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Melted Hearts Season 2 Episode 19

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MELTED ๐Ÿ’— HEARTS โ™ฌโ™ฌโ™ฌ
( Become my โ™ฅ Addiction)


Season 2_Episode 19 โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

โฎ America โš โฏ

Akeelah watched as the guards pack her luggage into the car ,,she made sure it was complete before going back in,her dad was sitting in the living room while her mom is upstairs.

” So you’re set to leave??” Her father asked and she nodded
” Yes father,,, ” she replied feeling sad and happy at the same time.

She can’t take it anymore,,she can’t continue to stay here without Michael beside her ,though they’ve always talk on phone after he left. But now,he hardly have her time and she knew it’s work. She decided to just move to Korea to settle things,, that will be the best for now.

” Are you sure about this decision of yours?? Will you be able to cope over there??? Will you??” Her father asked looking concerned
” Don’t worry about me father, I will be fine,really ” she smiled and hugged him
Her mother also came downstairs beaming with smiles, Akeelah knew why she was smiling.

She once told her that she’s still going to leave them one day ,she could remember telling her that she won’t leave them. But right now,,she’s leaving. Her heart couldn’t hold it any longer,
She rushed to hug her mom who also return the hug tightly,,,

” I love you mom ” She said
” I love you too baby,,make sure you don’t Fall sick over there ” She said already in tears
” Mom,,don’t cry,,,I will also tear up ” Akeelah said and wipe her tears
” It’s fine baby,,,,”
She waved at her parents finally as she entered the car,,she will really miss them so much. She will miss everything,,, but right now the only thing important to her is seeing Michael and holding him in her arms.

โฎ Korea โฏ Crystals Mansion

The guys all sat down feeling tired as they’ve freshened up after the long rehearsal,, it was really stressful for them. Silence filled the whole room until Ronnie broke it,

” Wyatt ,,,I don’t mind you dating Jennie,,it’s your choice ” Ronnie said and they all faced him in shock
” but,,,I feel really,,, betrayed. And besides,, am glad you finally find someone you love. How I wish it’s not Jennie,, am still happy for you ” Ronnie said and got up
” Ronnie wait ”
” I have something important to do ” He replied without looking back ,,,and he went out of the Mansion.

The rest kept quiet for some time ,,,

” Since Ronnie is fine with it,,,,am also okay. But that doesn’t mean I like Jennie ” Ryan said
” Ryan stop ,,,you’re making him feel bad ” Michael said
” I don’t care,,I don’t like hiding my feelings. I don’t like her and I don’t think I can ever like her ,,that’s just it ” Ryan replied
Romeo only kept quiet as he listen to them,,he still doesn’t believe they are like this just because of that bitch. But he can’t call her that right now just because his friend is in love with him.

” It’s fine,, you guys shouldn’t argue just because of her ” Wyatt said
” Guys let’s stop talking about Jennie,, and Wyatt,,you should call her and confess your feelings to her. No one is stopping you,,, you guys should remember we have a lot of things to do. And you all are like this?? You two are just supporting one of the two,,,you should not have brought that up. Non of us feel happy about it ” Romeo said

” Am not trying to support Wyatt,,,Ryan is only acting too much. Ronnie is already fine with it ,and he’s always behind Ronnie no matter what” Michael said with a scoff
” even if it’s not Ronnie and it’s someone else,I would have said same thing. ” Ryan said
” No you won’t,, just forget about these and let’s go back to normal again!!!” Romeo half yelled
” I can’t believe all these are happening because of that bitch ” Ryan scoffed and went upstairs

” Guys,,stop all these. Please,you all are making me feel guilty for causing you to yell at each other. Am really sorry,, ”
” You should go and talk to Ryan not us,he’s taking it more serious than Ronnie Himself ” Michael spatted and walked to another side of the mansion
” Don’t say anything to me ” Romeo said calmly before going out

Wyatt sighed feeling really frustrated, he was about going upstairs when a call came on his phone, he checked and discovered that it was Jennie. He almost gasped,,why is she calling?? At this moment??

He still picked the call anyway,

๐Ÿ“ž Hey Wyatt
Her voice echoed from the other side
๐Ÿ“ž What do you want??
He asked
๐Ÿ“ž Can we meet ?? Please?
๐Ÿ“ž No we can’t,,not now.
He replied
๐Ÿ“ž but I really want us to talk
๐Ÿ“ž I need to hang up
๐Ÿ“ž If you ignore me,am going to come to that mansion

๐Ÿ“ž No you cant,,don’t make things worst ,,,just tell me where you want us to meet.
๐Ÿ“ž Okay,,I will text the address

He hanged up and roughed His hair before finally getting to Ryan’s room ,,,
Ryan turned to him from what he was doing,,he kept quiet to listen to whatever he want to say,,

” Hey ” Wyatt said and sat down
” I never asked you to sit down ” Ryan said
Wyatt smiled,,
” Are you mad at me??” He asked
” Am not mad at you,,,don’t see me as the bad guy. Do whatever you want ” Ryan replied
” Am sorry,,,,but,,you shouldn’t let Jennie cause conflict between us. We are best friends,,, I know you guys don’t like her. I never liked her too,,I don’t know how it happened,,, am really sorry ”

” Why are you telling me these?? She’s not my ex girlfriend ” Ryan replied
” You think I should be telling Ronnie these?? ” Wyatt asked
” No need,,he won’t listen. You know what?? I will always support you guys decision no matter what,,I understand that it’s your heart,,but why must she be your first love?? You deserve someone better,have you ever thought of that before falling for her ?? Am finding it hard to believe,,, have you guys been meeting each other without letting us know??” Ryan asked

” No,,you should know I can’t keep anything from you guys” he replied
” Fine,,good luck,I hope she have really changed. If she try to break your heart like she did to Ronnie,,,she’s going to regret it ” Ryan said
” So,,now??” Wyatt asked
Ryan smiled and stood up,, they both hugged each other
” I will talk to Ronnie,,, don’t worry about him ” Ryan said and gave him a friendly punch
” Thanks ” Wyatt smiled and walked out of the room.

Kim Nana waited patiently for Romeo to appear,she was almost loosing hope until she heard a voice behind

” Why do you want to see me ??” The voice said and she immediately turned to face him
” Romeo!! ” she called happily and hugged him
He was shocked,, what the f**k is she doing
” Get off ” He said calmly
” You’re rude ” she scoffed
” Why do you want me here?? I have better things to do ,,” He said rolling his eyes
” Let’s hang out !!” Kim shouted and grab his hand

” What are you doing?? Let go of my hand this minute!!” Romeo yelled

๐Ÿšป Oh my God, is that not Kim Nana and Romeo??
๐Ÿšป Awwwn,they look so cute together!!
๐Ÿšป I took a picture

Different cameras flash filled where they stayed,, Romeo was burning with anger while Kim was only smiling and waving at the fans,till they finally went out of sight

” What have you done right now?? They thought we are couples already ” Romeo said angrily
” Well,,I think it’s nice if they think like that ” She replied with a giggle.
Romeo pulled her to the wall with his grip on her hands,, he wanted to transfer his anger to her but immediately his eyes came in contact with hers, he became calm.

” What are you doing?? Are you trying to kiss me right now ??” Kim asked since their faces were so close
He immediately left her and looked away
” In your dreams,,it’s never gonna happen . this should be the last time we are meeting. Don’t call for me again ” He said and turned to leave
” Do you have someone you like???” Kim suddenly asked and he stopped
” What if I have ??” He asked
” Am going to stop calling you” Kim replied

He faced her
” And what if I don’t have ??” He asked
” Then you should like me ” She replied and bite her lips
” I don’t like anyone,,,, ” He said
” good for you then,,, mood spoiler ” She scoffed
” You’re so stubborn,,, let’s hang out today. But ,,,,just today ” Romeo said
” Yeah!!!” She shouted and be found himself smiling

” Let’s go ” She said and they both entered the car
” Where are we going first?? ” Romeo asked
” am starving ” She muttered and he laughed
” I noticed ,,you almost devoured me ” Romeo said
” Jerk ” She rolled her eyes
” I heard that ”
” I know ” She replied

๐Ÿ“ž Hello son
Mr Silver’s voice could be heard as he spoke with Ronnie on phone
๐Ÿ“ž Hi ,,father
He replied
๐Ÿ“ž You don’t sound good,,,, are you sick??
๐Ÿ“ž No,,,just feeling tired a little bit. That’s all
๐Ÿ“ž Don’t fall sick ,,okay?
๐Ÿ“ž I won’t,, thank you dad
๐Ÿ“ž am hanging up, take a rest
๐Ÿ“ž okay

” We are home ” The driver said when he discovered that Ronnie didn’t notice
The guards immediately opened the car for him and he went out
He was just coming from Felix’s grave,,he was the driver who was with Preet when the incident happened,, too bad he have to die. Felix was his favorite,, he was really too young to die. Ronnie always feel sad whenever he remember him,,he always make sure he takes flower over there every months even when he was feeling hurt about Preet also.

” Sweetheart,,,, what’s wrong?? ” Preet asked as he entered, she hugged him and he also held her tightly to himself before breaking into tears.
Preet was shocked, she have never seen him in tears not until now and she felt her heart breaking into pieces.

” Ronnie,,,,what happened?? Why,,,,are you hurt anywhere?? ” she asked and unlock from the hug
She was starring straight into his eyes which was filled with tears
She sat him down and wipe his tears,,she allow him rest his head on her laps as she stroke his hair softly,,she keep on starring at him wondering what’s wrong with him
After some minutes of staying like that, Ronnie finally spoke up.

” Am sorry you have to see that ” He said and she smiled
” It was cute ” She said and kissed him
” so,,tell me what happened ” She said

” You remember Felix??” He asked
” Felix??? The,, driver you,,,,oh my God ” She said immediately she remembered
” I really missed him so much,,,,when I was young,he was my best friend. He Have been staying with us since he was young,, we were age mates too. But things changed a little when I joined the band,,, I never forget about him for once though.
And now,,,he have to die??? I feel really mad at myself ” Ronnie said as slow tears rolled down his eyes

” Baby,,,it’s okay. I understand how you feel,,but please. I don’t like seeing your tears,,,it breaks my heart ” She said truthfully
Ronnie smiled and sat up,,, her eyes followed him as he sat up. He immediately pulled her into a hug,,
” Am sorry ” He said
” Of course you should be sorry for making me sad ” Preet said
He chuckled and Faced her,,he run his hand on her cheek.

She suddenly blushed and looked down,Ronnie held her face and made her look at him,,,, he pulled her closer and crushed his lips on hers.

” I really missed you ” he said between the kiss
” I also missed you,,, so much ” Preet replied

The kiss was becoming more intense,,,she moaned when he felt him sucking on her tongue,she also did the same . her arms wrapped around his neck while Ronnie’s hand made way to take off her night wear.

He immediately pulled it off,,,

” I won’t hurt you this time ” He whispered ino her ears and she nodded slowly

So ,after tears na hmm ๐Ÿ˜ผ๐Ÿ˜ผ

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