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Best Friend’s Lust Episode 23

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Best Friend’s Lust

(Her best friend raped her)

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 23

Kira’s pov

Daniel had an accident? Oh my God! I shouldn’t care about him. But the children. Geez!
Why will he have an accident? What was he thinking for goodness sake.

“Mom, what happened?” Rhian asked after my phone slipped away from my hand.

“Your dad had an accident.” I announced.

“Huh? Accident?” The children exclaimed.

I took the phone from the floor and asked Emily the name of the hospital before ending the call.

“Let’s go meet your father in the hospital.” I prepared the kids, locked the door amd boarded a cab to the hospital Emily mentioned.

We were given directions to the ward where Daniel was staying. When we got there, we couldn’t enter cause the doctor were still operating but I met his sister, Amanda.

“Aunty!” She ran to me and hugged me. “I don’t want my brother dead.” She sniffed.

“He won’t die, Amanda.” I consoled her.

“I won’t be able to bear it if he die. He’s in a critical condition.” My heart skipped.

“Amanda, you just have to believe that your brother won’t die. Have you inform your parents about it?”

“Yes. But they are out of the state.” She replied before turning to the kids with a wiry smile. “Daddy is going to be fine, okay?”

“We know. He’s a strong man isn’t it?” Ryan answered.

“Yes, he is.”

A doctor and two nurses came out of the room and I rushed to meet him.
“How’s the patient doing?” I questioned.

“He’s doing well. It’s a good thing he didn’t lost a lot blood. His condition is fine now” The blond doctor responded and I sighed, relievedly.

“Thank God. Can we see him?” Amanda chipped in.

“He’s sleeping now. I will advise you not to wake him. No disturbance. You can see him. Good day.” The doctor left with the nurses while we entered the ward.

Ryan and Rhian ran to where Daniel was sleeping and climbed the bed.
“You two should come down. You heard what the doctor said earlier. Don’t wake him up.” I cautioned the kids and made them climb down the bed.

“Daddy look like a patient that fell from a skyscraper.” Rhian pouted.

“Rhian, don’t say that. You should wish your father quick recovery.” I corrected.

“Sorry mom.”

Thirty minutes of staying in the ward, Amanda had gone to back to the house to take something while I stayed back till she come back.

Daniel’s fingers moved which made me watch him keenly as he turned his head to the left. He made some sounds. Groaning and murmuring words I couldn’t understand.

Soon, his eyes opened slowly but they closed back again. Seconds later, they were opened fully.

“Daddy!!” Ryan shouted, waking his twin sister who was already asleep as he ran to where Daniel was and climbed the bed. Rhian joined too.

“Dad, how are you feeling?” Rhian inquired, touching her father’s forehead.

It took seconds before Daniel could react. He smiled and said, “I’m feeling better, dear.” Before he turned to me.

“Are you feeling any pain?” My voice was calm. I got up and walked up to him. His head was bandaged, his left leg and right arm were bandaged too.

“I’m fine, Kira. Thanks for staying with me.” Daniel responded. His voice was so low.

“You’re welcome. Amanda will be coming soon. She went to take something at home.”

Daniel didn’t say anything. Instead, he nodded and faced the kids.

“You should go home now. Daddy will be alright.” He told them.

“No, I’m not going anywhere. I wanna stay with my daddy.” Ryan objected.

“You’re going to school tomorrow!” I frowned at him.

“Mom! Please. Let just tan a day off tomorrow. At least to stay with daddy. I won’t be able to concentrate in school tomorrow!” Ryan made a puppy eyes and I eyed him.

Such a son!

“I agreed with him.” Rhian chipped in.

“Fine!” I gave in.

Amanda came him and met Daniel talking with the kids. The kids were making him talk which that supposed to happen. He should have rest but he was supporting the kids.

Amanda brought food for him and he didn’t take less than five spoons before dropping the spoon.

“I’m not really hungry.” He said.

The doctor came in and checked on his health. Just as he was about to go out, Amanda stopped him.

“Can we take him home now?”

“No, you can’t. He’s yet to take full treatment.” The doctor answered.

“We have a family doctor who can take care of him at home.”
I turned to Daniel, trying to see if he understand what his sister was trying to do.

“I hate hospitals. I prefer taking a home treatment than in the hospital.” He said like he read my mind.

“Oh” I mouthed.

“Okay, if you insist. You should call a good doctor to take care of him. Come with me for the discharged papers.”The doctor ushered Amanda out of the room.

“Are you going to be okay with the home treatment?” I asked.

“Yes. I prefer tge family doctor to treat me at home than to stay days in the hospital. I hate the smell.” He replied in disgust.

We helped Daniel to the wheelchair and drove it to the waiting car outside.
“Mom, let’s go with dad.” Rhian held my cloth.

“I’m actually going with him before you said that.”

We got to Daniel’s house and came down from the car. I and Amanda took Daniel inside to his bedroom, using his legs. Though he had to lean on the both of us.

We placed him on his bed while Amanda went to call the doctor who’s going to attend to him.

I heard a knock on the door and I assumed it could his parents but when I opened it, it was Nina.

“Gosh! You again!” Her appearance made me scoff. So bitchy and slutty.

“I’m not here for you. Where’s Daniel?” She peeped in before passing beside me.

“Nina, what are you doing here?” Amanda seems to get annoyed with Nina’s presence.

“I heard he had an accident.” Nina answered.

“Oh! Are you here to see him or you’re here to seduce him?” Amanda examined her body before chuckling.

“Whatever! I’m going to meet him upstairs.” Nina rolled her eyes and made her way to the stairs.

Shortly, Nina came downstairs and ran to where we are. The kitchen. She turned off the gas we were using to make a meal.

I didn’t do anything but watched her. Amanda wanted to say something but I told her to keep quiet.

I watched her as she removed the pot in the gas and put hers then began cooking.
“Daniel must eat my meal cause I care for him a lot. Who knows who might get him poisoned between the two of you.” Nina uttered and flipped her hair as she turned to us. “There will be war if you remove this pot from the fire.” She fired as she poured some ingredients into the food.

No problem. Instead, I went out with Amanda. Ryan and Rhian were at the door watching.

The doctor, Amanda called came and we led him to Daniel’s room.

Nina walked in to check on us before going back again. Not long, we heard her shout.

Without hesitating, I ran downstairs leaving the others in the room.

As soon as I got to the kitchen, I saw the food bringing out foam. So much foam that it poured on the gas to the floor.

“Who did this to my soup?” Nina yelled.

“Ryan, did you pour detergent instead of salt?” Rhian whispered a question.

“I guess so.” Ryan shrugged and I turned to them.

Immediately, they pointed to each other.

This children


Story by Uche Lawrence.

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