March 6, 2021


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Bullied Episode 19

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You don’t deserve her attention, just leave her alone. I’m sure she’d understand now that she can no longer treat you like trash… Kendrick said and I release her.

That was fabulous! I can’t believe you actually did that. OMG! I love how you put her in her place, Tessa said as we walked out of the class.

I just needed her to know her days of maltreating me is over now. I’ve got nothing to do with her family now, so I’m free to stand up for myself, I can’t tolerate any act of disrespect and bully from her again… I said

Still I’m so surprised and I’m sure they wouldn’t have recovered from the shocking experience by now. But how come she chased you out, what happened exactly? she asked

I was cleaning her room when I coincidentally came across a bottle in her drawer. I read the information on the bottle, that was how I knew it’s what she poisoned my food with. I had to steal it and poisoned her food too, but I was so unfortunate to have been noticed.

Her mom was really pissed at me not even listening to my reason for doing that, all she did was call me names and throw me out of the house.

I know this would definitely be a stepping stone for me, I won’t suffer in vain… I narrated and sniffed back my tears.

I’m sorry about that, but are you still gonna be staying in the church? And what do you intend to do now that she’s stopped being your sponsorer?

I don’t know yet, but I think I’ll start searching for a job vacancy. I really want to conclude my secondary education… I replied sadly

How I wish I could be of help, but I happen to be a maid in a house too… She said and I patted her.

It’s okay dear! all these will be over oneday, I’m sure of that… I said

“Let’s meet at the garden, we need to talk” I read the message from Kendrick that popped on my screen.

“Tessa please go ahead, I’ll join you soon. I need to be somewhere”

What happened exactly and why didn’t you tell me about it when we talked yesterday? Kendrick asked as I settled down beside him

I didn’t wanna bother you with that, I know you might try to interfere and it might cause something else. I’m sorry for that… I answered

Fine! Tell me about it… He said and i narrated my ordeal to him

So you slept in the church, oh no! I shouldn’t be talking to you right now. You’ve hurt me really bad… He said and stood up, but I held him back. “I’m sorry” I apologized

Fine! I’ll forgive you if you’d accept my offer of living with me… He said and my eyes widened

You know we both can’t live together, we’re of opposite sex it won’t be ideal for us to live together. What do you think people would say about us? I said

I have three different bedrooms, you’d be staying in anyone of your choice, and who cares about what people would say, weren’t they in support of Ashley when she did all she could to chase you out of her house?

It’s fine if you choose not to come over, but make sure you always stay safe. You might be struggling for survival, but your health and safety is really important.

“I love you what you did earlier, that’s very good of you, I need to get going, we’ll talk later” he said

“Alright” I replied

I can see you’ve lost your job and your chance of studying in this school. Carlos said suddenly as I passed through a corner in the hallway, thereby making me scared

Mtcheeeew! I hissed. What do you want from me? I asked giving him a stern look.

Well! I have a job for you, I’d love to employ you as my personal maid at home, trust me I’ll pay you well. We have other maids but I feel you’ve been destined to be a maid in your life, you know about the job very well, so I’m certain you’ll do your job very well… He answered

You’re very stupid for stopping me to tell me that. I said and he grabbed my hand.

Did you just call me stupid, like you just insulted me? Oh wow! I can see you’ve got some nerves.

Ouch! He cried and released his grip when I stood on my toes and hit my head on his nose. That’s what you get for trying to mess with me, I guess you all haven’t gotten the message I’ve been trying to pass onto you. “I’m no longer the Stephanie you used to bully” I said and gave him a kick on his groin before walking away.

Days Later
I was on my way to the church when I sighted the person I never expected to come across again in my life which is the husband of the woman I grew up with who made attempts to rape me few years back.

wow! Look who’s grown up really well. He said as he walked up to me.

“Good afternoon sir” I greeted giving him a stern look

Afternoon, I can see you’ve become more beautiful. So you’ve finally made it in life, this is the uniform of the rich kids school… He said

“Have a nice day sir” I said trying to ignore him.

I walked away, Hoping he wouldn’t follow me and he didn’t.

I got to the church and changed my clothes. I brought out my phone to start searching for the jobs I could do.

So you actually live in a church” I heard someone say and I flinched.

“Oh no! Not again” I muttered out of frustration.

If you hadn’t ran away back then, I’m sure your life would’ve turned to a very pleasant one. All I needed to do was have a taste of you and I can allow you live peacefully in my house. Can’t you see how pretty you are? You’re so irresistible… He said

I could take you back to my house and give you the pleasant life you’ve always wanted, just promise me you’re gonna give me what I want. He said

I can’t believe you still remain the Casanova you once were, I wonder how your wife has been coping with you, you saw me again for the first time in years and here you are blurting out nonsense. You’re a total disgrace to fatherhood… I said and stood up from where I was sitting.

Come back here, where do you think you’re going? He said and pulled me back.

He raised my hand up and landed a hot slap on his face.

How dare you!!! He yelled and tried touching me but was stopped by Kendrick who entered.

He didn’t say a word to anyone, all he did was pack my belongings out of the church.

How did you know where I am? I asked as he came back inside the church.

He ignored me and carried me on his shoulder instead and went out of the church leaving the dumb man alone.

Huh? I muttered as he lifted me like I was a kid.


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