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Ahoada River 18+ Episode 26

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Episode 26

I heard her sniffling her cries and I went round the room getting to the window frame to see a window of old wood foisted on the hedges blocking the inner room view.

I heard her whimper and heard the baritone voice ordering her to remove her pant and spread her legs, I looked around with exasperation and caught the sight of a keg.

The stench smell of locally refined kerosene caught my interest, I got a hold of it and looked around desperately when I heard mo-ans mixed with whimper from the room and loud groans from the rapist.

I saw a matches box lying reckless on a verandah just at the foot of the second pillar, burnt cigarette ashes were scattered on the rough floor. I picked it up and shook it, I exhaled when I heard the sound made by two or one matches stick.

I went to the window and poured the fuel on the window.

“Na who be that?!” the young man yelled.

I stroke the matches and threw it at the window soaked with fuel, it caught fire and I silently walked. I wandered aimlessly and caught sight of Igbudu along express way leading to another local government.

The road was curved in that spot that has a guest house and filling station and across the road are shops sets along the tarred road, he stood with a sharp matchet and a gun just at the fence of the filling station.

I was behind him and immediately I tried closing in on him, he came out aiming his gun at a moving trucks with some boys on red piece of clothes around their foreheads and red clothe tied to their matchet, they dressed like the other guys I met at the bar then.

He shot thrice at the vehicle tyres scaring away people from the area, moving bikes were abandoned by their rider as they landed on the muddy ground running from the onslaught.

I watched in awe as the car ran into a bush, he kept on shooting at the truck without ceasing fire.
He walked across the road still shooting, the area was totally abandoned like there was no life at all.
He went close to the truck and picked their occupants one after the other slitting their necks and butchering them with their matchet.

I watched hypnotize by the memory of what happened to Eder, I stood their without moving a muscle till he climbed his bike with bare foot and sped off.
I knocked myself back to reality and trailed Igbudu, I lost track of him when he dodged into a bush.

I wander around the village the whole day seeing young boys and young men destroying their destinies with illicit drugs and gambling, and some girls whoring around them.

A girl with lots of pierces and leg chain and a boy were making out publicly in a mango tree, an old woman who could barely carry herself but was carry fire woods on her head saw them.

“Ada, na wetin you dey do instead of you to follow me go farm” she spoke in her dialect, I could hear it but can’t speak it.

“Mama, forget you be old school”
she responded with mockery.

The young man with her brought put a cigarette and lit it, he dragged it and puff passing it to the girl who also dragged.

The old woman shook her head and walked away, I wandered off and started hearing voices coming from some distance away from were I stood.
I rushed over and saw military war tank and lots of people talking and shouting, I came in their midst and saw military men with guns.

They were talking and pointing at a shrine with keg of fuel and matches.

“Na Igbudu shrine be that oh” I looked around and saw a small boy who said that, he seemed angry and concerned about the shrine.

They set fire on the shrine and I saw a tall but having shape of human but having no face but a mask that looked like the god placed in the shrine image emerged from the smokes and fire with staff, it stroked on the ground and people ran away.

It repeated it moving in circles, the military men rushed to their war tank and drove off.
It disappeared after they left and I moved on, I was just moving around from a village to villages.

I came to a herbalist house who was treating a young man who was shot, two guys came to his compound and asked his son to come him.
He came out and saw the two rugged smoking guys and asked them what they want.

“General talk say make you no treat any Asawana again or els…”

“Or else what?! tell that small Igbudu say em no get respect, I go treat them and nothing go happen” he chirped in fearlessly.

The two guys whispered to each other before leaving.


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