February 26, 2021


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Crazy Tasha Episode 5

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Episode Five

I clenched my fist as i looked at my disgusting self

All thanks to Tasha

She was about falling when Britt held her
I was happy Dave didn’t help her although he seems like he wanted to

Tasha just ruined this evening for me now

“Ehrmm am really sorry for the mess she created,she is not really a party girl. Am sorry”Britt said apologizing to Dave and I

“Just get your crazy friend out of here and tell her I don’t want to cross part with her again”Dave said coldly scaring Brittany

She pulled Tasha away and Dave started walking to the restroom.
I guess I also need to clean up

I really felt like holding her from falling then but her friend came in

Gosh she just ruined my clothes and I will make sure she pays for it

I picked the tissue paper and started cleaning the stains when a smile crept up my face

Mehn that girl is crazy
See the way she was dancing..

Gosh why am I laughing”my inner mind asked

Because it’s funny”I answered myself

Am not sure it’s that”my inner mind said again

I was about answering myself again when I heard a knock on the door

“Who’s there”I asked and continued cleaning my clothes

“It’s me buddy”I heard the voice and recognized it to be Leo

He is the cause of all this
How which he didn’t force me here, then I won’t have had alcohol stench on my clothes

“A penny for your thought”he said startling me because I never asked him to enter

He was carrying a bag

“Here change into this and please don’t stay here all day thinking”he said dropping the bag before leaving

I opened the bag and saw a similar cloth like the one am wearing

I took of the ruined cloth and was about wearing the new one when I felt someone held me from behind making me freeze

“So you meant Dave sent you away even after you tried to seduce him in the bathroom”Alicia asked and I could feel the taunt in her tone

“Yes he did. I never knew he wouldn’t fall for it if not I wouldn’t have tried it”I said sighing

Dave will see me as a slut now

“Don’t worry Dave is yours. Trust us on that but first we have to deal with Tasha for ruining your evening, our evening”Anna said and I nodded

“We will teach her a lesson tomorrow after school”i said

“Count me out girls”Alicia said walking into the bathroom

“Don’t mind her she’s such a weakling”Anna muttered and I nodded

“I heard that”Alicia screamed from the bathroom

I stretched on the bed and held my head in pains due to the throbbing headache.

I walked to the shelf by my bed and brought out some pills,I took some from it and walked to the water dispenser and got a cup of water and swallowed the pills

I sat down on my bed and felt the pain dying down a bit

I looked at the clock and gasped
It’s almost time for school but how did I get back from the party yesterday.

I can’t really remember everything that happened yesterday but I remembered I took Gin

Story for another day
I gotta take a shower and go to school
Maybe Britt can explain everything to me in school

I entered my bathroom and did my necessary rituals before coming out
I brought out a jean short with a polo

( Tasha jean shorts and polo to school)

I put it on and packed my hair and looked at my crazy self in the mirror

I picked up my purple skateboard and jogged down the stairs

I met cranky mom setting the table and dad waiting for his meal.

“Good morning parents”I greeted

“Good morning my crazy girl”my dad said winking at me
I blushed inwardly
Gosh only girls blush right but my father makes me blush

“Tasha how could you get drunk at the party yesterday”cranky mom said

Gosh is this how to reply my greetings

I didn’t bother answering her instead I opened the door and left.

I met the person my parents hired as a driver for me waiting by my car

He is really dreaming if he thinks I will ride in that car

I opened the gate and fixed my earphones in my phone before putting it in my back pocket

I placed the earplugs in my ear and got on my skate board and started my journey to school.

I got down from my skateboard as soon as I got to the gate

I picked it up and walked in when some students started pointing at me and laughing

I wondered what is going on.
If it’s because of my dressing they won’t be looking at their phones

I walked over to a girl and snatched her phone from her and she was alarmed

I looked at the video playing and saw it was me dancing in the party yesterday like a crazy woman

Wow I love this,I will really need to update this

I love it 🙄🙄

I walked inside the class and students continued laughing untill the teacher walked in

I sat in the class absentmindedly when the maths teacher was teaching

I really need to see Britt so she can explain to me what happened yesterday

I was still wallowing in my thoughts when I heard my name

“Miss Hart can you kindly work on this equation”he said pointing at the equation

My eyes popped out of their socket as soon as I saw the equation


To be continued
This one her eyes are popping out now?

One love fam
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