March 3, 2021


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The blue sea Episode 18

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💙The Blue Sea💙


Episode 18😋
General pov
Ken and Debby drove into the compound

“I am so happy the Investor came to sign the project today” Debby said smiling happily

“I am more excited” Ken replied

“Right from the beginning, I have always wished for your success.. I pray this project brings more promotions”Debby said with innocence written all over her

“I can’t wait to tell Belinda all about this”..

“She would be so happy” Debby replied as they both walked in

Today seem so unusual.. On a normal day, I would meet Belinda waiting for me or maybe she have gone to meet her boyfriend
“Ken stop it, You should trust your Fiancee” I said to myself

“Kenny lets go to see Sarah,Break out the news then we will go together to your wife”Debby said

“Grandma first” I replied and we went upstairs to Grandma room
Grandma ignored Debby greetings

“Grandma I brought good news.. I just found an Investor for the project Dad was working in before his death”.. I blurted out and Grandma smiled

“The land project has been your father dream.. Its been almost 25 years
Thanks a lot son” Granny said and kissed my cheeks

“All thanks to Debby Granny, The Investor was Debby childhood friend.. She persuaded him to accept the deal”.. I explained and Granny stared at Debby

“I am so sorry Grandma” She apologized

“And where is Belinda??” Grandma asked

“She must be in her room maybe sleeping”I replied and Grandma sighed

“I will be back Granny” I said and we walked out of the room
I opened up Sarah room without knocking
She hid her phone and stared at us in shock

“What were you watching??.. Were you watching a dirty video??” Debby asked with a smirk

“Sarah dont watch porn” I cut in fiercely

“Why would you enter my room without knocking” Sarah said.. She looked like someone who has been caught stealing

“That is not the case here Sarah.. What are you hiding??
Give me your phone.. I need to see”I said in anger and she shouted

“It is my phone.. It is my privacy, I am not your wife or your girlfriend so you dont have any right to search it
Stay within boundaries Ken and face your wife who have been keeping boyfriends”.

“Not a word against Belinda,You should respect her”I replied loosing my temper

“Ken lets leave..” Debby said softly holding my Arms

“You want me to respect that cheap girl.. Her nudes are all over the Media” Sarah screamed
“What has come over you Sarah??”.. I shouted back and Debby drew me out
I felt she is up to something..Belinda nudes are all over the Media
What does she mean??
What has come over her??

“See Ken.. You need to relax,We had a stressful day so go to your fiancee” Debby hugged me lightly before going to her room
I walked to my room unable to understand Sarah awkward behaviour
I entered the room and everywhere was scattered.. She was sleeping on the bed in an absurd manner..
The Bed was really really rough

“Belinda” I called.. On a Norms she would have opened her eyes but she is still in deep sleep
I tapped her and sprinkle water.. She opened her eyes slowly

“Belinda what’s wrong??”I asked

“Ken you are back” She replied slowly checking the time

“7pm already??” Her eyes widened

“Why is everywhere rough even your clothes are ruffled” I said looking so ruffled” I said looking so confused.
She closed her eyes trying to remember things

“Around 3pm I went downstairs and the Maid served me Juice
After the Juice, I dont know what had happened and how I found myself here
I only drank the juice.. That is all i remember”..

“Did you think the maid drugged you??”I asked

“Ken I wore bra’s in the morning.. I can’t feel it around me”Belinda said looking worried.. I touched her back and I really can’t feel her bra

“Who served the juice??”I asked in anger

“Mary served the juice”
I took a glance at her .. Her hair was so scattered.. I hope she was not raped

“Mary”I screamed rushing downstairs
Belinda followed me.. Debby and Sarah rushed downstairs on hearing noise

“Here I am sir”She knelt down before me

“What did you add in my wife juice” I screamed losing hold of my temper

“Nothing at all”She replied
I landed slaps on her face

“What did you add in her juice” I shouted

“Uhm Uhm Uhm”.. She stammered

“You will rot in jail if you fail to say the truth”Belinda replied
General pov

“Someone asked to add something”The maid confessed

“Who??” Ken asked

“She will kill me”The maid replied

“No one will kill you, We would protect you but if you dont say the truth.. You will spend the rest of your life behind bars”Ken said

The maid pointed towards Sarah direction and everyone turned back


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