February 27, 2021


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Melted Hearts Season 2 Episode 20

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Season 2_Episode 20

Michael keep on starring at her picture,,if only she knew how much he misses her,he caress her face from the phone screen and Sighed. When is he going to see her again??

He really want to see her so badly,,wrap his arms around her soft body.

As he was thinking about all these, her call came on. He smiled,,
” I guess she’s missing me so badly just like I am ” He said before picking the call

* Babe
* boyfriend guess what
* You just won an award??

Akeelah laughed out and he wonder what she’s about to say
* Something sweeter than that!!!

He moved his ear from the phone immediately because of her scream,,
* Tell me,,am curious
He said
* Guess who’s in korea
* Am in Korea

Michael replied still not getting what she’s saying

* What the f**k,,,baby!!! Am in Korea right now!!!!!
* Are you playing pranks on me right now??
* No ,,am at the airport right now,,come pick me up. I can’t stay here ,,It’s late
* Akeelah,, are you for real??
* I am!!! Come on,,I am scared!! Come already!!

* Oh my,, I will be there in a minute
* Drive safely

He immediately hanged up and put on a hood,he rushed out of his room.

” Hey,easy bro ” Ryan said as Michael bumped into him
” I need to go pick Akeelah at the airport, ” he said and Ryan scoffed
” Are you crazy already?? Are you thinking about her so much that you are sick ” Ryan asked looking concerned as he checked his temperature
” Am serious Ryan ” He replied
” Really?? Then let’s go together ” Ryan smiled and they both went downstairs

They entered the car and drove out of the mansion,,

Soon they were there,,, just in front of them was Akeelah waiting with her arms crossed.
Michael got down from the car ,,
” Akeelah ” He called and she immediately turned
Like they are both running a race,,the two couples run to hug each other tenderly not planning to leave each other anytime soon.
Ryan couldn’t take it anymore,, he even took their pictures and smiled.

” Alright guys!!! That’s enough,,continue that when you get home, it’s cold!!!” He shouted from the car and they disengaged.
” oh my God,, is that Ronnie??!!” She shouted
” No,,it’s Ryan ” Michael replied
” Oh,,,” She said and walked to where the car is ,,,Michael helping her with her bags
” Oopa!! It’s really nice seeing you again” she smiled
” You too,,,you look pretty anyway ” Ryan said with a wink

” Don’t blush ” Michael said and they laughed
” Are you afraid she will fall for my charms??” Ryan asked
” No,she can’t ” Michael replied
Ryan only smiled and started the car,,,

” I can’t wait to meet my best friend!! I really missed her so much ” Akeelah said happily and the two guys were surprised
” You have a friend here in Korea??” Ryan asked
” of course,, you guys know her ” She replied
” who??” Michael asked
” Rose,,” She said
” Preet??” Ryan asked
” Yeah!! We were best friends in America before you guys came to take her away,we were both models,, I really love her,she’s pretty ” Akeelah said

” Wow,,never knew you guys are friends ” Michael said with a smile
” Now you know ” She replied and peck his cheek
” Guys,,don’t start. I want to concentrate,,, I can’t die right now ” Ryan said and they laughed again.

The room was silent, only their soft breath which was against each other could be heard,,
Preet let out a soft groan feeling Ronnie’s wet lips on her n**pple ,,
” Oh my,,” She whispered out with her eyes still closed

He made kisses all over her warm body,, her lips, neck,br**et ,stomach,, she was all wet over and she could not control it anymore
” Ronnie please,,, just go on ” She find herself saying
Just like what he have been waiting for,,he smiled and took off her pantie with a finger ,,he resumed to kissing her so hungrily.

His finger going into her and she moaned inside his mouth

” Ronnie,,,oh my God ,,,” She couldn’t control herself. She have to unlock from the kiss
What is he doing to me ?? She thought within her,,she wanted him so badly,she wanted him right inside her and she can’t wait anymore.

She made her hand to Ronnie’s trouser and he looked at her with a surprise face,,
” Can’t believe this ” He said with a smirk
Preet rolled her eyes and waited for him to do what she wanted.
After taking it off,,he proceeded to spreading her legs and he went between them.

” Ronnie??” She suddenly called
” You want me to stop??” He asked
” Don’t go easy on me ” She said and his eyes popped out of the socket like,,what the f**k is she saying?
” Are you okay??” He asked
” Am okay,,,just do what am saying ” She said and pulled him closer to herself kissing him hardly
Their bare skin touching each other,, filled with both love and lust with affections.

Ronnie inserted his d**k into her slowly going easy even though she wanted it hard
” Oh,,,” She moaned throwing her head backward feeling both pain and pleasure at the same time
” Are you okay??” Ronnie asked
” Just go on!!” She shouted and Ronnie chuckled
He pulled out slowly and then in again,,,
He moved forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips,,, he started thrusting in more faster

” Ronnie!!!” she screamed out gripping his body and then throw her head on the bed again
She was feeling pain but yet didn’t want him to stop
He pulled her into a deep kiss without stopping his deep thrust,,,
He was really hard that she felt him right on her womb,,,so deep that she cried out
” Ahh!!” She shouted still not letting go of him as she held him tight

” Oh my,, Preet ” Ronnie groaned ,,,he haven’t felt this before, he couldn’t just get enough of her.

After some minutes of screaming and bare skins slapping each other,, he released into her and fell on her.
” I love you ” He said in a whisper
Preet was too weak to respond ,she just nodded before closing her eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
Ronnie got off her and also fell asleep.

Picture of Akeelah below,,the first one was somehow ugly so I changed it,she’s beautiful right?


Like seriously,, it’s not fair oo. I will now have to beg you guys before you comment and share.

Well,,,we move

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