March 3, 2021


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Married At Sixteen Episode 11

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(Love filled with Bitterness)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

Episode Eleven

Warnings: Matured content ahead


I walk out of the bathroom with just towel round my body even though I make sure it was properly tied because I’m scared of loosing it in front of Bryan.

“You look good in that”Bryan said going through my body but I scoff and walk to the closet to get myself a comfy clothe to wear.
“I’m starving and I have a wife”I heard him complain but I ignore it.

“Martha are you in there?”he asks probably because I didn’t answer but I was busy going through the cloth finding it difficult to select one out of numerous.

“You need an help?”he asks.
“No”I quickly reply.
“Pointless”he said and I flinched in fear realizing he was already at my back.

“Do you really have to do that?”I roll my eye and resume trying to get something to wear.
“You should just wear a lingeries, it just me and you today”he flirted.

“Pervert”I muttered and ignore him.
“Are you seriously snubbing me?”
“Do you know what I can do to you for snubbing me?”

“Bryan can you just go out so I can dress”I asks and he walk to my side.
“You are wife and why can’t I even see my wife naked”he said and I think I swallow my throat.
“I have my pride”

“Seriously, Martha we are married like married”

“I get it so you don’t have to explain and in addition we are married against our own will”I scoff.

“Whatever but we have no choice now undress”he ordered.

“I will rip the towel off Myself if you don’t”he sounded serious.
“Are you okay”I roll my eye and shove him away but he pull me back and pull me close by my waist.

“What the hell are you doing”I tried to move away from him because my body is getting sensitive the more he pull me close.
“Do it or I do it myself”he have this evil smirk on identifying he is doing it on purpose.

“Bryan”his second hand went to the Hem of my towel and pull it down making me gasped.
“Tell me you didn’t just_”I lock eye with him making sure he doesn’t look down even though his hands were moving up and down my skin.

“Bryan can you stop”I muttered.
“No”his hand trail up to the middle of my br**St then back to my navel.
“Bryan stop”I sounded weak due to the effect he is having on me.

“You sound like you like them”he said and pull me before locking our lips together and before I could take any decisions he already did.

he carry me up and I wrap my legs round his torso not breaking from our kiss. He started slowly but with time we were devouring on each other lips.

“Mmmmmm”I moaned as he bit my lower lips and his hand were doing some amazing job on my body.

It felt incredible, his body rubbing warmth against mine, the sharp pleasure rising between my legs and the teasing his boner did.

“No_”I tried to push back and he stop for a while and smile.
“Don’t worry, I’m not going to have s*x with you okay”


Before I could argue, his lips claimed mine again, branding me as his. His hands went to my br**St as he grab them in his hand playing with it while the sucking one and teasing me on my ni**les.

I slapped my hand over my mouth as he drew my ni**le in his mouth, causing a sharp pain to rip through me. His tongue swept and teased me on the right spot.

“Bryan”I moaned out his name as I wanted the mark of his hands all over my body.

Before we could do anything at all, someone knocked on the door and I immediately got off throwing Bryan aside.

My first instincts were grabbing my shorts and buttoning them up and then panicking for the next few minutes.

Scott laid on the bed, smiling as if he didn’t care at all whether we were being caught or not.

I went to get the door revealing Mrs Rose.
“I’m sorry to disturb you guys”she looked surprised to see probably because I’m with a s*z hair!!!.

“Yes”I cut her off.
“Breakfast is ready”she said.
“Oh okay, I will_”
“Mrs Rose, we will have it later when I’m done with her”Bryan voice interrupted me.

“Sure”She take a glare at me again and I laugh nervously before shutting the door and sighing I. relief.

“Are you crazy or something”I scoff as I sit on the edge of the bed.
“What? this is my house and why would anybody question me for f**king my wife”

“You are just_”I imagine strangling his neck.
“I hope you don’t do that in the future”I realize he was already at my back and his breathe made shiver round down my spine.

“Bryan I’m hungry”I push him off me but he grab me with him and we both fell on the bed.
“Let me go”
“Just stay still Martha”he said struggling with me.

“Bryan”I yelled out his name.
“Fine”he let go off me and I stood up.
“No wonder you are a virgin”he muttered clearly.

“Do you really have to say that?”I scoff.
“You said it earlier that you are starving why don’t we just go and eat”he stood up and wrap his hand round my waist.

“I want to go see Jasper and Lucy”I said and the smile on his face wear off.
“Who is Jasper?”
“I included Lucy and Jasper is my best friend”I replied.

“I thought dad said that_”
“Bryan we are only now can’t we just do things we love to do and stop pretending we love each other when we don’t”.
“Pretending?”he repeated.

“Yeah, I don’t like you and you don’t so we don’t need this. I’m thinking of inviting them over on Friday and you can live your life too”I said thoughtfully.

“Fine”his voice was as low as ever and he unwrap his hand off my waist.
“I will move out to the other room today”

“Do you have to move?”
“Yeah, we need our privacy and I don’t want to what happen today repeat itself”
“You don’t like if?”he asks and I wanted to tell him how much I would love it to occur again but no he hates me so what the point.

No guy will ever raise his hand up to the a girl he loves but he slap me. It hurt!
Authoress RICKY
To be continued

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