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Mr Popular PA Episode 38

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Mr popular PA
(She is fearless – He is rude)
©Authress Ifeoluwa

Episode thirty-eight


I was so happy my plan worked out perfectly yesterday the waitress I paid to bump into Melissa keeping her phone so she could arrive at the apartment late did a great job….

I feel so happy knowing fully that what happened yesterday would never make Melissa trust her boss again I know she would have lost faith in him…..

The expression on her face yesterday after she saw me on Nathaniel was undescribable thanks to the drug I used for Nathaniel to get him aroused….

I know now they would not be talking to each other and I know Melissa would be really disappointed in Nathaniel….

I just didn’t know I was going to loose my job but anyways I got what I wanted Melissa would never go near her boss again because he is a lier….

And they would never be with each other again so great but I have to start looking for a new job now I can’t believe Nathaniel sacked me because of that…

The secretary gave me my sack letter already and I went to the changing room to get my stuffs I need to leave…

There was silent for sometime and Nathaniel stepped in with Melissa their hand was interlocked and Melissa was just smiling…

Wait how can this two be with each other even after what happened yesterday I can’t believe this are they showing off or what…

No this can’t be she is supposed to be annoyed with Nathaniel not smiling with him what is happening…

“Hey Stella”she called my bag fell from my hand and I don’t know why I begin to shiver like I’m so shocked right now this can’t be

“Are you okay”she said

“No I don’t think so”Nathaniel said and they both laughed

“What did you expect me to be mad at Nathaniel”she said clicking her tongue for some time

“Though I was so hurt seeing the two of you together but have you forgotten that he is a popstar and such things do happen…

I can’t make decisions for my boss and also I realized he was being used by you or should I rather say he used you for his pleasure and you think I would be annoyed that he slept with you…..

Come on Stella he has been living his life and also he has been doing this things before we met so who I’m I to stop him from doing what pleases him”she said

What did she mean by I used him…

“But you know you don’t have any idea on how to make a scene look like reality I mean you planned something that great and you left the evidence right in the place where the incident took place”she said

“What did you mean”I asked

“Thought the cat cut your tongue what I mean is that you spiked Nathaniel’s drink with a sedative and also you left the empty capsule on the floor who does that…

Your job wasn’t clean at all how could you have lefts such a big evidence in the crime scene and after I find out you still think I would be annoyed with Nathaniel of course not babe”she said

Oh no I forgot the empty capsule in the sitting room when I was in haste to get Nathaniel to lay with me…

Gosh how could I have forgotten something that important I’m such a fool everything has gone to waste now…

“What prove did you have that I was the one that left it there you could have used it to have fun with each other so stop putting the blame on me your boss slept with me on his own accord”I said

“Come on Stella who else could have done it if not you I’m not as cheap as you are I don’t give my body freely”she said

“So you are telling me that you both haven’t slept with each other ever since you are together in one apartment keep your lies to yourself”I said

“You can think all you want Stella but none of this is true beside even though it is true I’m not stooping so low like you but trust me I’m more clean than you….

Did you think i would like the fact that I’m sleeping with my boss and also live under the sane roof with him….

Use your brain Stella I’m not married to Nathaniel so you think sleeping with him would move me of course not…..

I just pity you because due to your stupidness you are going to loose your job I thought you would think about the fact that Nathaniel is my boss and doing something like that might not mean anything to me…

But because you think everyone is like you so cheap and you think I’m having an affair with my boss but I’m sorry I’m not having an affair with him so you just lost your job for a failed plan”she said

She is correct I forgot that she is just is PA and can’t be that mad at him since everything between them is not but business

And now have lost my job because of my jealousy even though I know clearly Nathaniel can never be mine…

What would I do now where would I ever find a job that is paying me as big as this hotel oh Stella….

“I know what I did was wrong I wasn’t thinking straight I was jealous of the relationship you both shared that I forgot that you are still my boss…

Please forgive me I knew I said I don’t care if you sack me before but I really do care I don’t know what I would do if I loose this job…

I really care about the job sir and I promise such thing would not happen again please don’t allow me to leave here”I pleaded sincerely

“Now you are sorry because you are getting sacked”Nathaniel hissed

“Please Mel it you I would really apologise to I’m from a middle class family and I don’t know where I would get a new job to start taking care of my family”I said holding Melissa hand

“The same place you were planning to get the job when you told me you don’t care about the job earlier now that your plan did not workyou are saying something else”Nathaniel said

“Please Melissa I know what I did was uncalled for but please tell him not to sack me I promise such thing would not happen again”I said in tears holding her hand

“Stella”she paused as Nathaniel dragged her hand and they both left the room…

I’m so dead right now my plan failed but seriously what was I even thinking when I said I don’t care if I loose my job I was blinded with jealousy and look what it got me into now…

🌼 Melissa 🌼

My heart begin to melt as Stella bursted into tears I understand the fact that she did all this thing because of jealousy…

The things she did was uncalled for but it hurts me now seeing her in tears because she is about to loose her job…

“Stella”I said looking at Nathaniel but he just dragged my hand and we both left the room

“Nathaniel”I said and he made me rest my back on the wall

“Shhhh don’t say anything Mel I know you don’t even think of telling me to change my mind about the decision I made to sack Stella….

I gave her the letter already and she has to leave no matter what okay”he said

“But”I paused staring at his eyes and I gulped down my saliva

“Please Mel”he said in a cold tone and I became speechless

“I’m starving we should get something to eat”he said and we both went down to the apartment

He ordered for some food and some minutes later the waitress brought some plate of fried rice and salad with turkey….

I sat down on the floor and Nathaniel helped me to served a plate of rice

“Stop thinking about Stella that her fate okay and please eat”he said

“I’m not going to starve myself because of that”I said

“Your period ended right”he said

“Yes it ended yesterday”I replied

“Good”he said

“Why”I said

“Just eat okay”he said and I nodded

I begin to devour the meal gently and I was carried away when my eyes met with Nathaniel the way he chewed his food is so cute….

His bright eye balls was killing me how can someone be as cute as this his phone rang bringing me out of my imagination..

He looked at his phone and paused eating he took his phone and pressed the volume button and the sound stopped but I was still ringing…..

“Ain’t you gonna pick the call”I asked

“Table manners beside it is not important”he said and I peeped to see who was calling….

His mum was on the phone and he said it wasn’t important that bad but if I say anything I might end up pissing him off…

The phone rang again and he switched it off we concentrated on the food and everywhere was silent….

After we finished eating he pulled me up..

“Ready for the surprise”he said

“I guess so”I replied

“First tell me I hope you are putting on some underwear like singlet”he said

“Why”I said shyly

“I just want to know”he said

“Hmm yes I have a bum short and s singlet under the gown”I said

“Perfect can you close your eyes”he said

“Why”I asked

“Just do it”he said and I closed my eyes

“No cheating”he said and I nodded

I wonder where he is taking me to he begin to direct my step and finally we stopped

“Open your eyes”he said and I opened my eyes

He brought my to the swimming pool no wonder he asked if my period ended already…

It is so beautiful in here the pool was shaped like a heart and colourful lights was inside…

“This is the pool you wanted to see”he said

“It so beautiful”I said

“Let go in”he said

“I would just put my leg in it told you I can’t swim”I said

“Told you I would teach”he said going to my back

“What are you doing”I said and I felt his hand at my back drawing my zip down

My heart begin to race faster but I don’t understand why it would he gently pulled down the zip and the gown fell on the ground freely…

He touched my back drawing circles around it…

“Nathan..”I paused and he removed his hand

“Your b*a are you taking it off or not so it won’t get wet”he said

“No need”I replied

“Okay let dive in”he said

“No Nathaniel I’m scared you go in first”I said

Alright watch me swim he said pulling his Jean and also his top he wasn’t putting on singlet and his abs became exposed..

He got this killer shape and his perfectly shaped packs was amazing….

“Don’t drool”he said jumping into the water

I sat at the edge of the pool putting my legs inside

“So cold”I murmured

He brought his head out of the water and water begin to drop from his head okay I shouldn’t start drooling for him..

“Don’t you think you should give Stella her job back”I said

“Why should I Mel have you forgotten I almost lost you because of what she did”he said playing with the water

“It was due to jealousy beside we would leave Canada soon there is no need to worry right”I said

“I would think about it”he said

“And why did you refuse to pick your mum’s call”I said and he glared at me

“I told you it wasn’t important”he said

“Nathaniel she is your mum remember she gave birth to you”I said

“Can we stop talking about this”he said and I could feel he is getting annoyed

“But Nathaniel”I said

“Stop!!!!”he yelled



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She no dey hear word at all….

The new story would be after Mr popular PA…..

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