March 3, 2021


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Egg of life Episode 16

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-You don’t do church things and you screamed JESUS that saved your life.pastor finewine replied.

-listen ma’am, i don’t know how that happened. It just happened. You know when one is in trouble, unconscious statements will be made. Please, i am not interested in your sermons. Thanks so much for helping me out, you can now go. I will foot my bills myself.

-dear, i just hope it won’t be late for you. I just hope you won’t cry had i known. I hope you won’t approach the gate of mercy when it has been shut against you already. May God have mercy on your soul.

-And you too ma’am.

——————-TONY’S APARTMENT ——————-

Tony has been doing the cooking for a while now and susan has not been eating well. She has lost alot of weight too.

That evening, her husband prepared JOLLOF RICE AND CHICKEN. Susan came home. Her mum was already eating. Tony came to the door, collected her hand bag, kissed her and took her straight to the dining.

-I prepared this specially for you, my darling. Sit.

Susan was just looking at the JOLLOF RICE. Smoky hot peppered party JOLLOF RICE, just the way she loved it and a robust chicken lap with salad.

Tony took the fork, took some rice and tried feeding her. She opened her mouth but couldn’t just take it.

-baby, I’m not hungry. I had snacks this evening. I really appreciate this. I’m so sorry. Don’t worry, will take some to work tomorrow said susan

-baby, this is so not fair. I really worked out my self preparing this for us. Please sweetheart, a little taste, please. Replied Tony.

-I just wish you forget about this my love. I will take to work tomorrow.

-ok, ok, i’ve heard. Go and shower. Lemme do the dishes. Will join you shortly.

-Tony my son, Susan’s mum called. Thanks so much for being a caring husband. Never knew you are a good cook. The food was tasty, i enjoyed it.

-thanks ma. Anything for my wife. I love her so much.

-thanks my son. I need to go and rest.

-ok mama. I will quickly do the dishes. I have presentations for tomorrow.

Susan was in her bedroom crying. Her mother came in.

-hian, susan, why are you crying ? Wait *or, is it because of JOLLOF RICE and CHICKEN ? My friend will stop that Nonsence. Were you* not eating rice and chicken when you were being treated like a slave in *your husband’s house.
Now, your husband is your cook, your everything. Biko, relax. What about people who were asked* to do worse things ? Be *grateful to ISHI-ISHI. *Hmm, but nne, i must confess o, that JOLLOF RICE and CHICKEN eheeee, over sweet dey worry am. The man sabi cook o. Chai. I’m not going* back to my house o.
-MAMA susan called out angrily.

-oh, sorry.(laughter)

-mama,( *crying ) i have everything now. Power, wealth, money, fame, but I’m not happy. I don’t know why. I don’t eat any how now. I don’t know the food that was cooked with* meat or fish water. I am tired of eating snail. Now i have money, i can’t spend it on good food. Mama,(crying) i miss ofe olugbu (bitterleaf soup) i miss tozo, i miss suya. What kind of life is this?

-you are incurring the wrath of ISHI-ISHI with all these your yeye missing.

Suddenly, they heard a strange noise at the gate. They all rushed downstairs including Tony. BRENDA ORDERED MEN TO FLOOD
THE WHOLE PLACE WITH FUEL. Susan was Suprised to see her.

-Hahahahahahahaha brenda laughed. Suprised ? Well well well, i am a cat with nine lives. Today marks your end.

-Brenda, you can’t do this please. Ok, what do you want, please name your price, Tony replied.

-honey, susan called get inside. Mama, get in inside. This battle is between me and this witch.
-what? See who is calling me witch. *Today is your end. If your men open fire, you will suffer it. I had to discharge myself from the hospital bed your witchcraft* kept me. I will make sure you burn to ashes.

-Hahahahahahahaha Susan laughed. You will end up getting burnt afterall. Strike the matches. I dare you.

-talk is cheap. Tony you can die with her, i don’t care anymore. I will get pregnant and give my mother a *male child. Go to hell. -(She ran out of the compound and stayed outside. She lighted the matches. Mistaken it fell on her shoe. BRENDA CAUGHT FIRE but* the *compound did not. Brenda was running. The men who came with her ran after her. People came with buckets of water came out to help* , the fire was much.

Pour omo inside the water shouted one man.

The fire got the better part of BRENDA. Every part of her body was badly burnt.


She and madam Gold rushed to the scene

-chim oooooooo. I’m finished. Brenda i warned you. What is this? Just negodu nwam.

Tears, crying every everywhere. Ambulance came and took her to the hospital.

News got to Susan

-serves her right. Aferall i was in my house. Rubbish.

-hmmm, Ada m power Hahahahahahahaha, see how she caught fire.

-baby, are you hurt? Asked Tony.

-no I’m not. Susan replied.

-serves that girl right. Tony replied. That’s by the way honey. Meanwhile, i saw this EGG under the bed while i was cleaning. Was wondering how it got there.



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