February 27, 2021


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My Virgin Husband Episode 136

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My Virgin Husband.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 136


The lady Ethan sent to me also helped search for Evans, we searched for Evans and my baby in the house but couldn’t find them.

“He’s just a two day old baby, how can he so cruel?” I lamented.

“Should I call Mr. Ethan?” She asked but I was too sad to reply.

She phoned Ethan and informed him about what just happened.

She, then sat beside me.

“We will find your baby, surely…please don’t think too much.” The lady said but I was indifferent at her words.

I was so sad.

Ethan walked in many minutes later and walked swiftly to me, there were sweats on his forehead.

“Evans ran away with my baby!” He repeated before us.

“Yes, boss.” The girl replied and Ethan turned away sadly.

He was quiet for a while them came to squat before me.

“Rose, I just need you not to think too much, I will find our baby” He said.

“But how, how many days will it take us to find him? my baby is just two days old? won’t he have died before we found Evans…” I lameneted bitterly.

“Nothing will happen to our baby, there are always better way to track his whereabout.” Ethan said and stood.

“Please be a chaperone for my wife, I will be back as soon as I can.” Ethan said.

“Sure boss.”The lady replied and Ethan walked away.

Few hours later, Someone walked inside and it was Evans.

I ran to him and shouted; ” Where is my baby? where is my husband?”

“I’m not cruel Rose, your baby is in a safe hand and for Ethan, he probably got a wrong lead and went somewhere far to search for me.” He said.

The lady Ethan left with me picked up her phone to call Ethan but Evans said; “Don’t try that.”

“Why? you would kill me?”The lady asked.

” Don’t call him.” He reiterated to the lady.

“Where is my baby?” I screamed.

“I kept the baby in safe hands.” He answered.

“Why are you acting so cruel, my baby is suppose to be with me, s—king my br—ast. What do you expect him to drink wherever you kept him?” I asked

“He’s under perfect care.” Evans replied.

“What exactly do you want?” I shouted in frustration.

“Your love.” He answered.



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