March 5, 2021


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The blue sea Episode 19

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💎The Blue Sea💎


Episode 19
General Of pov

Sarah also turned back.
“She is pointing to the chair” Sarah said with laughter.

Everyone faced the maid…..
” who told you to add drugs in her juice”…

Sarah sent her glares and gave her the signs that she will die

“She would kill me” The maid said and the cops walked in.

“Take her away… Torture her till she speaks out the truth”Ken said and the maid kept crying.

“She pointed towards sarah” Belinda said and Ken stared after…

“If she meant Sarah, She would have mentioned her name instead” Debby replied and Ken nodded..
Belinda shrugged and went upstairs,She went to take her bath and the other maids arranged the room Ken also freshen up and they lay on the bed

“Did you kind of feel that you were raped? ” Ken asked after along silence

“No Ken but someone undressed me, there must be a motive behind that” Belinda replied

“No matter how tough it is, we would surely overcome…

The Engagement Party….💍💍💍

The engagement party took place at the Hewetts home
It was not a noisy party, it consists of family member’s and Relatives from Hewetts and Slyvester.

Belinda wore a Red flashy gown and Ken is on a flower decorated suit..
“We would invite the couples for the exchange of rings” Sarah announced with beaming smile🤗🤗.

Ken walked up with Belinda,He was about to insert the ring when a video played in front of everyone…. Belinda naked body.

It attracted everyone attention.. Belinda ran upstairs on seeing the video. WhatsApp Deen Arfat 08148119643 to read more exciting stories from Novela and story room,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room, storyline.
Tears poured freely…. Ken noticed a projector and smashed it on the floor.. Sarah discharged the guest…..

The Engagement is over ” she announced
Ken went down with his hand buried in his hair…..

Belinda came downstairs with her luggage bag…

” Ken I am leaving, I have endured enough in the Hewetts home and I can bear no more..
Anytime we are about to get engaged..
Something comes up, there will surely be a hindrance. I know so well there is someone who doesn’t want us to be together and that is Sarah, She confronted me but you will never believe me..
Go and stay with her.. I have endured enough”Belinda said in tears

“You should leave Belinda.. The shame is just too much, It will be all over the Media soon
If you are meant for me then we will surely be together”Ken replied trying to hold his tears

“Sarah is the devil here
The Earlier you know is the better for you”Belinda said

“I stopped trusting Sarah the day she said your nudes are all over”Ken replied

“Ken I need to go, I would have to leave.. Fly out of the country or anywhere
I am a public identity and I can’t bear the shame”Belinda said

“Just one last hug” Ken stood up to his feet
Belinda hugged him really tight and they sobbed for minutes

“Good bye Ken”
Belinda made her way out.. She was opening her car when she saw Granny
She hugged her and sobbed

“I wish I could forever make you happy Granny but I have to leave” Belinda cried

“You are not leaving… You are not going anywhere”Grandma replied

“But the Shame”..

“I understand daughter.. Here is the Hewetts key to the Mansion and the address.. Go and seek your refuge there
No one will know about it” Granny said
Belinda collected the key and hugged her

“I love you Granny”..

“I love you too daughter”..

“Granny please no one should know about my whereabouts not even Ken..
I desire some peace”..


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