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Mr Popular’s Maid Episode 4

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๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘„ Mr Popular’s Maid ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘„
( You owe me your body)


Episode 4

Jenna’s POV

I sat down on the kitchen counter unable to speak as I watch Laney’s movements as she prepares the dinner.

She happens to be the chef !! I feel so confused right now.

Everything’s confusing me, how am I going to cope with living here under the same roof as Adrian?

Laney said he gets what he wants, but I won’t allow him right?

I like him fine, but not that. I can’t give myself to a random guy.

What do I do? Because it’s clear that I can’t avoid him. It’s just so impossible.
Very impossible!

” Jenna?”

I jolted out of my thought as Laney’s voice echoed in my ears.

” Hmm ” I breathed out.
She dropped the knife and came closer to me.

” Are you bothered about Sir Adrian? C’mon Jenna, it’s not worth thinking of. With or without you spilling the coffee on him, he will still have sex with you ”

Huh? What does that mean? I don’t get it. He will still have sex with me? How?

” I don’t get it ” I said clearly confused.

” Okay look, Sir Adrian has laid almost all the maids ”

Wait! What? The maids too? I don’t get it.

” I don’t still understand Laney, it’s not making any sense to me”

I replied.

” If he goes out and doesn’t come back with a lady for the night, he picks from us, he will make his choice from us and we dare not refuse else we are fired and who wouldn’t want to spend the night with him? The city sweetheart?”

As crazy as this may sound, she’s saying the truth.

What is wrong with my crush? Why is he flirting around with so many ladies when he can just have a classy girlfriend?

He will use any lady he wants and leave them that instant? This is incredible.

” In .. including you Laney?” She chuckled at my question.

” Am I not a maid? Although, he haven’t called me into his room for that before. In as much as he’s rich, I love my boyfriend and I don’t intend on cheating on him so yeah, I pray he never calls me”

A smile spread on my face as she said that adoringly. She must love her boyfriend so much.

This is the kind of person I ought to make friends with.

” I am advising you not to do anything that will anger him, go to him only when needed and avoid him as much as you can ”


Adrian’s POV

I changed into the dress Jenna picked for me with a grin on my face.

I used the ice on my red chest and groaned a little.

Seriously, I should have expected the reaction. Every lady that sees me for the first time end up hurting me or themselves then, I demand the same thing which they will gladly give me.

But Jenna? She dare objected to it, that made me interested in her the more.

Since she lives here with me, I will pick her. I will use her and dump her like a trash.

I am not inhuman but when it comes to ladies, I do them anyhow I want.

They are just like commodities to me.

” Hey babe ” Mena one of the classy sluts I use said coming into the room .

She’s a special slut because she’s the one I take to parties.

The most beautiful among them, curvy and sexy but I guess someone has topped it, that’s Jenna.

She’s not just beautiful, she’s cute and pretty together with it and very curvy too.

I know no one rejects me, I will have her. Heck! She will bring herself to me.

” Hi ” I said licking my lips at her sight.

I called her earlier to spend the night with me.

When she came closer, I sat her on my thigh spanking her butt.

My hands went to her boobs fondling them .

I went into her shirt and unhooked her bra before taking off her skimpy shirt.

I threw her on the bed climbing up on her. .

I will always get any lady I want, not with my money but my fame.

She removed my shirt and helped me undid my belt, my trouser fell down on the bed.

I kissed her neck, her cheeks, her jawline down down to her stomach before taking her lips in mine.

I hungrily devoured her lips while she played with my hair.

My hand went to her panties and I tore it apart, I don’t have the time to remove the damn thing.

With my hand going into her, I broke away from the kiss and took her right boobs sucking from the nipple.

I bit her nipple so hard and she moaned.

Taking my two fingers into her, I began finger fuรงking her at the same time.

Then I inserted three then four! I fรปcked her so hard with it till her moans filled the room.

That was the only heard in the room, the moans and our skins slapping one another.

I spread her legs wider ready to go into her.

I brought my rod to her entrance teasing it.

” Ow! Go in already Adrian, stop teasing me ” she said. I smirked and continue what I was doing.
I want her to beg me!

While I tease her area, I began playing with her clรฎt giving her more sensation.

” Adrian please, I need you ” she said.

” What did you say?” I asked grinning .

” Fรบck me damn! I need your rod into my honey pot ”

” I don’t still get you Mena ” I replied using the tip of my rod to roll her area.

” Stop suffering me Adrian, it’s becoming overwhelming ”
She hissed and I chuckled.

” I will if only you promise me that we will have like five rounds before morning ” I said.

” Anything you want, even if it’s ten! I am all yours. You can have me as much as you can ”

” Good!” I grinned again before I penetrated into her and started riding her.

She moaned my name as I increased the way I ride her.

It became more roughly and her screams or should I say moan filled the room?

I am glad my room is sound proof! I did a great job in making it that.

I brought out my rod before inserting it into her again.

” Ah! Adrian, ow! More! Ahh! Slowly! Faster ”

She kept on confusing herself as I do what I was doing.

I heard a gasp on the door and I turned to see Jenna standing with her hands on her mouth.

Whatever was in her hand fell down and she quickly bowed in embarrassment.

Her cheeks were flushed red, her face turned crimson.

She just saw me stark naked with nothing on .

That gives me the more reason to lay her, no one sees my rod and doesn’t have a taste of it.

” I..I..I am..sorry sir , I never meant to intrude on your privacy. I am very sorry ” with that she turned and left.

Fucking fรบck!

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  1. so much loving this story ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’–
    Can’t wait for the next episode please๐Ÿ™

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