the door for us I helped grandma in and the driver put the wheelchair at the back of the car….

I entered the car and he zoomed off to the apartment back…

🦄 Nathaniel 🦄

As soon as Melissa left to the hospital I went to the kitchen to make preparations for the arrival of her granny she would be surprised so will her granny….

“Good day sir”one of the waitress said

“Write down”I said

“Okay sir”she replied picking a book

“Fresh fruits,,, hamburger,,, salads,,, pancakes,,, casserole,,, Rice,,, cupcakes,,, yoghurt,,,and chicken kebabs dish them immediately and transfer them to the apartment

And also clean the house very fast tell maybe ten of the cleaners okay I want the work to be fast”I said coldly

“Is that all sir”she said

“Yeah”I said heading to the conference room

I met the producers sitting and having snacks…

“Hello”I greeted

“Sir N•I”they said and I shaked them before sitting down

“The music was amazing sir”he said wiping his mouth with tissue

“So I’m I good to go”I asked

“Sure Sir I found a suitable beat for the music”he said

“Can I listen to it then”I asked

“Sure sir”he replied playing the music which I listened to…

“Well I love it”I said

“It just need to be released but Sir if I may ask this lyrics seems to be magical you don’t sing love songs that much…

So why this and what is your inspiration for this lovely song”he asked and I smiled

“I never knew you are also a reporter anyway it not what is my inspiration but who is my inspiration for that music”I replied

“So someone inspired you in singing a love song back”he said

“Yes and no more questions again you would find out soon when a real reporter ask me that or when I have my concert”I replied

“Okay sir here are the files”he said and i went through them before signing them

“You need to be in Australia soon for my concert”I said..

“I would sir”he said

“The release of the song would be tomorrow”I said

“As your wish sir”he replied

After I finished discussing with the producers I went back to the apartment and this time Melissa was back with her granny…

“Oh sweet lovely grandma”I greeted hugging her and she patted my back

“I was waiting for you Nathaniel since why did your meeting take so long”she said

“It had to I was finalizing some things”I said kissing her forehead

“Okay my child”she replied

“Mel”I said pecking her cheeks and she stared at me nodding her head moving her eyes to her grandma

I forgot that her granny doesn’t know anything yet

“Come on grandma you should eat now you look so lean”I said taking her to the dining room

“The foods they serve in the hospital are not my taste”she said

“You can choose your taste out of all these right”I said and she looked at the table

“These are too much Nathaniel Melissa is this what you eat everyday no wonder you are getting fat now”she said

“I’m I really fat now”Melissa said checking her body

“Yes you are”she replied and Melissa scoffed

Melissa grandma hold my hand rubbing it…

“You are really a rare gem Nathaniel you did all this for us despite everything Melissa did to you in the past how can we ever repay you”she said

“Come on grandma Melissa also saved my ass from going to prison this is also my way of thanking her”I replied

“So tell me how you guys feel for each other now I know there is no way you guys stayed with each other for that long without having any feelings”she said picking an apple

“Grandma!!!!”Melissa called

“What I can see it in your eyes that there is something going on but I won’t force you to tell me because I know you would eventually”she said

“I love you”Melissa said

“Me or Nathaniel”she asked

“You of course”Melissa replied hugging her from the back..



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