March 3, 2021


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Egg of life Episode 3

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—-Tony’s Residence——-

Nna nawa o. The egg, just one devilish egg did the magic. See how le-hub tony just cool down like ice water. Come and see madam susu o. Commanding like no man’s business. Argh!!!, susan became wild, weird, haba!!!!. It was just too much. But considering what she went through?..hmmmm

–Tony darling, there would be little little changes in this house from now on.

–it’s ok darling. Anything you want.

–nice. Henceforth, i shall be the company’s CEO. Considering the fact that i read business administration, i know most of these things right?.

–wow baby, how come i never thought of it. That was really thoughtful of you. Atlist i will be relieved of some work load. Thanks sugar, i love you.

–but honey, how do you deal with your mum and sisters. I don’t want to be insulted.

–sugar, don’t worry about that. My dad left the company for me. I just employed them. You don’t need to worry. First thing tomorrow morning, i shall call for a board meeting and do a proper hand over. I trust you’ll do well love.

–OH thanks so much sugarberry. I love you to the moon and back. you more baby. Dinner time.

…I’M on it (she tries to sit up when tony stops her)

-no no no. Hold it right there princess. Now listen, tomorrow you shall be resuming as the c.e.o of TONYBRASS GROUP OF COMPANY. Baby, it involves alot of stress and so, i won’t be needing my boss lady to stress an inch. Now do this for me, order anything, just anything and i will prepare it.

-(with a widely opened mouth) are you for real? Oh my God. Ok, lemme see. I would like to have spaghetti and fish stew.

–done!!!! Spaghetti and fish stew it is, for her majesty the queen of my heart. But then, (he rushed off to the kitchen and got a chilled glass of juice) calm your nerves with this.

Chai!!!!!! Which kain egg be this wan o. How has the mighty fallen.


In the board room . All executives sitted. Tony cleared his throat to speak.

–Good morning ladies and gentlemen. First of all i must say thank you to you all for your hardwork, support and dedication towards this great company. I have been meaning to do this before now but i think now is the right time. I shall be stepping down as the c.e.o of this company and my wife MRS SUSAN TONY NNAJIUDE will replace me. This is because of her experience as a renowed business expert. She is the brain behind the success of ALPHA AND LEGEND our greatest business rival. She’s got strategic, thought provoking and instrumental business acumen. Ladies and gentle men my wife MRS SUSAN TONY NNAJIUDE your new c.e.o.

There were claps but certainly not from BRENDA AND CHINASA NNAJIUDE siblings of tony.


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