February 27, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 35

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🔥Love on Fire🔥

Episode 35….

Leo brought another laptop that is also connected to the Jail..

“You need to be strong if you want vengenance” He said

“I would be strong.. I promise” I replied with an assuring smile

“We need to go to Jail and Check on Mason.. He needs to know his enemies”.

” I will get prepared soon”…

One of the police men loosen the Rope and I fall down to the floor.. The pains was unbearable and I breath slowly..
looking up, I saw a CCTV Camera and that means someone is watching..
Who can that be?..

Leo,Lia and Andrew walked towards the Cell

“Stand up”I heard Lia voice and I stood up slowly so the three of them are together

“You are paying for your sins.. Hope you are aware of that??
Can you remember vividly that I was once here in Jail,You and Freya conspired against me”She said frankly

“I never conspired against you.. The fact is I did everything for you”I replied

“Liar”I heard my own bodyguard said

“Both of you are ungrateful.. I employed you Leo and I sheltered Andrew
Is this how you choose to pay me” I replied softly

“We are just making you pay for the sins you committed.. Dont you get it??” Andrew said

“And there is more in store for you..I will not rest until I see your death”Leo added

“Get to work”Andrew said and another set of men rushed in to beat me

“How long would you watch me in pains Lia??..
How long would you let the innocent suffer”I screamed and she turned her back going out with Andrew and Leo
After Minutes they left me and I am sincerely tired of all this.. My body was badly bruised and my bones was weakened
At The Smiths Mansion ❣
Lia walk in swaying her hips.. She went straight to

“Go away from Mason room” Freya stormed in

“This is Mason and Lia Smith room so who is Lia Smith??..
Me of course.. You are just an Imposter and I am back” She said with a Smirk

“You are Back to Death Lia” Freya seethed and walked out

Lia arranged her luggage in Mason room then walked to Andrew room
She overheard their conversations

“Mason will die today and dont let Lia know about it.. We will invite him to the Underground fighting ring” Andrew said

“There is no problem Andrew.. If Lia gets to know about this she may not support his death”..

“We will only give her the News of his death then this game is over” Andrew replied with a Smile

“His death is already planned.. You will be the one to kill him” He added

“Yes that will be my greatest achievement .. Killing Mason have been my goal even before I met Lia” Leo replied She gasped
Lia walked inside and shouted

” Mason is not going to die😡.. It is my Vengeance and I am no longer interested I forgive him
Both of you will not kill him tonight, You would have to release him tonight”. ..


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