March 3, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 37

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❤️Love on Fire🔥


Episode 37….
The Deadly Night….
Andrew and Leo dragged Mason out of the Jail then took him to the underground fighting ring
Mason entered the ring followed by Leo

“The fight is to start now and the rule is that.. One of you must experience death” Andrew said.. He was standing outside the ring beside Freya

“Mason before this fight, Please take in this drug” Freya shouted with fear in her eyes
Mason walked towards her and collected the single tablet with her..
He threw it in his mouth and the fight began
They exchange fists and kicks.. Mason was leading the fight as he was beating hell out of Leo

Andrew walked towards his sister
“Did you give him the Tablet and are you sure he took it?” He asked

“I gave him the Tablet”..

“If he took in that tablet… His bone should be weakened by now but as we can see he is leading the fight”

“I am also surprised”Freya replied

“We have to do something.. Time is not on our side”Andrew replied fiercely as the fight was getting intense…
Leo Martins must not be the one to die
Freya gave me the tablet but I only drank the water.. I dropped the tablet on the floor. At this point of death, I dont trust anyone..
Andrew walked into the ring, He spray some chemical on my eyes and I was unable to see, Everything was dark and Leo kept hitting me hard..
I couldn’t retaliate or dodge his attacks all because I can’t see and I am growing weak
” I am not seeing anything.. If you want to fight then dont fight like a Coward”I shouted

I heard Leo voice
“Andrew I told you that I dont want interference in this game of Death
Blindfold me too.. It must be equal in this blind game of death”

Leo is a Fool.. I walked into the ring and use a small handkerchief to fold his eyes
This is another part of the game.. The game of Death
They started fighting.. Mason was more sensitive
He returned every attacks but Leo kept missing him
Mason is just too Smart and Leo is just a fool..He want to play a fair game where Mason is always the Boss

“Get in”I instructed

10 Huge guys jumped in the rings all with Heavy sticks
They pounced on Mason and he lay lifeless on the floor..Lets see how this Boss can cope with the Death hovering over him
Mason was in his own pool of blood but he was still breathing…
Mason please go to heaven and end this game
A huge light shone from above creating a circle.. The guys stopped beating Mason..
The place cut out and was coming down slowly. On it was Lia standing Majestically, She was clad in Leather with a Face cap.
She lifted Mason and he lean on her chest

“Stop her” Andrew screamed
Lia clicked on a button and she sank down to the floor
I really dont know where this is leading to but I have the Jail Map with me and and there is a way out
Mason lean on me and my cloth was stained with blood
He was terribly weak..
We finally got to a place that is terribly dark..
I put on my torch light then use my handkerchief to wipe his blood

“I know you would come for me” He said softly

“You dont deserve it… Get well soon, There is more to talk about”.. I replied sternly

I looked at my Map.. It states that there are two tunnels here. One on the Right and the Other on the left,One of the tunnel is the way out of the entire jail
I looked at both tunnels and dont even know the one out as they were all closed
“What are you looking for???” Mason asked

“The tunnel that leads to the way out” I replied

“That is so simple.. Look at the tunnel on the right.. Dont shine the torch on it, There are tiny ray of light coming from the tunnel”.. He said

“What does that means??”…

“That is the way out”He said
We opened the tunnel together though it was not easy..
We crawled out slowly and finally we were out..

“Mason we are free” I said with happiness over me and he smiled

“Lia I am sorry for my past deeds but most of things you accused me of, I know nothing about it” He said and I sighed

A huge cage fall on us and we both gasped
They held us captive again…


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