February 26, 2021


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Mr Popular’s Maid Episode 3

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👄👄 Mr Popular’s Maid 👄👄
(You owe me your body)

Episode 3

Jenna’s POV

” I don’t need your sorry, you owe me your body as an apology”

I stood up blinking my eyes in disbelief, what sort of apology is that?

” I am sorry Sir?” I asked again tone sure of what he said.

I might have heard him wrong, he can’t be asking for my body on my first day, how will the rest of my stay in this mansion be if he starts this now?

I know I heard he’s a flirt but, I don’t think he could ask such a thing.

I am not believing this! I just can’t!

” You heard me , you owe me your body for spilling a hot coffee on me. I mean take a look at me damn dress, it’s all soaked in coffee and my body hurts ”

He said staring at my body, I gulped nervously moving back a little.

” I am sorry Sir, you can give me any other punishment but that please ”

I begged without glancing at him.
I might as well start drooling right now and I won’t know when anything stupid will happen.

I have always dreamt of meeting my idol and all he does on my first day is to ask for sex from me.

Do I look that cheap? I might be all over him but giving him sex pleasure is out of it.

I am just having a crush on him, he’s not my boyfriend.

” You heard me ….”

” Jenna ” I completed it for him and he nodded with a smirk . Is he this always like this?

” Jenna ” he called huskily coming towards me while I took two steps back with his one step towards me.

I could see the lustful gaze in his eyes, I felt literally naked on his watch.

My movement stopped when I hit my back on the wall.


I could see Adrian’s smirk grew wider seeing that I have no escape root from here.

He used that opportunity to pin me to the wall with his hands.

He was very close to me, I am sure he’s hearing my heart racing like a car.

My boobs collided with his hard chest, my legs wobbled on the floor, my knees shaking in fright.

” Jenna! I hope you know I get what I want, good thing Mum and Dad brought you because for now, you are what I want ”

He paused taking his hand into my hair, he tugged the strand of my hair falling in my face and brought his face closer.

God! I just hope I don’t die from heartache right now.

I might just pass out now, the whole Adrian Williams is standing so close to me, that’s out of it, he’s demanding my body.

” I will have you Jenna, your body became my temple the minute you spilled that coffee on me. It still hurts you know ”

” I will see you around Jenna ” he said stepping away from me with a wink.

” For now, go to my room and bring out a dress for me. Do that fast because I don’t want to come meet you there if you know what’s good for you ”

” Mine is the first room you will meet at the left ”

He said removing his shirt and I dashed out of his sight with my heart racing.

What just happened? I paused to catch my breathe as I equally tried taking in everything that just happened

Does this mean that I left paradise into hell?

Adrian will make life difficult for me with his advances towards me.

Just take a look at how he declared my body his temple.

His room was easy to locate because he already told me how to find it.

My jaw stupidly dropped on entering into it.

A becoming familiar boyish scent welcomed me into the room .

Very big like a sitting room and it smells nice.

His picture was all over, wait, that was the paint on the wall!

What am I even saying? His picture was used to design his room wall.

How in God’s name did they do it? It must have cost a lot of money.

My body tensed on remembering what he said earlier.

He wouldn’t wanna meet me in his room .

My eyes landed on his closet and I rushed there to pick a dress for him but is it my job too?

I will just ask Laney about that later .

I picked a white t-shirt and a short jean trouser. .

Since he isn’t going anywhere, it is preferable.

I quickly dropped them on his king size bed and scurried out of his room and as clumsy I could be, I bumped into him at the door.

” Ah! I am sorry sir, I am really sorry ” I said and ran away without waiting for him to say anything.

The only thing I heard was his chuckles.

I wish I can there’s something I can do to stay far away from him.

I need to be very far away from him as much as I can but can I? When I am his personal Maid?

Gosh! How unlucky!

I came downstairs to see some maids cleaning up the mess I did, they were talking but stopped when they noticed my presence.

Did I interrupt anything?

They murmured a good evening and back to their work.

Did I do something wrong? Why does it seems like they are trying to avoid me?

I haven’t met them before so what?

” Hi ” I said to them. They raised their heads again then back to what they were doing.

Only one of them stood up.

” I think we’ve greeted you right? So why are you telling us hi like we disrespected you?” She said and the other two shrugged their shoulders.

I wasn’t expecting that!

” I didn’t mean any harm, I just wanted to know you all since we work together, I am sorry if I said something wrong ”

I said and made my way to leave when another stopped me.

I am the head maid right? But I can’t use that to my advantage.

” We are sorry for being rude Jenna right? ” She asked and I nodded.

” My name is Sofia and this is Bella and Anna ” she said introduced giving me a smile.

I smiled back at them genuinely, all I want is friends. I just hate troubles, I don’t want to have an enemy at all.

It scares me! A lot!

” Nice meeting you all ” I said .

The first one that spoke earlier who happens to be Bella hissed and left the living room.

” Don’t mind her, she’s not just in a good mood ” Sofia said and I nodded.

” It’s fine, I understand” I replied looking around for Laney.
Where’s she?

Just like she listening to my mind, she showed up at the door.

” You took so long to come out jenna, what happened?” She asked coming towards us.

I glanced at Sofia and Anna then at her.

Should I tell her my encounter with Adrian?

When she saw my discomfort, she dragged me out of the place into the kitchen.

” What happened Jenna? ” She asked.

” Uhh, nothing , nothing happened ”

” You can’t say that to me, I can see that something happened so spill it, we are friends and you can trust me ”

I fidget with my hand then glanced at her.

” I uhhm, mistakenly poured the coffee on him ”
She gasped covering her mouth.

” W…what did you do? Oh my God Jenna, I told you to be careful around him didn’t I ?” She asked

” Yeah you did, I seriously don’t know how it happened. It wasn’t intentional ” I replied truthfully.

” Did he punish you? ” She asked staring curiously at me.

” That could have been better Laney, it could have ”

” Then what happened? ”

” He asked for my body as an apology ”

” Oh my Goodness! Jenna! D..did you? Was that why you took so long? Oh my God”

She gasped again and I shook my head.

” Nothing like that happened, he only told me that he must have me ” I explained.

She paused and thought for a while.

” Sir Adrian gets whatever he wants Jenna, and you are not an exception “

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