February 27, 2021


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The blue sea Episode 10

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💎The Blue Sea💎


Episode 10
General pov
Ken walked to his car an Belinda ran after him

“Sweetheart” She kept calling
She entered the car before Ken drove off

“Belinda keep cool.. You are stressing yourself, I just want to get to the Hospital” Ken said

“You are too Harsh on her” Belinda complained

“Would you please forget it..” Ken said strictly

“But Ken..

“I love you Belinda” He cut her off

“Ken your..

“Say you love me too” He demanded

“You know I love and will always love you Ken”She replied

“So if you don’t want everything of our relationship to change then don’t talk about Sasha”..

“Okay”Belinda said with a little smile.
Ken drove to the Hospital
At the Slyvester Mansion

Mr and Mrs Slyvester went upstairs frustrated.. their daughter didn’t get to spend time with them..
Logan was left with Sasha

“I never want to agree to this Marriage” Sasha screamed

“Please keep cool” Logan replied

“I don’t want to talk to you Logan and I am calling off this wedding if my brother has chosen not to forgive me” She said and walked upstairs
Logan picked his car keys and went to the Hospital
Silver Care Hospital 🍬
Ken rushed into his grandmother ward

“Grandma please talk to me.. Open your eyes Grandma
Your Ken is here”Ken cried and kept crying

“Ken my son”Her voice was heard

“Doctorrr” Belinda shouted and the Doctor rushed inside

“She is out of Coma” Belinda said
Ken hugged her and the Doctor separated them trting to examine her Logan walked inside

“Ken please I need to see you” Logan said.. You could see tears folded in his eyes
Belinda gave Ken a “please go” look..
Logan and Ken walked out of the ward

“Ken please you have to forgive Sasha…
Sasha was totally broken down after Grandma’ s in coma.. I couldn’t watch her suffer alone that’s why I ask her to move to the Mansion
She rejected the Marriage when I proposed to her, She later agreed on much pressure from my mother and now she is threatening to call it off if you don’t forgive her
I really love your sister Ken..💘.. The same way you love my sister.. I am sure you cant see Bel in pain, I am sure you know how it feel in love💘..
Ken please if you dont forgive Sasha you will break our love.. please Ken.. give her this one last chance”..Logan break down in tears

“It is Enough Logan.. I forgive Sasha” Ken said and Logan hugged him
All these while,Belinda was with Grandma

“Where is my Ken” Grandmother asked

“He will be here soon”..

“Who are You?? ” Granny asked

“I am his wife to be Granny”..

“So finally he brought a lady home for me..Kenny has been stubborn about this,He will never listen to me
I am so happy he brought you to me.. You won’t believe I am already planning to get him married to Sarah..his childhood friend”Grandma made a long speech and the lady named Sarah walked in
She hugged granny

“Sarah dear.. How are you doing”..Granny said

“I am happy Grandma”Grandma pecked her cheeks
Ken and Logan walked in almost immediatelt
Sarah hugged Ken and pecked him
Belinda face turned red in anger

“Grandma is fine”Sarah said and Ken smiled
Logan received a call from the Mansion

“Sasha is about to kill herself”..Logan announced

“What!!” They echoed

“We have to go”Belinda said

“Hope my Angel will be fine” Granny said looking worried

“Sarah stay with Grandma.. We have to go”Ken said and they all left

I sooth grandma hair lovingly with a wicked smile on my face
All My years I have loved Ken
All my years, I dreamt to be the Hewetts daughter in law
I was so happy when I heard grandma planning our wedding.. I thought I will finally be his wife,The woman he will spend eternity with
A flight to Dubai changed everything
No Belinda Slyvester.. You cant take my man away
I will bring you down no matter what it takes


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