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The Confessor Season 2 Episode 23

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By kimmy writes ✍️

Alaina’s POV

” Wyatt ” I called again and he hummed.

” I want 10 babies ,,, all boys ” I said and he opened his eyes and mouth wide,,, suddenly he burst in to laughter.

” You know you’re the most funniest person I have ever seen Alaina ” he said and kept on laughing.

” What’s funny? πŸ™„ ” I asked and stood up from his legs.

” Al…ai…na ” he called in between laughter.

” Stop Wyatt it’s no longer funny ” I pouted.

” Ok I’m sorry… It’s just that when I said I wanted ten babies ,, I was just pulling your legs.. four is fine by me.. okay! ” he said and continued laughing.

Suddenly , I started laughing πŸ˜‚ too like a silly woman.

I don’t know what’s funny,,, but I know I’m laughing because Wyatt is laughing too.

I fell on the bed laughing hard… Just then,, I started crying.

I was crying and laughing at the same time.

This is crazy!

” Hey Alaina what’s wrong? ” Wyatt asked as he stopped laughing and help me sat properly on the bed.

” Why are you crying? ” He asked and I sniffed.

” Wyatt ” I called and hugged him tight.

” Thank you for coming into my life,,, I love you and will always do Wyatt,, till my last breath ” I whispered in tears into his ear.

” Same here,,, I’m the most luckiest person on Earth having you by my side not just as a friend but as a lover ” he said and disengaged from the hug.

He chuckled and wiped my tears.

” C’mon,, stop crying,, it doesn’t suit you.. give me that smile that can make me cum thrice 😏” he said and I used my palm to cover my face.

Naughty guy..

” Hey don’t tell me you’re shy ” he said and I stood up from the bed and was about running away when he held my hands and dragged me towards him making me fall on him.

” Wyatt stop ” I yelled in between laughter as he tickle me.

Suddenly, he stopped and looked straight into my eyes.

” I love you ” he said and placed his lips on mine.

Faye’s pov

I sat on my throne in my throne room when suddenly aunt Lina walked in.

” Hi Faye ” she said and I sighed.

” Hi Aunt ” I said in reply.

” Looks like you’re not happy to see me here,, don’t worry I’ll be leaving soon after my mission is complete ” she said.

” What do you want? ” I asked.

” I need your help ” she said.

” On what? ” I asked.

” I want you to join hands with me,, let’s avenge Delilah’s death together ” she said and I stood up from my throne.

” Stop this silly revenge of yours aunt,,, Delilah is gone,, how can you avenge the death of a dead person ” I yelled angrily.

” A dead person? Wow Faye,, for the sake of the creator it was your sister Delilah,, your blood ” she said and I sighed.

” Yes I know she’s my sister my blood but she’s dead and beside she deserved what she got ” I said and aunt Lina opened her mouth wide.

” What??? This is your sister we are talking about Faye!! ” she said.

” I know and I’m gonna give you some piece of advice,, if you don’t back out from this mission of yours ,, you gonna suffer the same fate as Delilah ” I said and was about walking away but stopped when she said something.

” I don’t care Faye,,, as long as I live I won’t give up on avenging Delilah’s death ” she said and I turned to her.

” Aunt Lina ” I called.

” Oh my God!! Faye don’t tell me you had hands in your sister’s death ? ” Aunt Lina asked.

” God!!! You bastard I’m going to make all of you pay for your crime ” she yelled and walked out of the throne room angrily.


Paige’s POV.

I sat on the bed in my room looking around when the door burst open revealing aunt Lina.

What does she want?

” You should knock before coming in ” I said and she smiled.

” I’m sorry ” she said looking around the room with a smile plastered on her face.

” You know,, this room hasn’t changed one bit ” she paused and sat beside me.

” You miss her right? ” She asked pointing at Delilah’s picture on the wall.

” No I don’t ” I said coldly and stood up from the bed.

” Then why did u Hung the picture on the wall? ” She asked.

” It’s none of your business ” I said rudely.

” You know you were Delilah’s favourite… When you got missing she stayed days without food and water.. she really loved you ” she sighed and placed her hands on my shoulder.

” I know deep down you wish she’s still alive ” she said and clicked her tongue.

” Paige,, this is your only chance,, why not join hands with me let’s avenge the death of Delilah ”

Aunt Lina’s POV

” Paige ,,, this is your only chance,, let’s join hands together and avenge Delilah’s death together ” I said and she turned to me.

I looked into her eyes..
I could see she was contemplating whether to join me or not..
I need to convince her the more by telling her lies.. I know she’ll give in.

” Paige let me tell you a story that you don’t know ” I said.

” What story? ” She asked

” You know right from the day you were born,, your father hated you and tried killing you alot of times because he knew you were powerful but Delilah was always saving you ” I said pretending to be in tears.

” Even your mother hated you,, everyone except Delilah and I. Then one day Delilah woke up and didn’t see you by her side… she tried commiting suicide after you got missing but I saved her. Delilah made a lot of sacrifice for you Paige and now she’s dead… ” I said crying really hard

” Aunt stop crying ” she said and hugged me.

Oh , she’s falling for my trap.
Good work lina.

” Why should I stop crying when no one wants to help me in avenging her death ” I said and she sniffed.

” I’ll help you ” she said and I hugged her tightly.

” thank you Paige ” I said and sniffed.

job well done lina😏😏😏.


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