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The blue sea Episode 5

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💎The Blue Sea💎


Episode 5
“I am on red Ken.. I need sanitary towels” She said and I kept staring at her

“I am not joking”She added..

“I know you are not joking, I saw it in the morning but the thing is I dont know what to do about it😣”I replied and she continued staring at me

“Are you badly stained??”I asked

“Kind of and trust me it is so disgusting” She said

“Just go to the river and freshen up.. You can also rinse out the cloth..
Take your singlet and trousers along”

“They are also going to get stained in time” She replied
I pulled off my singlet and tore it into two

“You can use this in place of Sanitary towels” I said and threw it to her

“What!” She shouted

“What on Earth did you want me to do.. They are no other options only if you love going around with stained dress”..

“It is so Unhygienic” She said

“There is nothing Hygienic here.. The food we eat and the water we take in
We are living only by the Grace of God so just do what I ask you to do till we find other options”..I said strictly and she nodded

“How many days do you have to bleed?”..

“Just 3” She replied

“You can go to change,I will keep breaking the nuts”..
She walked out looking so nervous and zi sighed

She is a responsibility or let me say my responsibility as long as we are here

She came in few minutes after.. Her hair was wet and it fell on her shoulder dropping water on her spag
She say sat down and we ate breakfast

At the Slyvester Mansion

The maids were all busy and was walking in group
Some were cooking,Some were cleaning in different part of the mansion
The Sylvester family were in the room including Sasha

“Saaha you can’t just stay in the house like this, We need to plan your wedding with Logan” Mr Slyvester said.
“Yes Sasha.. He is totally right”His wife added and Logan stared at Sasha.. He has been waiting for their wedding as Sasha have been denying him everything

“Not now.. Out wedding can’t happen now..My brother death, his sister death and Grandma in Coma.. We can’t get Married now” Sasha protested

“But Sasha..” Logan tried to explain

“Enough Logan” She said

“I am sorry mother.. This wedding can’t happen” She said to Mrs Slyvester and walked upstairs
Logan stared at his mother

“Dont worry dear.. I will speak to her
She can’t decline this offer,She can’t reject a mother” His mother said and he nodded

“Why do I feel Belinda is Alive.. I have this strange feeling that; Belinda is not dead” Mr Slyvester said

“Likewise me” His wife replied

“I only feel Belinda is far away” Logan added

“If she is Alive,She must be around the space between USA and Dubai..Around the part where the Plane Crashed” Mr Slyvester said

“She should have called” Logan replied

“She may not be in the midst of people.. She may be in a terrible situation but I have this feeling that she is fine and in Safe Hands” Mr Slyvester replied

“If she is alive, I would make sure I find her”His wife replied

“I know what to do” Her husband said and nodded

Back in the Forest🍦🍦
Days rolled by and it turned into weeks
Ken and Belinda grew closer,They were always together and enjoy each other company
They also grew hidden feelings for each other❤
They were both at the riverside enjoying the cool of the day
Belinda was singing and Ken was drumming

“You have such a wonderful voice”Ken said

“Awn. You can say that again”..

“No one can sing as beautiful as you can”..

“Are you serious or are you flattering me?”..She smirked

“Heaven knows I love your voice”

“Ohh.. Thanks”.

“Sing me a song again” Ken demanded
Belinda stood up to her feet, She danced and sing around
Kenneth smiled happily

“You are a good dancer” He shouted

“You dance really well” He added

“You should join me let’s rock together”She replied

“If I stop drumming then what beat are we going to dance to”..

“Just dance with me..the bear will come itself” She replied

Kenneth walked towards her, They interlocked fingers and both closed their eyes
Rain poured heavily and they danced to the rhythm of the Rain
They explored all dance skills and enjoy every moment
The fast and free dance turned slow and Romantic
Their body came closer and their lips brushed at times
They stared deeply into each other eyes and they were little or no space between their faces
The dance became so slow
Kenneth removed hair strands from Belinda face

“I guess you are gonna catch cold” He said

“Not when I am with you”She replied


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