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The Confessor Season 2 Episode 24

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By Kimmy writes

” Why should I stop crying? When no one wants to join me in avenging her death ” I said and sniffed.

” I’ll help you ” she said and I hugged her tightly.

” Thank you Paige ” I said and sniffed.

Job well done lina…

” Uhm I’ll go to my room now ” I said.

” No no you shouldn’t go,, we should start making plans ” she said and I hummed.

She’s right,, the earlier we start the earlier we finish.

” You’re right Paige,, but we have a problem ” I said and she chuckled.

” I know your problem,, my brother lord Faye,,, right? ” She smiled and I raised up my eyebrows.

How did she know?.
I guess she’s really smart..

” Yes ” I said in reply.

” That shouldn’t be a problem aunt Lina… What if we put him to a deep sleep for the time being ” she said.


This girl have a sharp brain..
Right now I’m speechless.

” Well let the plan begin ” I said and she let out a devilish laugh..

” Ofcourse ” she said.


Aspen’s POV.

I walked inside the throne room to check on Faye but he was no where to be found.

” Where’s lord Faye? ” I asked a guard.

” In his room ” he said and bowed his head..

I sighed as I entered his room.
It was as quiet as usual,, the sun reflecting into his room.

Immediately, I walked fully Into his room I met him lying on the bed.

” Is he sleeping by this time of the day,, it’s unlike him ” I said in my head as I sat beside him on the bed.

” Lord Faye ” I called but no answer.

” Faye ” I called and shook him but still no answer.

I placed my head on his chest lo and behold he wasn’t breathing.

Oh no!!.

” Faye please wake up,, Faye please ” I cried out shaking him.

Suddenly a guard rushed him.

” Go bring the healer ” I yelled.


” He’s been put into a deep sleep ” the healer said.

” Sleep? ” I asked confused.

” Yes with magic and it’s beyond my power and the person who put him to sleep will be the only one who can wake him up ” she said and exited the room.

Oh my God!!!

” Who was the last person that entered this room ? ” I asked the guards who was standing beside me.

” It was mistress Paige ” he said.


Did Paige??

No no it’s Impossible I trust Paige would never do this..

” Are you sure it was Paige? ” I asked looking straight into the guard’s eye.

” Yes mistress ” he said.

He’s telling the truth.

I need to talk to Paige..

” You shouldn’t let anyone enter this room ” I said to the guard and with that I walked out of the room to Paige’s.


” Paige are you in there? ” I said knocking on her door and she opened the door.

” Did you… ”

” Go to Lord’s Faye room ? ” She cut me off my finishing the statement.

” How did you… ” She cut me off again.

” I know… Well I did put him to sleep ” she said and I opened my eyes wide.

” But why? ” I asked.

” You will know why when you hear the news of alaina’s death ” she said and locked the door to my face.

Oh my God!!



” Mummy don’t you think we should inform Alaina about what’s going on in the palace ” Aria said.

” No no I can’t let her come here,, it’s gonna be too dangerous for her ” I said and sniffed.

” What do you think we should do ? ” She asked.

” I don’t know,,, I’m confused especially about Paige,, her attitude and everything has changed. She Even put lord Faye to sleep with magic.. and she said something that I’ll find out when I hear about the news of Alaina’s death.. oh my God!! Is she planning to kill alaina!! ”

Lina’s POV.

” You know I’m beginning to think you’re smarter than me ” I said to Paige as she locked the door to Aspen’s face.

” Of course you should know that by now ” she said and I chuckled.

” What’s the next plan? ” I asked.

” We should get Alaina to come home ” she said.

” Why don’t we go get her in Wyatt’s place ” I said and she screamed.

” What?? Do you have a death wish?? You wanna go to Wyatt’s palace ? ” she screamed.

Hmmm, from her reaction I know Wyatt must be really powerful.

” Then how do we make her come home? ” I asked.

” I’ll do it my way ” she said in reply.

Alaina’s POV.

” Are you alright Alaina.. you’ve been feeling restless ” Wyatt asked as he entered the room..

” I don’t Wyatt.. I just feel something is not right at home..
I need to go home please ” i said and he nodded.

” Ok I’ll ask general Chad and his armies to see you safely to the palace ” he said and I smiled.

” Thank you ” I said and smiled at him.

” The pleasure is all mine ” he Said in reply and kissed me.



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