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Crazy Tasha Episode 4

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Episode Four
I came out of the house with Britt holding my skateboard in my hands

“C’mon Tasha let’s go to the party in one of the cars”she said pleading

But am not falling for her pleas this time around

“Forget about it Britt, Tasha does not like using cars”i heard cranky mom say

Guess she was at the door all this while

“Thank you Mom for telling her. So Britt are we going to this on this party or not “I asked and she nodded and sighed before getting into her car

I dropped my skate board on the floor and waved goodbye at Cranky Mom and followed Britt as she drove out…

If you think am really crazy you will sure get it from me. (You yes you)

I came down from the skate board as I waited for Brittany to park the car at the parking lot

I really don’t like cars because my skate board gives me freedom

I opened the boot of the car and dropped the skateboard in it

Gosh Tasha you have to start learning how to use a car”Britt said

“None of your business Britt. I prefer my skateboard to them that’s why I have about Twenty-Nine or thirty skate board” I said and I could hear gasps from her mouth but I ignored her and started walking inside when I sighted a red car

I never believed they were going to be here

A3 at a party and am around

Not like am scared of them,I just detest them

“What kind of party is this Britt”I asked

“Just a fun party like a get together and stuffs like that”she said walking in the more

“Uhmm ok just tell everyone that am Miss Crazy and they should not cross my path”I said and she chuckled

Uhmm that’s her business
If she’s likes laugh all I care but am not sparing anyone who steps on my toes

“Britt I would love to sit there”I said pointing at an empty seat

“C’mon let’s get deeper into the party,there is no life here”she said

“No Britt,you can go deeper. I will be waiting for you here”I said finding my way to the seat

“May I seat with you”a guy said few minutes Britt left

“Get your tiny cockroach leg and big eyes out of here”I said and I could hear giggles from some guys behind

I looked around and saw I was literally the only girl here

Hmm whatever. Guess the others are inside

The other guys walked up to my table and I shot daggers at them making them scurry away

A waiter passed by and I beckoned on him to pass me drinks . I knew they were gins but am not scared of taking gins

I collected two cups from him and started sipping

Who sips Gin
That’s me

When I finished the first cup my eyes were already turning and my vision was blurry.
I pushed the other cup away and the guys I sent away were already making jest of me

“She can’t even take two cups”one said and they started laughing

Am gonna show them what Tasha can do

“But you are going to school tomorrow”my subconscious mind said. You are gonna have a hangover

Who cares

I took the other cup and chunged it down my throat and that’s it. My head knocked immediately

(Her head afff knock),

I stood up despite my feet was wobbly

“Give me some music”I yelled and the back stage musician started playing some music

I took off my jacket leaving me in only my sleeveless top and started dancing crazily to the beat of the music

I held my waist and started whining my waist and they started cheering

👨‍👧Dave 👨‍👧
I got down from the car and locked it when three girls ran to me and leo

“Hi am Alexa”the one clinging onto me said

“These are my friends Anna and Alicia”she added immediately

“Uhmm can you get your hands off me”I said trying to be polite and nice

But she didn’t budge,I forcefully snatched my hands from her and turned to Leo only to see him smooching the other girls

He can never change

I walked inside while the Alexa or Alicia girl was still clinging to me

I got to the entrance and entered and saw a girl dancing

Wait a minute is that not the crazy girl

She is an incredible dancer

She danced towards my direction and

Fada Lawd
The next thing I saw was vomit on me and the girl clinging onto me

Oh jeez
Immediately she was losing conciousness and was about falling….

To be continued
Tasha have vomit ooo
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Authoress Prechy

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