February 27, 2021


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The blue sea Episode 25 (Final episode)

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💙The Blue Sea💙


Episode 25😋😋
General pov
Grandma informed the Slyvesters about Belinda baby
Both family threw a party to celebrate the baby arrival
All the guests already left, Only family members and relatives are left
Mrs Slyvester was with the baby, Belinda was clad in a light blue gown receiving congratulations from everyone
Right in front of the family members, Ken knelt down before her💍💍

“I am saying this to the mother of my baby💖.. Will you spend the rest of your life with me??”.. He brought out a ring.. It was stunning

“I will forever be yours Ken💖” Belinda replied and there was a great noise
Ken inserted the ring into her finger then stood up to hug her..
Sasha and Logan were also present at the Party
Mrs Slyvester looked at her grand daughter with so much happiness
The baby was named Scarlett Hewetts
After the Party, They went to the Court for the marriage
The day glowed with so much happiness..
The couples were together and were now happy parents💖
All the guests already left even my mom and his Grandma
Scarlett was sleeping peacefully in her cot and I walked up the bed to meet my Husband

“I would never have believed it if someone had told me that Sarah was a bad person and wont be here to share my joy”..

“Dont let us talk about her Ken.. We should be happy that we are finally together”…

“We succeed simply because we are meant to be💖💖..
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Scarlett grew up to be loved by anyone
She has three younger siblings.. Two boys and a little girl
Sasha and Logan also gave birth to a son named Prince😋.. Prince and Scarlett were best of friends
Ken and Belinda were happy with the life they shared together
They stood by each other through thick and thin.. Not a little thing was able to separate them.. Ken was able to trust his wife completely which made life very easy for them




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