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Mr Popular PA Episode 40

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Mr popular PA
(She is fearless – He is rude)
©Authress Ifeoluwa

Episode forty


I don’t know what to tell Melissa now because I’m not too sure about my feeling I don’t know if it is real or just because of what is happening between us now…

I have to take my time to understand my feelings before I put her hopes on before telling her anything I have to be more sure…

And also I’m scared what if she doesn’t like me back I know she might think I’m trying to take advantage of her and other things like that…

I have to make her understand her feelings too so I’m not sure telling her about my feelings right now would not be a good idea…

She might not believe me and also she might not agree because of what people would say if they find out we are having an affair most especially Stella….

I have to make her understand her feelings so that she won’t be scared of what people would say I have to help her stand to her decision and also make her realize there is nothing bad in it….

She has to stand by me and fight for our relationship and that can only happen if she have feelings for me too without caring about what people would say…

“Nathaniel I’m talking to you what feelings did you have for me”she said again

“I really don’t know but I think I really really really care about you than before there is this strange feelings in my body towards you…”I said

“Don’t tell me you don’t know I know how much you care about me I just want you to tell me what you feel…

Just accept everything your heart tells you right now and tell me what you feel I want to know the feelings you have for me”she said shaking

“When I’m sure I would tell you okay right now I have to get you out of this water you are catching cold already”I said

“Don’t change the topic Nathaniel”she said rubbing her palm

“Mel listen to me okay”I said trying to lift her up but she didn’t allow me she pushed my hand away

“Please Nathaniel”she said

I carried her up and we both exited the pool I took her to the room dropping her on the bed gently….

I laid her down putting her head on the pillow I was about to remove my hand in her neck and she winced…

“Sorry”I said

My wrist band hanged in her chain making it difficult for me to remove my hand if I do by force I might end up cutting her hair….

I knee beside the bed and use my other hand to lift her head I leaned my head to her neck….

Her heart begin to race faster so do mine I used my hand to pack her hair putting it in one side of her shoulder and she grabbed the bed sheet….

I gulped down nothing particularly and I moved my hand to her neck and begin to remove my wrist band from her hair…

I removed the band from her hair and brought my hand to her back and she shivered moaning a little…

Her soft moan alone drives me crazy…

“You should change your clothes before the cold enter more deeper”I said standing up

“Nathaniel”she called

“Any problem”I asked

“Please Nathaniel just tell me the truth about how you feel you are the one hiding your feelings not me tell me everything now”she said

“If you don’t tell me how you feel about me right now then I might never be able to tell you how I feel too”she added

“What are you talking about”I said

“No just tell me yours and let me know what position I stand in your life I want to know if what I have for you worth fighting for…..”she said

“What are you saying Melissa”I asked

“Nathaniel just tell me what you feel about me right now why did you start showing all this concern to me….

Why did you start to kiss me when you know it is wrong what are you trying to prove Nathaniel…

Why did you begin to get so close to me Nathaniel did you know what people would say that I’m just trying to do this for your money”she said

“But I don’t care about the money you can take it all you want I just want us to maintain this relationship”I said

“What relationship Nathaniel because I don’t get why you are doing all of this when I know perfectly well you don’t get close to your employees only if you want to lay on bed with them”she said

“What are you insinuating now Melissa that I’m doing all of this for your body you really think I want to sleep with you and that is why I’m showing so much concern unbelievable Melissa”I said running my hands in my hair

“Then why are you doing this to me why all this sudden care and the kiss why are you doing all of this”she yelled

“Melissa did you really want to know how I feel about you”I said

“Yes Nathaniel tell me why you are doing all of this”she replied

“Because I love you Melissa”I yelled and she stared at me blinking continuously….

🌼 Melissa 🌼

I just have to find a way to make Nathaniel tell everything in his mind heart and even soul..

I know he wants to tell me something but it seems like he is scared or doubting himself or something…

If I have to say hurtful things to make him speak up then I think I have to do it…

“What are you insinuating now Melissa that I’m doing all of this for your body you really think I want to sleep with you and that is why I’m showing so much concern unbelievable Melissa”he said running his hands in his hair

“Yes Nathaniel tell me why you are doing all of this”I said

“Because I love you Melissa”he yelled and I stared at him blinking continuously….

“What did you mean by you love me”I stammered

“Yes Melissa I really love you so much okay I love you a lot I love everything about you I love you I have a strong feelings for you..

I know you might not believe me but that is the truth I love you I love you I love you so much Melissa”he yelled holding my cheeks

“But Nathaniel why would you fall in love with me you know how we met right I thought you are still planning on getting revenge on me so tell me Nathaniel are you doing this on purpose….

Are you getting close to me because you want to get revenge on me are you trying to toy with my feelings tell me Nathaniel”I said holding his hand

“How would you even think about that Melissa why would you be saying such things I don’t care about the way we met okay”he said

“But Nathaniel this isn’t right”I said

“If this is about the media about the people then I’m ready to go down on my knees to propose to you I’m ready to show the whole world how I feel about you”he said

“Nathaniel”I called

“This isn’t wrong in anyway is it wrong for two people to fall in love forget the fact that we met in a really bad way but we can’t change fate right”he said

“I know but I’m kinda scared”I said and he chuckled

“I never knew my crazy Melissa is scared of anything tell me what you are scared of”he said rubbing my cheeks..

“Don’t worry Mel I won’t disturb you I promise I won’t I would wait for you wait for your answer”he added

“Nothing but don’t you think it is too soon I mean I know how you feel already but I still need to know how I feel also”I said

“Tell me you don’t have any feelings for me Mel I know you do but I would give you time just as you requested for”he said

“How sure are you that I have any feelings for you”I smiled

“Your smile is telling me that you do trust me Mel I won’t pressurize you at all I would surely wait for you..

And remember this Mel I don’t take no for an answer I’m a super star who doesn’t give up on anything I won’t take no for an answer”he smirked

“And what if I don’t accept your request”I said

“Then I would go on my knees and propose to Stella right in your front and in front of the whole world”he said

“That a lie because I know you did not love her”I said

“How sure are you I really do you know jeez that girl is good on bed even though…”he paused

“Wait what….



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