March 5, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 34

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🍇Love on Fire🔥


Episode 34…

I looked at the food that was served to me and all prisoners, It is just like a waste
I sat on the stood then start to eat slowly..
One of the prisoners dragged the food out of my front then hit my head on the table.. They all laughed

“Give me my Meal” I said strictly

“That is what we do to fresher here” One huge guy replied
I stood up to give him punches.. He lifted me up then threw me on the floor.. I groan in pains as my head hoozed blood slowly..
Andrew came in with two other police men

“Where is Mason??”He said and I stood up slowly.. The two policemen grabbed my arms then pull me away among others
I was taken to a Cell where there is no one and there was no enough light
Andrew ordered his men to Hang me up with my head facing down😣

“An..drew this you..”I stammered but he ignored me
They were all with huge stick and they kept hitting me badly
I screamed in pains.. I can’t bear all this
Within minutes blood was flowing out of my nose and mouth and swells in my soft skin
I couldn’t scream anymore as strength left my bones but they kept hitting the stick on every part of my body

Yes Mason never loved me.. He always loved Lia after realizing that he lost her but I have always loved Mason.. I love him since childhood
He is in Jail and I am not even allowed to see him
Mrs Smith have been shedding tears all along begging me to fulfil the promise I made to her but what can I do.. I can do absolutely nothing
The Guys Mason sent some errands before he left came back saying they can’t find the Central Jail Map

“Freya” I heard Andrew husky voice

“You know little sis that there is no point in loving the man that has always use you and kept loving others over you”.. He explained

“Yes I dont love Mason.. I am with him just for some purpose” I replied

“I need your little help”..

” What is it brother??”..

“You know so well that Mason is a cunny Man and he can find way out of the Jail so I want to send you to Jail so as to monitor his moves.. You will be with him in the Same cell disguise as a Man. Hi kwaku on+233544142683 to join our Telegram page for more exciting stories.
You can let him know you are Freya and always tell him to trust you and that you have come for him” ..He explained

“Okay brother”..

“All you need to do is to give me necessary informations”He said frankly

“Got it”

“Promise never to betray your brother” He said stretching forth his hand..
I placed my palm on his

“I promise”..

“Our Goal is his..

“Death”I completed the sentence and he smiled

If Mason dies then I will be in charge of the Diamonds so I should support his death
I watched the Laptop.. The CCTV Camera was connected to my laptop
Andrew left the Men to keep beating him and I can see life flow out of him
Yes he deserves this but he is my husband

“I love you so much Lia and I will always do❣”He said cupping my cheeks

“I love you more Mason💎”I replied with a smile
end of flashback

Yes he is my first love❤.. I have always love Mason and he is the only man I ever loved 💎
What do I do when I am deeply in love with a Demon..My Husband was a Demon who doesn’t have a heart
He let me down the Cliff 😭
He killed my baby 😭
He changed my Identity and I was rejected my my own parents 😭
He changed my Life to the Worst Nightmare ever
I watched the Laptop with tears dropping from my eyes…
Blood was flowing down every part of Mason body and he didnt even have the strength to wail..
I carried the Laptop and threw it towards the wall and I screamed in pains

“Why Mason Why??..
Why did you have to keep putting me in pains😭
I can watch you in pains as I am feeling most of your pains😣
The love I shared with you was true but what did you do.. You deceived me😭”
I picked up the flower vase and threw it to the wall
He deserves to pay for his sins but can I bear it??


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