March 6, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 33

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🍇Love on Fire🔥


Episode 33…

General pov

“Take the Corpse to the Van” Inspector Andrew said and the police men went upstairs with the stretcher

“We are going for the Autopsy” Inspector said frankly and walked out of the house

“This is such a Mess”Mason seethed

“A big one and I can’t believe this is happening on your birthday” Freya replied removing the Hair pins making her hair fall on her shoulders beautiful
Andrew stood outside the Mansion having some Silent discussion with Leo
Leo went after the Van then put on Mask halfway
The Van was on it way to Hospital on high-speed.. Leo was directly behind then..
He poured Petrol on the Van then Punctured the tyre
After Puncturing,He light the Matches and The Van caught Fire
The first thing he did was to save Lia leaving the Van on Fire
He took Lia to his Mother abode

At the Smiths Mansion
Andrew entered the House with a Smirk

“You chose to be very cunny Mason”

“In what way?”Mrs Smith asked and Andrew smiled

“In Order to get away with his offence,He chose to set the corpse on Fire”..

“What do you mean Inspector??”..Mason asked arching his eyebrow

“I just receive a call now, The Van was set on Fire.. The Corpse and the police men were burnt to ashes”..

“I didnt move an Inch out of this house” Mason defended himself

“You could easily make calls and Control men.. You are a very powerful person”.. Andrew said frankly

“I didnt make any call eiether”..

“We can’t trust a person like you Mason..Follow us to our Station”..
Andrew walked towards Mason with the Handcuff and He surrendered himself already thinking of ways to get himself bailed

“You can’t take him away.. He is my only Son” Mrs Smith screamed in Tears and Freya consoled her

“You can’t take him away” She shouted after them but she was ignored

“Dont worry Mother.. I will make sure Mason comes back home.. I promise”..

“Is that a Promise Freya.. Is that a Promise??” She held Freya hands still crying😭😭

” It is a Promise from a Daughter to a Mother”..Freya replied with an assuring smile and Mrs Smith hugged her tight….. ..

Mason was taken to the Jail instead of the Station and He kept making arrangement on how to leave.. He already signalled some men on his phone before leaving to get the Jail Map.. There must be a way out of this mess
He is already dressed as a prisoner

“This will be your worst Nightmare ever”Andrew said with a wink

There was a some injury on my Skin from the Fire but I am fine
As long as the plan is working out well then I am Fine
I called Andrew

📞How is it going??

📞He is Behind bars and is completely helpless

📞Take him to a Private Cell and Install the Camera I gave to you.. I want to watch him in pains

📞I will torture him till the Last breath.. You should trust me

📞Best of Luck .. Good bye
After this is your Death Mason.. You have to pay for your sins


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