March 6, 2021


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Bullied Episode 21

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Excuse me ma’am, do you know me? Oh! You obviously know me because you just called my name. I said

You’re really Stephanie, Like my Stephanie? She said and tried touching me but I ducked abit.

I’m sorry ma’am, but what do you mean by that, why did you call me your Stephanie? I asked and observed her.

OMG!!! she looks just like the older me, I said as I came to realize after observing her very well. I hope it’s not what I’m thinking? I thought inwardly and looked at the little boy.

I swear, the boy looks just like me,I didn’t notice it when I came in earlier. Are we related? I asked myself inwardly.

Are you really my daughter? My lost daughter? She asked.

Huh? I muttered with my eyes widened.

I’m sorry, I’m an orphan. I lost my parents years ago, please don’t mistake me for your lost daughter… I said

Why do I look so much like you and why do you look so much like my mom? Are you my big sister? The little boy asked

Mom! Is she my lost sister that you’ve been telling me about? He asked his mom

It’s you, it’s really you Stephanie. Where have you been all these years? She said with tears welled up in her eyes.

I’m sorry to say this, but I think you’re mistaken. I’m not who you think I am, I’m an orphan. I said

Stephanie, I’m your mother. I gave birth to you, how can I not recognise the daughter I gave birth to? I know right from the moment I sighted you.

Please, don’t ignore me. I know a lot happened but let’s sort everything out. OMG! I can’t believe the daughter I’ve been looking for walked right into my house. She said with so much pain in her voice.

I don’t have a mother and I’m not your daughter!!! I shouted

Let’s go for a DNA test to prove it, I really need you. I’ve been in trauma for the past nineteen years, I know you’re shocked and can’t just accept the fact now but please let’s sort our differences out… She pleaded

I’m out of here! I don’t think I can work here… I said and ran out, trying not to cry in her presence

Wait! the little boy said and ran after me.

What’s wrong? Kendrick said as I got to the car.

What happened, who Is he? He asked as he stared at the little boy with confusion written on his face.

Let’s go!!! I yelled at him and he came in immediately.

So can you tell me what happened? Why did you come out in such an hurry and crying at the same time? He asked as I finally settled down at home.

Turns out the employer is my mum and the child I’m going there for is my blood brother… I replied with an heavy sigh.

Is that why I think the little boy looks so much like you? He asked and I nodded.

So what did you say or do when she told you that?

I told her she’s mistaken, of course I’m not her daughter. We could only have had the same look coincidentally.

I know you’re angry and surprised for seeing her for the first time in your life but you shouldn’t have concluded like that.

She might probably be the mom you’ve been looking for and think your prayers has finally been answered. Why don’t you give her a chance to explain to you what happened exactly and why she dumped you years ago, So let’s give her a chance.

I’m not interested in that matter, please I need time to reflect on what I’ve been taught. I’ve got a competition ahead of me… I said and laid back on the couch.

Seriously! Why are you so stubborn? Isn’t this an opportunity to show Ashley and others that you’re no longer the poor Stephanie?

Your mom is rich, why do you insist on suffering? You’ve had enough already. Give her a chance to make it up to you, at least hear her out.

OMG! I can’t believe I made you meet your mom. This is indeed a coincidence… Tessa said

Seriously, you both should leave me alone, what if I hadn’t met her? You think I wouldn’t make it in life without her money? Imma struggle to make it in life without any parent’s help, trust me.

“In fact! I’m out of here” I said and left her side

🌞Days Later🌞
Kendrick! Kendrick!! Kendri… I called out his name as I heard someone knocking the door.

Yes! Why are you yelling out my name like that, what’s wrong? He said as he walked into the sitting room.

“Oh! Thanks for this” I said and snatched the juice he was holding from him.

Someone is at the door, I don’t know who it is, so go check it out…I said and drank from the juice.

Seriously? You called me because there’s someone at the door and you couldn’t have just go attend to the person.

What if I’m not around? He said

Well! Thank God You’re around, I’m tired and I can’t walk that’s why I called you. I said

But you had the strength to walk to me when you wanted to collect the juice, isn’t it?

“Don’t waste the person’s time” I said and the person pressed the bell just as I said the word.

“Go open that door before I carry you there” he said and I scoffed.

You think I’m joking right, fine! let’s see if you wo… He said and came to me to carry me

Oh! Oh!! I’ll go open it. You know I wouldn’t allow you carry me and that’s why you choose to threaten me with it, right? Don’t worry, imma do mine too. I said

“You’re wasting time” he said and bent to Carry me and i ran off

Excuse me, whom are you seeking for? I asked the woman i met at the entrance but a girl suddenly came to me and entered the house.

Excuse me why did you enter someone else’s house without permission? I asked pulling the girl back.


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