March 7, 2021


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Egg of life Episode 1

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Susan’s husband ehee, nawa. The man can be caring, loving and annoying at the same time. Infact, if he act ehee, you will just forget all the good things he did.

One day, susan’s mum came visiting. She actually came for an event and decided to come and see them . Na so the man just begin act o.

– susan what is she doing her? Did you tell me she was coming? Please tell her to leave before i loose my temper.

-what? I should tell my mum to leave? Never. I didnt know she was coming. She actually came for an event. She is going back with the next avaliable flight. Why are you always like this?

Susan did not finish her statment when a dirty slap landed on her face.

-how dare you?. In my own house. If i get back and see your mother here, you will live to regret it.

Mama just left the house. Susan cried and cried.

Another day, she was working on her laptop. She had presentations to make the next day. She was in the living room and her phone was in the palour. She didnt hear the phone ring. Her husband came home,…

-why werent you taking my calls?

-oh sweetheart, so sorry. My phone is upstairs. You know the presentation i told you about? It’s tomorrow. Was working on it. I’m sorry. (She sits up) how was your day?

-so because of your laptop and some stupid presentation you ignored my calls?…i see.

The man took the laptop and smashed it, hurriedly went upstairs and smashed the phone too.

-Jesus!!!! Tony that was my toll for six months. All my valid documents. You are a devil!!!!!

Come and see beating.

Some weeks later, susan visited her mum. Her mum told her her father was just like that until she did something. Susan’s dad is late.

She will be taking her to see ishi-ishi the dreaded native doctor.

To be continued…………..

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