March 3, 2021


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Married At Sixteen Episode 12

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(Love filled with Bitterness)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

Episode Twelve


What?!?!?…Or didn’t I hear her well?. She just call my best moments or should I say our best moments a pretense?. I thought she like me, I thought she liked what I did to her just now.

Fine! I truly f**k rose at the janitor room yesterday but she lure me and it started when in the class when she kiss me not bothered about what other might say.

But no matter what she shouldn’t move out of our matrimonial room and even if we aren’t going to be together then John will never be her second option…I promise.


I move out of Bryan room after breakfast but I know I can’t really stay away from him so I choose the room opposite his room.

I don’t know if I said too much but I’m sure I definitely did the right thing by making him know that I’m not a cheap girl he might think I am.

I can’t lure him when he doesn’t like me. Imagining cheating right at my presence, he got guts.

“I’m disappointed in you”my subconscious tell me and I sigh deeply. I set up everything before dressings up to go see Jasper’s and Lucy in school.

They should still be school by now. I already talk to Bryan and he didn’t say anything so I count that as a yes.

I don’t want to even listen to his explanation or anything but I’m glad we are separated.


School is really no fun at all without Martha to make me laugh or tease me.
“I miss her too”Lucy said and I look at her as she pout her lips like a kid.

“Can you stop doing that”
“Your lips”I said.
“We should go visit her right?”Lucy change the topic.

“We don’t even know where our best friend live”
“We weren’t even there at her big day”Lucy added.
“She isn’t using her social media account anymore and I don’t even know anything”Lucy made some slurping sound with her juice.

“Do you really think she got married to that old man”I whispered so no one won’t hear us.
“Really bad”Lucy Replied.
“That man is old enough to give birth to her”
“If you are about to gossip about martha count me out”She roll her eye and I scoff.

My phone beeped and I grab it before Lucy does because she is fond of it.
“Come outside to the school park, this is Martha”My eye widened.

“What?”Lucy asks.
“Come with me”I grab my stuffs and exist the cafeteria.
“Where are we going”Lucy trail behind me.

“I think someone is trying to play a prank on us using Martha”
“Martha is here?”
“No I think someone is trying to play a prank on us”We arrive at the park and look around.

“Where is she?”My phone beeped and I quickly check.
Where is the black car?
“Martha”Lucy yelled and I turn to see Martha standing beside a black Lamborghini.

“Have Missed you guys so much”She release Lucy and pull me into a friendly hug.
“Same here”Lucy said and I was looking around.

“Are you okay”Lucy asks.
“Yeah sure”She said but it doesn’t sound like she is fine.
“Can we talk in my car, I don’t want any one seeing me”She said.

Wow! she finally got her car and it expensive than I thought it would be.
“Omg…you look good”Lucy cup Martha cheek into her palm.

“How is the old fool doing?”I asks with a vent of anger.
“I don’t know”She shrug.
“Huh?”Lucy added.
“I actually got married to his son and he is cute”She make snorting sound like a chuckle.

“Really?”I asks with a slight jealous.
“Yeah”She nod her head.
“Are we allowed to come visit you since we weren’t even allowed to your wedding”Lucy roll her eye.

“Yeah, I talk to his son today and he agree but it going to be a secret between him and I”She replied.
“So this is my card address”She gave each to Martha and I.

“We should head back, lunch is over”I said feeling really uncomfortable.
“Oh okay but make sure you visit me this weekend”She said and Lucy gave her a hug and I just bade her a bye before we alighted from her car and head back to school.

“This is crazy”Lucy said as we walk back to school.
“She is really married and is obviously happy”She added.
“obviously she is just trying to hide that we still need to asks what really happened”I argued.

“Lucy just because she didn’t get Married to the old man but his son doesn’t mean she is happy and behind those smiling face I see something else”I said.
“You are just be dramatic”She roll her eye.

“Dramatic? Martha isn’t a girl that wants to end up in a guy house at sixteen claiming to his wife. She need her life back and I’m going to do that”I replied.

“I hope you don’t get yourself in trouble”She replied.
“Girls!!! You are just exaggerating”I took another turn but she didn’t follow so I just went my way.


It was really cool meeting my old friends again. Lucy seems happy for me or something and I just had to pretend like everything was fine because Jasper was getting suspicious of my reaction.

The drive back home was such a long and I already branch a pasta shop to get a takeaway since I’m seriously starving and need something urgent.

The driver pack the car into the compound and grab my bag and food before alighting. I was about to twist the door knob when I heard a sound of a girl moaning or should I say_.

I turn the door knob really fast and my eye widened at what I saw. My bag fell off and the food spilled on the floor.

“Bryan”I yelled out loud
Authoress Ricky

To be continued…

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