March 5, 2021


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The Widower Episode 24

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💜🖤The Widower💜🖤

💜(Her stubborn neighbor)💜

💜🖤Episode 24💜🖤

‘Mac you gotta let me in on this case,that poor girl just died and we let that happen’..Jack said to Mac who was pacing around angry at himself…

‘I let that girl die Jack,I just..I just thought she had jilted with her boyfriend since her friends said they saw her last with a guy in the club…

‘It’s not your fault,we just have to find the killer that’s—

‘I mean there hasn’t been any case like this before and now I just don’t…We need to regroup everyone and get on this case ASAP’..Mac interrupted as he grabbed a mug..


‘What?!! But I don’t have anywhere to go?!! And I can’t book a hotel??’..Maddie exclaimed as Mac explained the situation to her..

‘I’m sorry but this is a crime area Maddie and you’re not safe inside here’..He said..

‘So where should i go?? I don’t have another house?? And according to you the safe house is in Dallas!! I can’t go to Dallas?? Do you know what you’re saying to me??’..She cried out in panic and Daniel held her hand in support..

‘Okay we could solve this with one solution but it’s not one you’d like pretty much’..Mac muttered and her panic reduced by an ounce..

‘What solution??’..


‘Hell no Mac!! There is no way that lady is staying in my house!! Hell no!!’…Jack yelled at the top his voice..

‘C”mon Jack!! You know I’m out of options here’.

‘Put her in a motel or house instead but there is no f**king way she’s staying in my house!! I hate her more than anything and ever since she’s been here she’s only given me nothing but sheer trouble! There is no way she’s staying in my house!!’..

‘Just for a month Jack and she’ll move right back in’..Mac begged but Jack blatantly refused…

‘Okay then,you won’t be coming back to work anytime soon if you don’t agree Jack’..He said and Jack groaned..

‘You’re playing dirty Mac’.

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