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Bullied Episode 20

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He put me in his car and locked the door instantly.

Kendrick why are you doing this, and how did you find where I’m staying out? I asked

I’ll tell you later but please keep quiet for now, I don’t like it when I’m been questioned… He said sternly and drove off.

I looked back and saw the stupid man staring at the car as it zoom off. OMG! that was so close… I muttered and heaved a sigh of relief.

Wow! You’ve got a nice house, how come you’re able to build and maintain this big place all by yourself? I asked and he only stared at me.

“Well! If that’s a thank you for saving me coming from you, then I’d gladly say you’re welcome” he said and left for the couch.

I’m really sorry, pardon my manners. Thank you so much for coming just in time, that man is just too mean and devilish. I’m sorry for not thanking you first… I apologized and he sighed

You’re forgiven, go choose your room and settle down before coming back to me… He said and directed his gaze at the TV screen.

Alright sir! I said and left. I choose the one that’s a bit far to his own. I smiled as I examined the work I did in the room.

I’m here, so what’s good? Wait! Have you eaten? I asked as I got to him

I haven’t, go prepare something for us to eat, there are foodstuffs in the kitchen… He replied

“Alright! I’ll be back soon” I said and left the sitting room.

So how is the food? I asked as we started eating.

“It’s tasteless, but I’d be glad if I could have some more” he replied and I scoffed

You’re not serious, I just hope you’re not been sarcastic… I said playfully, just then message popped up on my phone screen.

Well! the meal is delicious and sumptuous. I hope you can make this for me always, but please make sure you cook more portion next time… He said

“I found a job vacancy for you” I read out the message sent by Tessa.

OMG! I screamed in excitement and placed a call across her immediately

What’s wrong? Wait! So you weren’t paying attention to what I was saying… He said but I asked him to remain silent.

Hey! What’s up girl, I got your message just now. Tell me about it please… I said to her as the call connected

It’s a nanny job. All you need is to babysit a seven year old boy… She said

Wow! That’s simple, how much is the pay and where is the house address? I asked eagerly

I’ll forward it to you now, we’ll talk about it tomorrow at school. You really need to go there on time before they employ someone else… She said

Of course I will go there on time, I could go there right now. I’m in dire need of a job, I have nothing to rely on. Thank you so much for this, I’m really grateful. You just made my day a more happy one… I said

So she’s found a job for you and that’s why you ignored me, right? Kendrick said feigning anger.

Awwn! You know how much I need it, I was over excited when I read the message. I’m sorry, okay? I apologized

It’s okay lil sis, I can’t possibly get mad at you… He said and patted my head like a real elder brother.

Wow! This house is indeed big. I’m sure Ashley will be enticed by this and will understand the fact that they’re not the only rich one in the society… I said to Kendrick as we both stood in front of the exquisite building I’m to apply a job in.

That’s because she’s immature and ignorant. Let’s just go in and do what we came here for… He said

Excuse me sir, we’re here to see the owner of this house… I said to the security guard we met at the gate it the house.

And why do you need to see her? He asked

“Oh! It’s a lady that owns the place” i thought. Erm… Actually, I’m the one here to see her, I heard she’s looking for a nanny, I’m here to apply for the job… I replied

Why do you l… Oh! Never mind, just come in. Wait here while I go notify her of your presence… He said as he kept gawking at me.

What’s wrong with him? i whispered to Kendrick but he pushed me in, instead and closed the gate.

“I’ll be waiting in the car” he whispered back and I sneered at him.

“Miss! You can go in now, just walk straight down and enter through the front door” He said.

I pressed the door bell but didn’t get a response. I was about knocking the door when I saw a little boy open the door.

Wow! I guess this is the person I’m here to babysit. But how come he’s so cute! I thought as is stood there admiring him.

“You can leave if you don’t wanna come in” he said and slammed the door. OMG! how can I be this stupid? I said slapping myself as I came back to reality.

I opened the door and met a woman sitting on a couch that’s backing the entrance with the boy sitting beside opposite her staring at me in a suspicious way.

“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted, and it was then she turned to me slowly

Oh! Good afternoon, pardon my manners. I was just busy with some business trans… She was saying while her face was still glued to the laptop before her. But she stopped talking when she sighted me.

My eyes widened as I saw her too and I batted my lashes repeatedly,

Mom! Who is she? the boy asked also staring at me.

She stood up from the couch and walked up to me, while I stepped back as she moved closer to me.

Stephanie? She called


who is the woman?

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