February 26, 2021


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Ahoada River 18+ Episode 24

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Episode 24

I opened my eyes and saw her glowing face, it looked like the moon had came down from the azure sky to settle on her face, I felt like I was floating. She returned my stare with an assured smile before my eyelids shut.

I woke up on the same bed I was kept the other time, I heard voices outside the sea house and came out to see lots of mermaids and the queen sitting on an ugly water creature.

I stood at the sea house doorway watching them charge in their own way, she dismissed them and swam towards.
Her face always glow and I wondered why, she seem kind and calm unlike a queen whose queendom is under threat.

“You saved me” I didn’t know how to handle her appreciation and I downplayed it behaving like a fool, she smiled and swam inside the sea house I followed.

I was served meal and I enjoyed every bit of it, later the always angry mermaid swam to report to the queen and she ordered her to stay with while the queen left.

“Ugly, you no get boyfriend, I see plenty guys with fish tails oh!” I teased, she looked bemused probably she doesn’t understand what I was saying, I let her be and slept off.

As days went on they kept making war plans on how to defeat the rogue queen, all I do was eat and sleep. I missed home so much that heart pricked anytime I thought about my parents and siblings, I told the queen about it.

She smile graciously her face glowing like a new moon, “I will take you home, you don’t have to worry if you don’t go the goddess won’t return” she placed her soft palm on my cheek.

Our eyes locked and I could feel the attraction, I had to look away her face is a magnetic force. I no wan fall in love with ice fish, the day for me to go came and I was knocked out till we both appeared in the river bank of Ahoada.

I opened my eyes standing at the shore while she stood in the river with two pair of legs, I was shocked. She looked prettier as human than that ice fish she was though.

“You can only appear to human after six Months” she spoke sweetly, her voice was heavenly and I failed to understand what she said.

The river made a turbulent noise that scared me away from it, I saw three guys coming out of a matchbox block house built around the river shore with cigarettes in their hands.

They took off when the river boiled like a hot water inside a kettle on a fire, I was wondering why they didn’t see me.
I moved away from there and saw a little girl with a knife in her stomach moving along the tarred road along the river.

There were blood stains on her clothes and blood in her mouth which showed on her lips also, I was at the other side of the road and I stopped walking to watch her.

She turned back the moment she get to the end of tarred road leading to the river bank, she reversed the moment she got to a point on the tarred road that a road that led to town can be access.

She repeated this action till I wonder what she could be “who are you?” I asked with shock. she paused and looked at me, I crossed over.

The kid started narrating how she was abducted and hacked to death by some boys, I told her if she knew who killed her and she nodded.

We both set out to find them and saw three boys gathered under a tree with guns and tie tie, she stood some feet away from them and pointed a finger at one of them with tie tie all over him.

“You don arrange the tools?” his voice was like someone who have dosed with drugs.

“I don set the parole on a 4 4, everything set” smoke dance on the face of the responder.

They were there when someone with a bike rode to were they are, I realized we are in county high school compound.

I lurked around looking for a way to strike them, with what I deduced he used the little girl for sacrifice to have native bullet-proof.

He entered the bike with the person that rode it and the other two guys were swallowed by darkness as they retreated into the back of the only two story building in the school.
I was desperate on what to do as they kick started the bike and tried to rode with the culprit.

Out of anxiety I launched myself on the bike and we crashed against each other.


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