March 3, 2021


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Ahoada River 18+ Episode 25

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Episode 25

The forced I used in pummeling the bike made the rider to loose control and launched itself onto a tree, the two occupants were thrown off from it. the ghosts started waving hand at me without allowing me get close before she disappeared, I shrugged it off and looked for the two occupants especially the one who killed the dead little girl and find him in critical condition breathing heavily.

I left them and started wandering about, I find myself standing on a tarred road along with shops built along the road. I started walking downward suddenly started hearing siren from afar, very loud that I wonder if the patrol team will catch who they are looking for.

“Aboki, government don lap”

“Aboki, onto base” I looked around in the dark after hearing the voices and saw four boys with hood and armed with guns running out of a sandy wide road connecting to the tarred road.

I followed them as they ran upward and then took another road leading to a bushy area, they ran into an incomplete building with zinc and ducked there.
I followed up since they don’t see me and stayed in there midst, one them held a big bag.

They agreed to leave the bag there and run away till the patrol team are done, the siren was getting louder before they used the window and ran into the bush.
I picked up the bag without checking the contents in it and dropped on the tarred were the police van was heading to.

I made sure it is in the middle of the road and then I stood aside, the police van lamplight torchlight the bag and slowed down.
Two policemen armed with gun came down and checked around with their torchlight, one of them approached the bag with his gun targeted at it.

“wetin dey inside the bag?” the one inspecting the area asked.

“I never check am” the one approaching the bag responded.

He picked up the bag and took it to the van, I heard one of them screamed money.
They started talking in hush tones before I could get close to them, they have already entered the car and sped off.

I went to were the gangs decided to meet after the police is gone, I stayed there till I couldn’t hear the siren anymore.
Some hours later they came back looking for the money, this time around they brought torchlight.

“Aboy, where the money dey na? I nodey see am here” one of them asked angrily.

“Striker, no be you drop am there?” they were all putting on mask, I couldn’t make out the colors because it was dark.

“Free me, no be me suggest say make we keep am here” he responded dismissively looking out of the window to check any movements.

They searched for the money and couldn’t find it, they started blaming themselves and it resulted to a fight. I left them there and have not gone far when I heard a gun shot, I didn’t bother coming back.

I was just walking around thinking by dawn the police van will return to announce that anyone whose money or valuables have been stolen should report to the police station to recover it.

When the day broke I find myself in a compound, I looked around and saw a young man with matchet and boxer with bloodstains all over his body holding a sharp matchet.

“Na me Stone dey challenge, I go put put am this matchet, pieces am like meat oohh!” he was just walking back and forth.

I saw a young gal came out of the house yawned and stretched before sweeping the compound, I was shocked she wasn’t threatened by the young man with obvious bloodstains and matchet in his hand.

I realized he is a ghost and I left there walking, I got to another area and saw an immigration building along a tarred road.
The houses in that area was rounded by a tarred road, I walked further the road and started seeing some boys with reds coming out of a building behind a house along the road with matchet and guns.

I walked further and saw some group of boys camped in a bar talking and gyrating.





I came close and saw thick smokes coming of the bar, they were wasted on alcohol and cigarettes.
A girl and a boy walked pass that place and one of the boys drinking came calling two of them.

“Aboy, no be you and that shema I dey call?” the boy looked scared but the girl was indifferent.

The guy who called them tied a red clothe on his head and a lit cigarette was held in one hand, both of them approached him.

“All these cultists for this area, abobi you be island boy?” he asked the scared young man.

“Good afternoon, sir. I am … no..t a cu…ltist” he stammered as beads of sweat formed on his face in process of defending himself.

“Na cult boy? call am come here” a voice ordered inside the bar.

He pushed the boy inside that place and cornered the girl that he was it, he started talking to the girl.
I walked inside the bar and saw the boy knelt down.

“Naso ona dey impregnate girls upadan, if this matchet show red mean say you be cultist and we go kill you” their leader spoke.

“Mommy oohh! sir, am not a cultist” I came out of the bar and saw the girl walking away with the boy.
I followed them and he led the girl into their gathering house.

Both of them entered a room and I tried to find a way to go in without using the locked door.

“You dey mad! if you no naked now now I go waste you and nothing go happen, money kill you there” a voice rumbled from the room.

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