March 5, 2021


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The blue sea Episode 2

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💎The Blue Sea💎


Episode 2

She was walking towards me and I could feel it

“How dare you son of a bitch..
How dare you leave me in that devastating cold and hunger” I heard her voice and I sighed
Why did God choose to give me a lady like her??

“I am talking to you fool”..

“Enough of this insult lady.. you must be cold tired and hungry, Just have a sit”..

She shrugged and took her sit

“You must be hungry, here are some wild fruits” I said
She picked some and munched on it

“Water” She said

“The River.. you can get water for both of us”..

“The thing is there is no plastic or gallon to fetch the water” She complained

“Lets go to the river” I said

“I am scared, it is dark.. Some animals may need water and are at the river
I am just so scared”..

“Thank God you are accepting it for the first time” …I smirked

“Are you mocking me??

“No Miss… All I am trying to say is that.. you dont need to be scared, I am with you”.

We went to the river to take in water
She almost slip off but i held her hand

“I will return the favour” She said

We both walked back to the fire
“I am so weak” She said but i ignored her
I lay down gently and closed my eyes..
She was on the other side of the fire
Sleep was taking the best part of me when I heard her voice

“I cant sleep.. I am scared” She lay beside me

“Dont come close to me.. stay far away” I said in between sleep

“I am scared”..

“Apologize for the insult”..

“Sorry” I heard her soft voice

“Add please”..

“Please I am sorry” She said slowly

I nodded going back to sleep
I could feel her laying beside me..

The Next Morning
Sun rays fell on me and I opened my eyes.. The politician daughter wrapped her hand around me..
I removed her hand slowly and stoop up to my feet..I still feel pains
The sun is kind of hot.. Why is she not awake

I tapped her shoulder
“Get up.. it is morning”..

She gave a long stare before saying
“You should at least say a good morning”

“There is nothing good about this morning..We are in pains, In the midst of the forest and..

“You still should say a good morning”..

“It is not bad if you say it first” I stared at her and she rolled her eyes

“The sun is hot.. I am going under the shade” I said
She was about stand up when she shouted

“My waist. It hurts”..
Tears was clouded in her eyes.. I remembered how deep the wound was
I carried her in a bridal style to stay under the shade

“I am tired of all this.. No shelther and no basic needs”She said

“I would make shelther only if we can work together” I replied

“Did you mind telling me about your family?” I added

“It is a family of 4.. Mom,Dad,my brother and I
My mom is a hot tempered type..She does not take things easy..My dad is always on his laptop working things out.
My brother is a big time playboy with different models.. He use them for a night
My brother pampers me a lot and I love them all”She explained

“What a Nice family” I said with a smile

“Can you tell me about yours”.. She enquired

At the Slyvester Mansion❣

“Our Princess left this Mansion fay before yesterday saying she is going to Dubai and a Norms she would have called”..

“Dont worry sweetheart.. You will recieve her call soon” Mr Slyvester replied focused on the laptop

“Would you shut down that stuff before I smash it on the floor
I am talking about my only daughter here” Mrs Slyvester screamed

“Keep cool” Her husband replied
She picked up the laptop and smash it on the floor

“I am talking about Belinda and you are asking me to keep cool”..
Logan Slyvester walked in

“Mom..Dad there was a plane crash, I cant believe I lost Belinda” Tears dropped from his eyes

“I lost my sister” Logan added breaking down

“What!” His mother shouted

“Not my daughter” His father added

Back in the Forest
“My Grandmother gave birth to a son.. That son was my father
My father gave birth to me and my sister..He and Mom died when I was seven and my sister was four
Ever since then,we have been living with my grandmother
My Grandma is a nice and caring lady.. Always concerned about us” Kenneth explained

“I dont have grandparents.. Wish to meet your grandmother one day”She replied

Hewetts Home😘
“Daughter I am so worried about your brother.. He left for Dubai and hasnt called” Grandma said looking worried

“Dont worry Granny.. Big bro is fine
He will call soon.. you know how much he loves you”I replied then my phone rang

It was a call from Logan
Grandma must not know about the relationship I am keeping with a Slyvester

“Excuse me Granny”She said and I nodded

📞Hii Sasha

📞Logan How are you doing

📞I am not fine baby.. My sister encountered a plane crash on her way to Dubai

📞What! My brother was going to Dubai for a business trip and we havent heard of him

📞That means he was in the plane with my lil sis

📞Oh God… I shouted hanging up the call

“Grandma there was a plane crash” I rushed in

“Not my Ken” Granny said slumping down to the floor

I rushed to her

“Granny Granny” I shouted but she was unconscious 😣

“Ken is Fine.. I have this feeling that he is fine” I cried but Granny remained lifeless.


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