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Love On Fire Episode 9

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❤️Love on Fire


Episode 9…

Freya choose to live in the Smiths Mansion as the Second Bride

“No need to Panic.. I am Freya Albert” The lady said and I gasped
If she is Freya then how come she have my look and on the same dress with me

“What are you doing on the Bride dress” A man shouted from the Crowd..

“What happened to your identity Freya” Another added

” Freya have you gone Mad” Mason tighten his fist

“Will you please come down from the podium, This is an Eternal Union” The Religious leader said

“I have once said that there is no need to panic.. I came to Congratulate you both and wish you a happy married life” She paused

“Oooops I am on a wedding gown
I am sorry, I just wanted to surprise you all” She added

“But Freya what happened to your identity.. Why is your face like mine??” Lia asked

“I have no choice but to change my Identity Lia.. I want to play a tough game”She winked

“Anyways Congratulations on your married life” Freya walked down from the podium and out of the Hall

“Lia we should leave now”. Mason said and the others continued with the Celebration

They entered the Car and Lia instructed the Driver
“Drive to the Cruiz’s … 33 Johannesburg str”…

“But why??” Mason asked her

“I forgot to tell you Mason.. My Dad said we should see him immediately after we leave the Venue.. He said it is something urgent”…

“I am so happy Lia to have you beside me forever💍”Mason said and Lia blushed

At the Cruiz home💎
*General pov*

Mr Mason and Mrs Lia Smith entered the room and took their sit, Mr Cruiz walked towards them with a Huge box.. He placed the Huge box on the table and unlocked it
The Box was filled with Diamonds and it shone Magnificently

“Wow” Lia and Mason echoed

“These are the Ancient Diamond and it belong to my father who is Lia grandfather.
My Father was killed because of these Diamonds” .. Mr Cruiz Explained

“Dad you have this fortunes and why do we still live like a Nobody” Lia asked and Mason nodded

“My father last statement before he gave up the ghost was that this Diamonds should be given to Lia on her wedding day
My father forbids us from from touching it” Mr Cruiz explained
Lia marvelled at the Beauty of the Diamonds

“Amelia dear.. You have to sign these Documents” Mr Cruiz said

Lia collected the paper from and Father and was about to sign it when Mason voice interrupted
“No .. She shouldn’t sign it now.
Lia is *married doesn’t mean it should be signed into her name.. Let her take it along with her and if she is capable of protecting* it then she would come back to sign it after 3 months”…

“But it is very important for her to sign it before taking the Diamonds away” Mr Cruiz opposed

“No father.. I can’t sign these documents
I am married now and it is important I adhere to my husband instructions” Lia replied..

” We will take our leave now.. There are more plans for the day” Mason said
Lia Smith carried the box of Diamonds and followed her husband out

” My wife is at the party that is why Lia is able to leave without signing those papers”Mr Cruiz said within himself
The Driver drove the couples *straight to the Smiths Mansion
The Couples were so shocked to see Freya who is now looking exactly* like Lia in the living room

“Freya I can’t take this anymore.. It’s time to leave my home” Lia shouted

“So sorry Lia but I am going no where” She replied with a smile

“Freya we are not married.. You are my Ex girlfriend and that fact is not changing so get the fuck out of my home😡” Mason said feigning anger

“So sorry Mason but I am going nowhere”..

“Mother” Amelia called
Mason’s mother walked down from the stairs

“Why on Earth would you let this Bitch stay in our House??” Lia asked

“Before I could let her stay.. She showed me evidence that she is married to Mason” Mrs Smith replied

“And I was also surprised when she told me she is Freya not Lia” She added

“Freya please Out of my house” Mason said softly

“Just the same way you claim Lia is your Legal wife I can claim that you are my husband and I have evidences to prove it
Take it or Leave it.. I am living in this house with both of you”..

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