February 26, 2021


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Love On Fire Episode 32

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🍇Love on Fire🔥


Episode 32…

General pov

The light went out.. Everywhere was completely dark..
Everyone suddenly went Unconscious as Smoke filled the Air
The Game is about to Begin

God what is happening??
I can’t see a thing and I am growing weak as I inhale the Smoke.. All I can feel is Lia hands around me dragging me somewhere I don’t know
My breathing went down slowly and Everything was blank

…………….. 3 Hours After ……………….

All the Guests were no where to be found and Light filled the Mansion..
Mrs Smith and Freya regained their consciousness slowly only to hear Mason Screams

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” It echoed loudly

I opened my eyes slowly to feel terrible pains in my Head..
I raise my head and I saw Blood all over me

“Ahhhhhhhh” I screamed really terrified
In Minutes Mrs Smith and Freya walked towards me.. They looked really pale and weak..

Their eyes widened on seeing me soaked in blood, I was not far from Nurse Jane room

“But you are not Injured.. How did the blood transport itself” Freya said walking towards me and Mom nodded
And that is true I dont seem to have any Injury except from My aching head.. I stood up slowly

“Where is the Blood flowing from??” Mom asked

“Nurse Jane room” Freya replied tracing the Blood and we both followed her
We entered Jane room and was surprised to see her Laying Lifeless on the Floor.. The blood was flowing from her Stomach and there was a Knife soaked with blood laying beside her
Shivers ran through my spine.. Who could have murdered her??

“Jane” Mom screamed and rushed towards her including Freya…
I couldn’t move..
“Nurse Jane” Freya whispered and tears was folded in her eyes

” I have to change my dress” I said slowly only to hear Leo voice

“Mr Smith.. The Cops are here”
My heart shivered on hearing the News

“Your attentions are all needed downstairs” He left immediately
We stared at ourselves in Shock.. What is all this about??..
We walked downstairs and I was shocked to Hell on seeing Andrew dressed as a Cop with two other police men

“Andrew?” I said looking surprised

“Point of Correction, I am Inspector Andrew and I am not here as a Family member but to carry out my duty as supposed to” He said frankly and I nodded

“We are here to Interrogate Nurse Jane Death” He added with no smile

“Go on”.. Freya said

“Can I see the CCTV footage” He sat on the Sofa

“I will get it” Leo said
After watching the Footage, He started his Questions

“Mrs Smith you entered Jane’s room First during the Party” He said

“Yes.. She was not around for the party so I went to see If she is around and ask her why she is missing at the Party but I couldn’t find her”..She explained

“Follow by you Freya.. You entered her room after Mrs Smith left”..

“I wanted her to do my Make up but she wasn’t around and I couldn’t find her at the Party downstairs” Freya explained
” Every where became dark and I couldn’t see the Face structure of the person trying to open Nurse Jane door but suddenly a Light flash and I saw Mason face.. Everything became dark again and filled with smoke” Inspector Andrew explained and my eyes widened

“I dont remember going to her room and…

“Enough.. You don’t lie to me else you’ll have to pay
What were you doing in Nurse Jane room after the Light went out” He said strictly

“After the Light went out… I felt intoxicated, I didnt even know what happened after that
I felt weak and went unconscious” I explained sincerely

“You are the First Suspect Mr Mason.. You would have to follow us to the Station” He said

“No way”He disagreed firmly

“We will know when the time comes but before that let me see her Corpse”He said
Is Andrew out of his senses.. Is this how he wants to repay my favours.. I cloth and feed him when there was no one for him

We led him to Nurse Jane room..
He put on his Gloves and put the Knife on a tray.. He gave to the Knife to one of the Police men behind him and He instructed the other one

“Karl Take the Copies of Mason Fingerprints”
My fingerprints copies was taken down..

“Take it for the Scan and confirm if the Fingerprints on the Knife matches with Mason Fingerprints” He instructed again and the Police men nodded

Few Minutes later.. The police men came back in and they reported

“The Fingerprints matches”
My eyes widened..
I never murdered anyone.. When I murder, I dont leave any evidence

“That is not possible” I said firmly

“It is time you stop arguing and come with us” One of the police men said and Andrew worked towards me with Handcuff

“Wait!.. I will not go anywhere until I see the Autopsy report of the Corpse” I replied firmly and Mom nodded

“You can’t take my Husband away without that report” Freya supported

“You can’t take my Husband away without that report” Freya supported Mason point and my eyes widened

The Autopsy will reveal that Jane is not dead..
and that Everything is Fake, The Blood and The Knife
Lia have been given the Injection that will reduce her Heart rate for Certain hours

I walked to Andrew and whispered in his ears

“We have to change the direction of this plan else we will be doomed”…


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