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Mr Popular PA Episode 37

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Mr popular PA
(She is fearless – He is rude)
©Authress Ifeoluwa

Episode thirty-seven


I wonder why Melissa would kiss me all of a sudden I’m sure she isn’t in her right senses because if she is she wouldn’t be doing this right now….

Even though I kinda like the kiss but I can’t take advantage of her I freed myself from her and make her sit on the bed and she fold her legs her face turning sour…

“What is wrong”I asked

“I knew it you would never do that to me because I’m not beautiful like Stella because I did not have sexy shape like her that is why you don’t want to kiss me….

Why don’t you want to kiss me Nathaniel okay I promise to do anything you want just try and make sure this kind of thing never happen again….”she said

“What is wrong with you what did you mean by you are not as sexy as Stella to be honest you got everything that qualify a lady to be beautiful so stop talking nonsense”I said sitting next to her on the bed

“I’m not talking nonsense Nathaniel you are rejecting my offer because I’m not beautiful but you always wanted to kiss me right what is stopping you now”she said

“I know I want to kiss you but not like this you are not in your right senses and now you are acting like a child what have gotten into you”I said and she climbed on me

“What are you doing”I said

“The problem is that you think I’m a child how many times have I asked you never to call me a small girl again stop it okay”she said

“That because you are still a small girl and you don’t know anything yet you are still a noob”I said

“Then take my virginity”she said

“Wait what”I asked shocked

“Make me understand everything make me a woman if that would make you stop going after that crazy b***h…

It hurts a lot Nathaniel now she would be so happy she was able to get you to lay with her again and that too in my front”she said leaning towards my head and I could smell alcohol in her mouth….

Tears rolled down from her eyes and she fell from my body laying down on the bed beside me….

Did she drink or what why would she even think of drinking did the situation really affected her that much making her drink alcohol…..

And she wants to give me her virginity so she can be rest assured that I would never sleep with Stella again jeez I never wanted such thing to happen….

“First of all Mel I told you I didn’t sleep with Stella on purpose it was a mistake”I said

“I know it was but couldn’t you control yourself you also did it to satisfy yourself you enjoyed some of it so tell me something else”she said in a shaky voice

“And Mel”I said facing her and rubbing her cheeks…

“I can’t take your virginity out of pity or selfishness the day I’m going to take your virginity we would not only have s*x but make love Mel ….

You would enjoy every bit of it without any regrets so just shut up and stop talking nonsense”I said and she laughed

“And who told you I would allow you sleep with me you this dirty pervert”she said

“So tell me something else Mel what did you drink why would you think of taking alcohol”I said laying beside her and we both faced the ceiling

“I would never think of drinking Nathaniel”she said

“Why did you stink of alcohol then”I said

“I didn’t drink any alcohol I just remembered that I drank the water on the dining table tho it tasted weird”she said

Water that was the alcohol I left on the dining table she must have mistook it to be water…

“It was alcohol not water”I said

“Whatever I drank it already”she replied snuggling one of my arms…

“You are really weird Nathaniel”she said

“Why did you say that”I said

“I know how much you want to kiss me but here I am waiting for you to do it willing but you are refusing”she said

“That because I don’t want to take advantage of this situation”I said and she breathed out heavily

“You are perfect,,you are handsome,,you are so generous even though you are kinda rude sometime,,you are responsible,,you have a decent job and also you are a popular popstar…

You have verything a girl wants in a man and every girl dream is to be with you it a shame I can’t be a part of your life….”she paused

“And why can’t you”I asked

“Because the kind of situation we met would never prompt me to make me a part of your life and also you think I’m a small child so we can never be together….

I also know I’m never going to meet up to your standards you are a popstar and I’m just a crazy pauper I didn’t even study finish”she said breathing down heavily again….

“Shhhh Mel you are already a part of my life remember we are together right now we are both in the same place and that to together so what did you mean you can never be a part of my life.

And you are never going to go through all the sufferings you used to go through before in your life again and also I never considered you to be a pauper..

And about your studies no one could tell that you didn’t complete your studies because you are more smarter than people who even complete their studies..

Don’t ever think you can’t meet up to my standards because if I never wanted you to be with me if I think about our standards Mel then I wouldn’t have accepted that I would give you a job neither would I even allow you to work for me…

I don’t care about the situation you are in right now and I don’t see you as a pauper so can you stop being sentimental”I said rubbing her arms and she shivered

“You are such a caring boss Nathaniel I like you for that”she said putting her hand on my shoulder making it rest on my chest…

“Mel”I called

“Can you ever forgive me fo what I did with Stella”I said

“Don’t worry boss I don’t have any grudges against you I really don’t mind though it hurts but after I realized the truth no need for me to be mad at you..

You haven’t done anything but you see Stella I’m still imagining what I would do to her when I sober gosh I would so much beat her to stupor”she said

“I know you would Mel”I replied

“Don’t worry I forgive you”she whispered in a low tone hitting my chest slightly tighting her grip on my hand and the room became silent…..

I looked at her face and realized she fell asleep already I really don’t know what I would do without you Mel…

I tried to get up beside her but she really tightened her grip on my arm making it difficult for me to move…

I pulled the blanket up and use it to cover our body before turning off the lights…

“I hope you still mean it when you sober Mel I really need you forgiveness”I said kissing her forehead…

What happened earlier came flashing back

Melissa herself kissed me she even wanted us to go far she was willing to kiss me all day even give me her virginity but what could really prompt her to want to give me her virginity…

The Melissa I know doesn’t really care much but why is she ready to sacrifice her happiness just so she can gain my commitment not sleeping with Stella again….

Why is she willing to do it or is it because she is drunk,,No I don’t think so her eyes was telling me the truth like she meant it but why….


🌼 Melissa 🌼

I yawned sitting up on the bed putting my hand on my head as I felt a slight headache…

I begin to recall last night event and I covered my mouth in shame….

Oh no I really messed up last night why would I say such things my virginity is my pride I’m such a fool…

Now Nathaniel must think I’m so cheap like Stella now speaking of Nathaniel where is he…

The door opened and I quickly fall back on the bed pretending I’m still asleep…

“Don’t worry I won’t scold you for kissing me by force last night”he said

I knew he caught me already I raised my head up covering half of my face with the blanket…

“Good morning”he said

“Everything I said last night I… I..”I stammered

“I know you didn’t mean to say those crazy things you were out of your mind all I want to know is if you have forgiven me truly”he said

“Yes I forgive you just like I said earlier”I replied

“How did you suddenly change your mind and why did you agree that Stella drugged me”he said

“Because I saw the drug she used to get you aroused or you still want me to be mad at you”I said

“Oh of course not”he said sitting beside me

“I’m sorry about the kiss”I said

“You know have always wanted us to kiss”he replied

“Pervert”I murmured

“You were the one being a pervert last night”he said sitting in my front

“I’m really sorry I know what I did you might think I derived pleasure in it”he said

“That because you did but don’t remind me about it again let by gone be by gone”I said

“Your lips is so tempting after that little kiss we had last night”he said using his thumb to rub my lips and it send some crazy feelings to my body

“Nathaniel”I called holding his hand and he leaned his head to my front

I also want to kiss him but I don’t know how to why do I even want to kiss him all of a sudden…

I leaned also and he raised my chin up with one of his hand rubbing my cheeks and I closed my eyes…

He leaned more closer and I could feel his breath on my nose I wrapped one of my arms around his neck…

I really want him to kiss me right now I don’t know why I don’t care about what he would think of me but I really want him to kiss me what have he done to me now…

Could the alcohol still be working I doubt it I really want him to kiss me from my heart but why…

Our lips met and it sent cold shivers down my spine making me hold on to him tightly…

I don’t even know what to do next because I haven’t kissed before maybe this was a bad idea…

I freed myself and he smiled..

“You are really a noob you don’t even know how to kiss but don’t worry I would teach you soon”he said and I could feel my face heat up..

“This drug would reduce your headache dress quickly we have to perform send off for Stella”he said

“And why”I asked

“I fired her already”he replied

“Oh okay”I said

“Don’t feel bad for her she deserves it”he said

“How did you know I feel bad fo her”I asked

“I know you Mel too generous”he said leaving the room

I don’t know why I still feel bad for Stella even after all the dirty things she did…

I went to the bathroom and took my shower dressing up and using the medicine before going to the sitting room….

Nathaniel and I exited the apartment and we went upstairs to the restaurant where staffs do change….

Nathaniel locked our hands together and I looked at his eyes smiling a little…

“Hey Stella”I called and she turned back her bag falling from her hand


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