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Mr Popular PA Episode 39

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Mr popular PA
(She is fearless – He is rude)
©Authress Ifeoluwa

Episode thirty-nine


I was playing with water and also thinking about what Melissa said about Stella I don’t trust the crocodile tears she is just putting on an act….

I don’t trust her at all I don’t think she can change I don’t want to loose Melissa at all the incident was a close call in loosing her…

It true that we would be leaving Canada soon but I still think she is going to plan something dreadful so accepting what Melissa said won’t be easy….

I was about to dive in the water back but she stopped me…

“And why did you refuse to pick your mum’s call”she said and I glared at her staring at her scary eyes

“I told you it wasn’t important”I said

“Nathaniel she is your mum remember she gave birth to you”she said

“Can we stop talking about this”I said getting annoyed already

“But Nathaniel”she said

“Stop!!!!”I yelled and she flinched rubbing her palms

“Yelling at me won’t solve anything so stop yelling at me”she yelled also and I moved close to her….

“Mel I don’t want us to talk about this okay please let skip this issue”I said holding her hand

“No Nathaniel you can’t just shun me like that I’m just trying to explain to you that your mum would always be your mum forget the fact that she might have wronged you

But don’t forget that she gave birth to you nurtured you even if it is not for a long time but remember you once told me how much she loved you Nathaniel….

It was circumstances that made her do what she did she was just trying to fulfil the promise she gave your dad even though we all know she went too far….

But Nathaniel she is your mum and I know you are just being annoyed because you were hurt by her actions but I know you love her so dearly”she said

“I told you I don’t want to talk about this again why are you being so adamant and stubborn Melissa”I said running my hands in my hair

“You are the one being too stubborn Nathaniel you don’t want to listen to the truth you are so full of the hatred in your heart”she said

“Melissa”I yelled again

“Stop yelling at me Nathaniel I was just telling you what I feel”she said in a shaky voice…

I could tell she is about to cry already and if I keep yelling at her she might just burst like a bomb…

I wrapped my arms around her open waist and pulled her down putting her in the pool with me and she shivered…..

“I’m sorry Mel I’m really sorry for yelling at you over and over again and I understand what you are saying but I don’t really want us to talk about her now…

It would just only keep spoiling my mood and I might end up hurting you with my words I’m just trying to cool my temper…

So please try to understand me Melissa I’m doing this to avoid us to fight again because of my mum so can we please drop this issue”I said and she nodded

“Alright Nathaniel I promise not to piss you off because of this issue again but it isn’t over yet I would make sure I let you understand and regain the love you have for your mom”she said

“You don’t give up do you”I said

“I’m ready to do anything to bring you and your mum back together because I know she still loves you so much and I know you do Nathaniel you are just being stubborn”she said

“You are one crazy girl Melissa”I said and she hugged me

“I know you are having a hard time getting your feelings together but always remember she is still your mum”she said rubbing my back

I made my way to her back raising her singlet up and I moved my hand to her b*a and she begin to remove her hand from my back

“Stay still Mel”I whispered kissing her forehead…

I unhooked her b*a and she tightened her grip on my arm,,I freed myself from the hug looking at her face which turned red already…

I put my hand on her shoulder grabbing the hand of her b*a pulling it and she stopped me..

“I would do it myself”she said and I nodded

She removed the b*a throwing it on the chair next to the pool and I stared at her erected br**ts and she covered herself..

“I’m sorry if you feel uncomfortable you can put it on back I’m just thinking that it would get wet if we begin to swim….”I said

“I told you I don’t know how to swim”she said “I told you I was going to teach you didn’t I”I said and she nodded

I carried her up and she wrapped her arms on my neck I turned her around in the water before dropping her back…

I hold both of her hand smiling…

“First I need to know how much time you can last under the water so hold you breath”I said

“Okay”she said

“Ready in three”I said

“One,, Two,, Three”I said and we both put our heads in the water…

Two minutes later she removed her head from the water breathing heavily

“You did well Mel”I said and she smiled

I looked down to her wet hair down to her dripping body and also her b**bs she is surely driving me crazy….

We did the holding of breath for some time..

“Let me teach you how to float”I said resting on the water and I begin to float

“I don’t think I can do it”she said

I pulled her hand taking her to the edge of the pool…

“Just hold this metal”I said pointing at the metal ring on the edge of the pool

“Okay”she replied holding it

“Just hold it and lean your body in the water I would hold your legs and then you swing your legs okay just hold on to the metal tight…

And don’t forget I’m going to guide your legs so nothing would happen okay”I said and she did what I asked her to do…

I hold her leg and begin to move it in the water one by one…

“That is how you would do it in no time you would be able to float in the water and that all that matters”I said

Few minutes later she stood in the water breathing heavily and also shivering..

“Don’t tell me you are already feeling cold”I said

“Maybe”she said rubbing her arms on her hand

“You can’t feel cold while I’m around I’m going to keep your body warm always”I said and she smiled

I wrapped one of my arms around her waist pulling her close to me and I raised her shivering lips up to my face…

This lips of her have been tempting the hell out of me I really need to kiss her to my satisfaction….

I leaned over to her face and she closed her eyes..

Our lips met with each other and we stayed like that for some time I made a move trying to make her open her mouth for entry but she was too clumsy…

She didn’t know what to do she is such a noob in this stuff and I’m sure I would be the one to teach her silly things…

I sucked on her lower lips and she moaned softly making her open her mouth and I gained entry into her mouth and our tongue met it made her hold my shirt tightly…

I caressed her cheeks sucking her lower lips and she moaned I pulled her even more closer…

🌼 Melissa 🌼

I don’t know why I I’m giving into this kiss even though I kinda like it but it feel so wrong he is my boss I shouldn’t be doing such thing with him….

Very soon he would also consider me to be cheap like Stella and I don’t want to loose my dignity in front of my boss…

I break free from the kiss breathing heavily touching my sweaty forehead and I also stared at him…

“This is wrong Nathaniel we shouldn’t be doing this for crying out loud you are my boss and I shouldn’t be forgetting that…

I don’t know why I did not use to make any attempt in rejecting your offer about this kiss issue lately I don’t know why I also want to kiss you back….

You are my boss Nathaniel so what are you doing to me lately why did I begin to have this new feelings”I said and he hold my hand

“There is nothing bad if there is a feeling between a boss and his employee”he said rubbing my knuckles

“Of course there is something bad in it there should be nothing more than business and also just mutual feelings….

But if otherwise people would start throwing questions at me if they grow suspicious especially Stella when she finds out that we are really having an affair….

She would be the first person to judge my character after all I told her she would think I’m lying and I separated you guys because I also wanted you…..

You know me very well that I’m not a cheap girl Nathaniel but people won’t understand this if it is secret”I said

“When did you start caring about the whole world Mel this is about us and what we have for each other”he said

“What did you mean about us”I said

“When would you stop hiding your feelings if it is about the whole world then I’m ready to tell them how I feel about you….

I’m ready to make them understand that we are not doing anything wrong”he said

“What did you feel about me Nathaniel”I said

“I really don’t know but I think I….



¶Thanks for reading¶

Will they both share their feelings bayi….

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