March 3, 2021


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Oh my wife Episode 2

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Expectation of Pascal’s return was never realized as the family looked on from dawn to dusk. It seemed he was enjoying his new abode. As early as 5:41am the second day, he went to his house to pick some files which he would need at the office.

“Ooow finally, he is here.
Umwaume wabula amano (useless man, unfaithful man ) I thought you would never show up in this house again. *Mtchewww!, so you have taken off your ring too…You see what I was saying? I wouldn’t have married you if I knew you were* this heartless?
“Enough Maphiwe, enough of the insolence! I came to pick a file. I’m out please. You should rather ask me why I don’t have the ring on. This isn’t the woman I married. *What has changed suddenly? Why have you become so cold?” Pascal tried to find answers, but was replied with rather demeaning words which* pierced his soul.

“Daddy, today we won’t join the bus. Please drop us at school,” Lukundo requested knowing he would get an *extra bar of chocolate. “Sweetie, daddy will gladly do so. Hop into the car and let daddy give* you a ride,” he joyously said.
Maphiwe tried to stop them, but they refused and joined their daddy.

“Daddy, *mummy says you don’t care about us anymore, and that you are having affair with another woman* ,is it true?” Abigail curiously asked. “You *both know daddy too well. I close from work when there are no cases for me to attend to. You know I can’t leave my patients there when they are dying. Don’t* worry okay? Mummy and I will solve everything. It’s just a matter of time.

“Why then don’t you come home?” Lukundo asked. “It’s nothing dear. Like I said, it’s just a matter of time.
“Okay okay daddy, last question before we get down, where is your ring?” Abigail asked again. “That’s a secret,” he replied and sighed. Now you both, be good at school and don’t get into any trouble okay.

“Okay daddy, they said and ran to join their colleagues. Probably they were too excited to have requested for their chocolates.

He sat quietly in his car for a few minutes. He wished there was something he could do. Boss, please move forward for us. That was the security man of the school. There was another car driving in. It seemed he had lost concentration even though the horn was loud enough to wake a sleepy bulldog.
He apologised and turned to go.

He wasn’t himself for the greater part *of the day. He sat quietly at his office reminiscing all that had changed. He needed to be a* man. He needed to go home no matter what happened. That’s his marriage and he needed to *face it. That day, he managed to close early enough to pick the kids from school. They were happy when their father told them he was going to be with them no matter* what happened.

“Daddy, we are vacating in two days time. Remember you promised to take us to the village to go and spend some time with granny. It’s been long since we last saw her,” Abigail said.
“Yea, sure. I’ve not forgotten that. Guess you would need to start packing right away. What do you think?”, he asked.

Yes daddy…


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