February 26, 2021


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Oh my wife Episode 1

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This story talks about love, trust and understanding.
“Pascal, has it gotten to this? Tell me… So now you have graduated from staying out late to having affair with prostitutes? You see you can’t deny it…. agh! What mess have I landed myself into?,” Maphiwe continued to nag after her husband who seemed to have had a stressful day.
” Abaume taba cinja! (Men can never change) It’s very clear today. The previous times you stayed out late, you put up some flimsy excuses attributing it to your work demands. Tell me now if the nature of your job has got something to do with that thing that looks like loose powder on your shoulder. Now, you go about hugging too…you won’t eat tonight, not tomorrow nor the day after…”

Hei! Woman, it’s late and you know my kids would be sleeping. All you got to do now is to serve me my supper and continue reading your books as reading has always been your priority, but not to make mockery of it. You always told me you needed that merit. Are you going to serve me or not woman? I don’t ever want to raise my voice at you, so do what is expected of you or I go to the kitchen myself and dish my food.

“Dish what? He who doesn’t stay home doesn’t deserve to eat from home. Go back to the lady and tell her to feed you. Pascal go back and tell her” Maphiwe continued.
“Which lady are you talking about my love?”

(The kids rush to the hall.)

“Daaadddyy, daddy welcome,” Lukundo and Abigail rushed to hug their father.

“Both of you should come here. Leave your father alone. If he really cares about you, he wouldn’t have stayed out this late,” Maphiwe said pulling her kids away from their dad.

“I think it’s getting worse. I can’t take it anymore. Hei babes, see you guys later okay. Until then, be good and learn hard,” Pascal told his children and rushed out of the room. He sped off in his car to a nearby guest house and spent the night. The night seemed to be just too long. He kept thinking of all that had transpired in the presence of his kids and the likely impact on their cognitive and social development.
Back at home, Lukundo and Abigail were also crying.They seemed to know something wasn’t right, but their little minds couldn’t identify exactly what.

Maphiwe drew closer to them and said, “Mwebana bandi, ba wiso tabatutwmwa pantu ngabali tutemwa ngabali naifwe pano” (my two beautiful children, daddy doesn’t care about us. If he does, he would have stayed a bit longer.)

“But mummy, what did dad do? We heard you shouting at him,” Lukundo asked.
“My prince, your father has been doing bad things with other women. Are you children ready to have step siblings? I’m doing all these to protect you.
“But mummy, how do you know?, Abigail asked. “As for you, I know you will ask unnecessary questions. Don’t you see the time he comes home these days? How often does he stay with you? Be smart else another woman would take over what rightfully belongs to you. Remember, you are Westerners and no one can take that from you…,” Maphiwe emphasized and took them by their hands to their bedroom.


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