February 26, 2021


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The blue sea Episode 24

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💙The Blue Sea

Episode 24
General pov
Ken picked up the knife soaked in blood
“Ken stop” Granny shouted

“Any reason to live Granny”..

“You should the happiest man on Earth Ken
Belinda was pregnant with your baby before she left and now She have given birth.. Belinda never left us”.

Ken dropped down the knife and stared at Grandma.
“What do you mean??”..

“Belinda never left us Ken.. She was in the Hewetts Mansion all through..
She only gave you space to find out who Sarah really is
Belinda was heavily pregnant.. She just concieved your daughter💖”..

“Grandma why did you keep this from me” Ken asked

“If I had told you then her life would have been in danger”..
Ken touched his pocket to confirm if the car key is there
He rushed downstairs and drove to the mansion

I bath for my baby and also took my bath
I dressed her up and we both went downstairs
I carried her on my laps.. Gosh! she is so pretty…
I can hear the sound of the car driving in.. Granny is here again

“Scarlett baby.. Your Granny is here”I said with a smile

The door creaked open
“Belinda”I heard his voice.. My heart paused for some seconds
The voice i heard almost every time in my dream

“Ken” I looked up… I gave my baby to Anna and hugged him

“Belinda why did you leave me.. I can’t believe you can stay without me😣”.. Ken sobbed on my shoulder

“I had to leave Ken.. I miss you soooo”
Ken hugged her so tight

“I miss you more Belinda.. It was not so easy staying without you”Ken replied
Their hug lasted for minutes

“Ween Wen Wen”Baby cries filled the air
Belinda disengaged from the hug

“Your daughter needs me” Belinda said
She collected the baby from Anna but the person kept crying

“It seems she is hungry”Anna said
Belinda brought out her breast and feed the baby
Ken sat down beside her watching the baby suck

“She is your daughter Ken”Belinda said

“Grandma told me about her.. She is sooo cute💎”Ken replied
General pov
Granny decides to stay at the Mansion and follow up with the police
Sarah was locked up in a cell to be taken to court the following day
There is no way she can possibly escape from the mess
There was a video of her stabbing Sarah.. She is just in for it

In the Night💎💎

The baby was sleeping peacefully in the cot
Ken was on his shorts going through some videos on his phone.. Belinda walked out of the bathroom in her nighties

“You missed work today.. Hope there are no loses for that” Belinda said walking up the bed

“Nothing is more important than my wife and my baby” He also went to the bathroom to freshen up..
He came out few minutes after and went up the Bed to Belinda
They faced each other

“I miss you so much Belinda.. I was nothing without you” Ken said

“I missed you more Ken… My heart ached for you every minutes” She replied and their lips met
She wrapped her Arm around Ken neck to deepened the 😘
Their tongue fought and Saliva was being exchanged
Ken went down to her neck and his hand found her breasts.. Her nipples part was soaking wet as she was breastfeeding a baby

“You breasts are now bigger”Ken said

“Its the baby”Belinda whispered in between moans..
Ken mouth found her lips and baby cries filled the room..
They disengaged from the close contact..
Belinda carried the baby on her laps and breast feed her
After breastfeeding,The baby kept crying.. Belinda danced around the room and Ken was watching..

“Come and carry her… She may just shut up”Belinda said looking tired
Ken collected the baby and the noise increased
Belinda changer the diaper and bath for the baby
She lay on the bed and pat her back softly
Slowly,Slowly.. The baby closed her eyes to sleep
Ken carried her into the cute baby bed surrounded with net
Belinda was looking so exhausted.. Ken pecked her

“You are a woman” He said

“Our baby is so troublesome”..

“Thanks a lot Belinda for keeping our baby
You bore me a child.. I know it has not been easy” Ken said😘

“I love you so much Ken”Belinda replied resting her head on his chest

“I love you too Belinda💖” Ken sooth her hair..


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